The Easiest Rebuttal to Deborah Lipstadt's Claims of "Gassing by Submarine Engine"

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The Easiest Rebuttal to Deborah Lipstadt's Claims of "Gassing by Submarine Engine"

Postby Kretschmer » 1 week 3 days ago (Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:41 pm)

Having studied naval history for four years as of the time of writing this post, it goes without saying that easily one of the most absurd Holocaust tales that I have ever seen is the infamous Deborah Lipstadt's claim that the SS employed a diesel engine captured from a Soviet submarine as a weapon of mass murder against Jews at the alleged "death camp" of Treblinka.

While the subject of gassing by diesel and gasoline engines has been thoroughly dissected already on the Forum and within the contents of the CODOH Library, I would like to offer my own rebuttal to the claims about the submarine engine in particular. First and foremost among responses to this part of the Holocaust storyline is that while the Germans did capture a total of 36 enemy submarines during the war, none of these were of Soviet origin.

From Vol. 2 of the English edition of German Warships: 1815 - 1945 by Erich Gröner, (easily the most prolific and reliable naval historian of the Third Reich) it can be clearly seen which submarines Germany captured throughout the war on pages 103 - 110, in alphabetical order:

UB - captured at sea from the Royal Navy in 1940
UC1 and UC2 - captured from the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1940
UD1 - UD5 - captured from the Netherlands Royal Navy in 1940
UF1 - UF3 - captured from the French Navy in 1940
UIT1 - UIT25 - captured from the Regia Marina in 1943

Once again, not a single one of these 36 submarines was captured from the Soviet Navy, thus making the baseline story of a Soviet submarine having been captured contradictory to basic historical information that can be found with a two-minute dig through Navypedia. Even if we're to assume that the engine had just been a spare one found somewhere in Nikolaev or Sevastopol where major Soviet naval facilities were found, wouldn't the Germans have recorded the class that the engine was designed for use in, or at least the location of capture since according to these court historians, everything they did was "so-well documented"?

As with a vast number of other elements within the Holocaust storyline, it appears that the SS and the Germans in general only "documented" things whenever convenient for those who peddle this nonsensical "historiography." And lastly, even if the Germans had been so keen on using submarine diesel engines for mass murder, why in the world would they use a single captured Soviet engine for which they would have possessed few (if any) spare parts for, instead of one of the countless U-boat engines available?

This makes even less sense when comparing the diesel engine performance data between the German Type VIIC and Type IXC classes and the Soviet Shchuka and S-classes, as the German engines in the case of both classes generated more metric horsepower and yielded greater efficiency than their Soviet equivalents. If the SS had truly wanted to exterminate as many Jews as physically possible using a submarine diesel engine, why would they deliberately use a less-suited engine for that task?
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Re: The Easiest Rebuttal to Deborah Lipstadt's Claims of "Gassing by Submarine Engine"

Postby borjastick » 1 week 3 days ago (Sun Nov 15, 2020 6:01 am)

Yes indeed the claims of Treblinka are not only bizarre but laughable but then jews like to tell stories and stories have to be made up. I have said it many times here that if one can show Treblinka to be a hoax then the whole holocaust is a hoax, Oh and Treblinka is a hoax.

Not one gas chamber or anything else relating to the stories/fables as told by the jews about Treblinka has been proven as fact. Or proven as anything close to fact.

Note that they never showed us a submarine engine or even a petrol tank engine as was also claimed.

Moreover plenty of jews testified on camera that they went in to Treblinka and ooops then went out of Treblinka when the official story claims that it was a destination of death and that everyone who arrived there perished inside an hour or two.

And let's not even go near the crazy lunatic claims that 900,000 people woz gazzed and buried and then burned on those outside pyres so as to leave absolutely no trace at all of the crime.

'Oy vey all 747 members of my close family were sent to the gas chambers and I was the only one to survive. Except for my uncle and his thirteen brothers and cousins who I met in a New York Kosher deli in 1993'.
'Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.'

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Re: The Easiest Rebuttal to Deborah Lipstadt's Claims of "Gassing by Submarine Engine"

Postby Merlin300 » 4 days 7 hours ago (Sat Nov 21, 2020 10:35 am)

You make a very good point, records of any kind, either by the Soviets or by the Germans.

It is amazing that the highly improbable, if not impossible, tale of an unknown captured Soviet submarine being dismantled and its diesel engine being secretly transported across Poland is still being promoted by Holocaust Believers like Professor Lipstadt.

But it is disturbing that Professor Lipstadt's ridiculousness passes without the slightest critical comment by her academic peers or the media.

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Re: The Easiest Rebuttal to Deborah Lipstadt's Claims of "Gassing by Submarine Engine"

Postby david2923 » 4 days 6 hours ago (Sat Nov 21, 2020 10:51 am)

It would have been easier to have Henry Ford ship a few engines from his Cologne plant
Water came down instead of the gas :drunken:

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