Mette Frederiksen Uses Holocaust Mythology in Defense of Circumcision

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Mette Frederiksen Uses Holocaust Mythology in Defense of Circumcision

Postby JLAD Prove Me Wrong » 4 months 2 weeks ago (Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:02 pm)

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen recently came out with a Facebook post against the will of the Danish people. 88% of them want a circumcision ban, yet she uses holocaust mythology to justify this barbaric tribal rite. ... 5089357719


The debate about circumcision shows up in Denmark at intervals. I really understand the starting point. The fact that the right to decide on your own body applies to everyone.

But at the same time, discussion about circumcision of boys must not become a single case detached our European history.

The history of Europe is obviously a lot of things. The positive first. War and conflict have been replaced by peace, development and prosperity. Since World War II that broke our continent we have largely lived in peace and awareness with each other. Some bloody internal conflicts and the tragedy in the Balkans are the exceptions to the rule.

We Europeans have a lot to be proud of. And as time has passed, European values have resonated in ever larger parts of the world.

But Europe's history is also brutal, cruel and inhumane. I could mention the crimes of colonial times, World War II or the persecution of changing minorities.

Especially one crime must never be forgotten. It has roots many centuries left in time, but in its modern form it really takes time in the late 1800th century, when antisemitism begins to show its ugly face in more and more contexts. In satire and drawings. In so-called science and in both political and religious conversation. And in definite riots, violence and persecution.

It bites itself and from here and for many decades European Jews are a persecuted, tormented and shamed people.

In Denmark, it's never quite allowed to mess with itself. But neither can we be completely free from this dark chapter.

The genocide was carried out by the racelar and the cold-blooded ideology of Nazism. In the most brutal way.

Crystal night, yellow star, deportations and gas chambers. Holocaust.

6 million Jews were killed during World War II. For me this is the blackest chapter in Europe's history. Although it's been 75 years since the war ended, I myself feel a huge responsibility that Europe never ever repeats the horrors.

In Denmark King Christian II would not let his fellow countrymen identify with the degrading star. He saw it as a vital and legacy duty to protect his Jewish fellow countrymen and citizens. The bishops encouraged all Christian Danish to help the Jewish citizens. Lots of Danes hidden and helped Jews living here and the Danish efforts culminated with the sailing to Sweden in 1943. The vast majority of Danish Jews were rescued. It was a time of honour for Denmark and I myself enjoyed the privilege of meeting some of the survivors.

In the years after the war, my own party promised that there would never be a Jew persecution ever again in Denmark. I repeat that promise.

Is Denmark going to be the first country in the world to ban a central part of the culture and rites that belong to Jewish life? And thus - even if it's not intended - to send the signal that Jews are not welcome?

I don't mean that. You have to be able to live a Jewish life in Denmark. The way you've been able to do for hundreds of years.

In truth, I'm having a hard time circumcising myself. Therefore, I myself have previously been in favour of a circumcision ban.

Fortunately, I have dared to change my mind myself. Quite simply because today I know that what on paper may seem right and moral - can be all the opposite in reality. We would like to see if the current framework is right. But we do not believe that a ban is the way forward.

I know what the millennial old ritual means to religious minorities in Denmark. And I know that some Danish Jews will no longer be able to see themselves in our society, if a ban is applied.

And therefore a strong appeal not to adopt a ban on circumcision of boy's children in Denmark.

We promised Danish Jews that we would always protect them in Denmark. On February 15., 2015, we couldn't protect Dan Uzan from the terrorist attack. It will always nail me. When I walk through Krystalgade in Copenhagen, where the Synagogue is located, today it is always with a presence of armed protection. This is good because it testifies to the fact that we are looking after the Danish Jews. But it is also incredibly sad that it has to be necessary. And precisely in Denmark, where the conditions for our Jewish minorities are otherwise good and safe.

I will stand by the promise Denmark gave Danish Jews after the war and I hope we can remember history. Also the one that gets distant and distant.

This is a difficult discussion. It's important. Essential consideration must be weighed. But I hope we can listen to each other. Because I'm worried that all the individual cases are gradually defining what's right and wrong. We cannot build a society like that. And we can't build the bridge between other people and ourselves. Not even the bridge between the past and the future."

Good on Denmark for attempting to outlaw this disgusting tribal rite. Hopefully it will be banned. I know the ADL wrote a letter to Iceland in 2018, pressuring them not to go along with a circumcision ban. It is still legal in Iceland, but hopefully Denmark will stand up and say no to this.

I saw one solution in this ADL letter that would solve all the nations’ problems - a ban would bring world peace.

“Such a ban would mean that no Jewish family could be raised in Iceland, and it is inconceivable that a Jewish community could remain in any country that prohibited brit milah.”

That is messed up - so Mette is all for circumcision because of the holocaust!? Because of that fake hoax!?

What the hell.

That idiot needs to be sent on the way out of office ASAP.

A child’s right to bodily integrity should not depend on what his ancestors suffered in the past.

What most people don’t realize that this act is intentionally done to literally cause such a deep trauma in the male so they become afraid and easily controllable as a slave. So that’s why they don’t medicate the child before literally cutting it off and they suffer so much and are strapped down on all limbs. It is truly barbarian and it speaks a lot about the people that this originates from.
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