Irving not allowed to board NZ-bound flight: Immigration

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Irving not allowed to board NZ-bound flight: Immigration

Postby FREE ZUNDEL NOW » 1 decade 6 years ago (Thu Sep 16, 2004 8:29 pm)


New Zealand, Wednesday, September 15, 2004

David Irving not allowed to board NZ-bound flight - Immigration

Controversial historian David Irving is almost certain to be stopped from getting on an aircraft heading for New Zealand from America later this week.

The holocaust denier has said he was determined to visit New Zealand this week to speak to the National Press Club despite a Government ban.

He said earlier today he would get on a plane in Los Angeles on Thursday [September 16].

But Irving's name has been on an Immigration Services computer alert for several weeks since the Government said he would not be allowed into the country, after being banned from Canada 13 years ago.

The Immigration Service said today his name was on the Advanced Passenger Screening System to which all the world's airlines subscribed, including Qantas on which Irving is believed to have booked a flight.

Immigration Service spokeswoman, Michelle Williams said airlines were aware that a banned person would not be allowed to land and would have to be returned at the airline's cost.

"There will be an alert against his name and they will prevent him from boarding.

"It is put on by us. It is a computer system which is used throughout the world," Ms Williams said.

It was "very unlikely" Qantas would allow Mr Irving to board the aircraft in Los Angeles.

"It doesn't matter where he tries to get on. If he is trying to get to New Zealand the alert stands so he won't be able to enter," Ms Williams said.

Mr Irving said he would check into the Qantas desk in Los Angeles on Thursday evening (American time).

Image He accused Prime Minister Helen Clark and deputy prime minister Michael Cullen (left) of being determined to kill free speech in New Zealand by saying he should stay away.

"By the time this case comes up in the New Zealand courts a year will have passed and they will be in the middle of an election battle.

"And I hope the New Zealand electorate remembers which government stamped on free speech," Mr Irving told National Radio from Denver, Colorado, where he is to speak at a university.

"Why can the Americans hear me, American university students hear me. . . and yet your prime minister prevents New Zealanders from hearing me?

"What's going on there? Do you have free speech or not in your country? Do you have a Bill of Rights or not? Section 13, section 14 of the Bill of Rights, I recommend your Prime Minister has a look at them one day."

He said he would be seeking other legal avenues rather than seeking ministerial permission to enter New Zealand.

Image Auckland immigration lawyer Colin Amery, who is acting for Mr Irving, wrote to Prime Minister Helen Clark (right) today in an attempt to get Mr Irving into the country.

Mr Amery declined to say on what grounds he was basing his appeal to the Prime Minister.

He also said other legal options would be considered.

"I can't say any more than that and I will consult with him (Irving) today."

Mr Amery claimed the Advanced Passenger Screening System was installed as a result of the Ahmed Zaoui case.

Mr Zaoui, an Algerian asylum-seeker, has been held in an Auckland prison since December, 2002, amid fears he was a threat to national security.

"That system was brought in because of the Zaoui case to stop people getting on planes who were allegedly terrorists.

"Now it is being used to stop people getting on planes whose opinions this Government doesn't like," Mr Amery said.

He earlier told National Radio Mr Irving was challenging the validity of the Canadian ban on him.

"Miss Clark has pre-empted and waived his right to come here by her statement."

Mr Amery said he was not an advocate of Mr Irving's holocaust claims.

"But I am an advocate in relation to free speech and I am afraid he has a point."



FREE ZUNDEL NOW writes: [i]"Don't let this article's title fool you, David Irving is at the airport now -- stay tuned folks --

Link for a breaking news search on David Irving --


"Either we have free speech.....OR WE DON'T


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Postby FREE ZUNDEL NOW » 1 decade 6 years ago (Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:01 am)

Well it's official, New Zealand has baned Mr Irving from boarding his Qantas flight and the legal fight begins --

Holocaust writer refused NZ flight

Sep 17, 2004

Controversial British writer David Irving is promising to fight a New Zealand immigration ban that saw him turned away from a flight to from Los Angeles to Auckland on Friday.

The author, whose views on the Holocaust have created storms of protest wherever he has spoken, was to have visited New Zealand to address the National Press Club on the issue.

But acting on instructions from New Zealand's immigration service, Qantas refused to fly him out of Los Angeles to Auckland on Friday.

The New Zealand immigration service has classified Irving as a "prohibited person" because he was once deported from Canada.

Irving was travelling light when he turned up at the LA airport, because he said knew he wouldn't be travelling far.

When he arrived at the Los Angeles airport, he had a letter already typed asking for a refund on his 500 pound fare.

He says he is prepared to defend his controversial Holocaust views, and will fight for the chance to present them in New Zealand.

"As far as I'm concerned the legal battle begins. I'm not satisfied with this. This is an insult to me as an Englishman, it's a scandal for New Zealand too. It's an attempt by the New Zealand government to stamp on free speech and it shouldn't be allowed to continue."

Irving says there is a double standard denying him entry to New Zealand because he was deported from Canada.

"That means somebody that's been deported from Nazi Germany is going to be automatically banned from New Zealand and that's obviously clearly wrong."

Chance to confront Kiwis

National Press Club Peter Isaac says the organisation wanted him here to face critics of his writings.

"He will meet people who were in the war who fought in the war and he will also meet several people who were in Hitler's camps who will talk to him."

However, Jewish community spokesperson David Zwartz says he disagrees with the press club's reasoning.

"On balance we think that his actual presence in New Zealand would do more harm than the controversy that's been created by not letting him come here."

That is an argument Helen Clark and Michael Cullen have already accepted by denying Irving entry, making it hard to see how any appeal to the immigration minister could have much success. A court challenge to the immigration ban could still be made, however.


New Zealand newspaper and television media film
the scene as Mr Irving reports at the Qantas check in desk

The staff are puzzled by special directions that come up on their screen

A Qantas official hands David Irving a document just faxed through from
the NZ Ministry of Labour in Wellington, dated September 15, 2004
a belated and frantic attempt by the NZ Government to ensure that he
was not allowed to board an aircraft to New Zealand

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Fri Sep 17, 2004 10:47 am)

"That system was brought in because of the Zaoui case to stop people getting on planes who were allegedly terrorists.

"Now it is being used to stop people getting on planes whose opinions this Government doesn't like," Mr Amery said.

"this international terrorism will not prevail"

- Mussolini after he had bombed civilians in Abyssinia.

The 'terrorism' canard will ultimately be the undoing of those who try to stop free speech on the so called 'holocau$t'. The more people investigate the absurd 'holocaust' story, the worse it looks.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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