Camps in Norway

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Camps in Norway

Postby Vukdar » 1 month 1 week ago (Sat Mar 13, 2021 2:30 pm)

I will give brief intro because I think you need to have background on why I ask this question.

One thing that really got on my nerve and got me suspicious about the whole thing was when people would repeat this: "Ustaša's in Jasenovac were so brutal that even Germans were sickened by it and protested."

To say this really makes no sense considering what they said Germans did. I mean, is there anything worse than what they claim dr. Mengele did? Also, one more thing made me interested in this, and it is something personal.

My grandfather wanted to join Ustaša's but failed and there is really funny story about it. His father didn't want him to go to war on a voluntary basis so he convinced authorities that he was insane and that he would shoot at them instead on enemy soldiers. :D

My grandfather was just a kid back then, barely 18 years old so they believed his father or he had some kind of influence in society. I would not know but it worked and it was really funny story to me. He of course did not avoid war because later Germans recruited him and he ended up in Germany fighting Allies where Americans captured him. He was POW and was sent to work in France as a farmhand on a private farm I guess. Then they let him to go home.

While I write this next to me I have his picture in German uniform. He has this sad look on his face, and background looks really ugly and depressing. Such is war, lots of mud I guess.

He was really funny guy that had these stories where he would tell us about fights between Germans and partisans on a bridge by the name "Bridge on river Kwai", and that bridge was just below our house, there is this little canal. :lol:

He of course didn't just go home on foot or a train from this farm where he was POW. No, no, no, he stole airplane and landed on a nearby river. :lol:

And we would believe him everything. He died when I was too young to be interested in this stuff but later I thought to myself: "What the hell, was my grandfather this Nazi monster character they created or just a ordinary soldier with great sense of humor?"

So, one week ago I stumbled upon this crazy article about camps in Norway where they would go camp by camp and described most horrific stories about torture of inmates.

I do not have article because I didn't save it and even if I did it was on my language which none of you would understand. I think it was on my language because inmates in these camps were mostly Yugoslavs.

In this article there was that thing again on how Norvegians were so brutal that Germans complained. What is with that? It is basically the same story but with Norvegians this time.

I do not know anything about those camps while I have opinion about camps in Croatia which is basically that they were similar to those in Germany. Now I would like to learn about those in Norway so I ask you if you know where I could read something about it, something factual and proven? Or if you have knowledge about camps in Norway you could give your perspective.

I didn't find it on forum so far. Thanks in advance.

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