Holocaust survivors socialize virtually through Zoom & Schmooze

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Holocaust survivors socialize virtually through Zoom & Schmooze

Postby JLAD Prove Me Wrong » 3 weeks 5 hours ago (Fri Sep 04, 2020 4:21 pm)

According to https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/holoc ... r-BB18Iybw

The COVID-19 pandemic has enabled Palm Beach County Holocaust survivors isolated in their homes to embrace technology and connect with each other virtually.

Before the crisis, Alpert Jewish Family Service in West Palm Beach provided monthly in-person Eat & Schmooze socialization events for clients of its Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program.

As the survivors have had to quarantine in their homes, the events’ format changed into a virtual one, and are now known as Zoom & Schmooze. So far, there have been five of these online events since they began in June, including one hosted by Mind and Melody, an interactive music program.

George Bodrogi, a survivor living in Boynton Beach who has participated in Zoom & Schmooze events, describes them as fantastic.

“We’re all locked up in our homes,” he continued. “The only time we go out of our homes is when we have to buy groceries or go to a doctor’s office, so Zoom & Schmooze gives us an opportunity to interface with other Holocaust survivors, people that we used to sit with side-by-side in an auditorium, a temple or reception hall.”

Bodrogi continued, “While it’s not the same as before when we would be with each other in person, we at least get to see each other, and it gives us a sense of solidarity and a sense that we are still together as survivors.”

Jennifer Escobar, Alpert JFS’ director of long term care, praises the agency’s Holocaust team for working together and finding ways to engage the survivors during the pandemic. She noted there have been more than 50 participants in the events.

“We were so surprised by the survivors’ technological abilities and how quickly they adapted to the new Zoom world,” Escobar continued. “It took some time and some patience with the team working with their clients individually and then in smaller groups, but this came together very nicely.”

Sara Zenlea, a care manager in the agency’s Holocaust program, also said there has been a team effort in providing the virtual events for the survivors.

“Everybody brings their own skills and talents to it, and the survivors bring their own skills and talents to it as well,” Zenlea said. “On the survivors’ part, I think there’s been an amazing amount of resilience, which is just awe-inspiring. For the team’s part, everyone has their own sense of creativity and their own sense of thought.”

Zenlea continued, “It’s a matter of just getting together, thinking out of the box and thinking of ways that we could manage this.”

The next Zoom & Schmooze event takes place on Sept. 15.

Visit AlpertJFS.org/for-seniors-holocaust-survivors-assistance/ or call 561-684-1991 for more information on the agency’s Holocaust survivor program.

In light of the fact that holocaust promoters are using Zoom and Schmooze to interact, I am wondering if CODOH has considered using Schmooze or Zoom to create virtual get togethers and put the holocaust on digital trial?
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