Sick Vengeance and a waste of taxpayers' money

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Sick Vengeance and a waste of taxpayers' money

Postby Merlin300 » 2 weeks 2 days ago (Sat Apr 03, 2021 12:31 pm)

The March 2021 Press Release from the Justice Department (marked FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) was laced with grandiose claims that "Justice is served," announcing that a deportation order was issued against Tennessee resident Friedrich Karl Berger for being part "of the SS machinery of oppression." ... uring-wwii

But when Mr. Berger arrives in Germany, after an intense investigation, the prosecution is dropped for a total lack of evidence of any crime. ... a-57062769

What gives?

A review of the press release makes the matter a bit clearer. ... uring-wwii

First, note that the "informational release" gives no information about Mr. Berger, omitting that he was 95 years old, was extremely frail, and had been a perfect citizen since he arrived in the US in 1959.

Next note the extensive effort of the government, in what was, in reality, a minor civil trial with the key evidence offered voluntarily by Mr. Berger.
"The removal case was jointly tried by Eli Rosenbaum, HRSP Director of Human Rights Enforcement and Policy, HRSP Senior Trial Attorney Susan Masling and ICE New Orleans, Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (Memphis),
with assistance from HRSP Chief Historian Jeffrey S. Richter. The investigation was initiated by the HRSP and was conducted in partnership with HSI’s Nashville SAC office.

One might note that the Court found that "Meppen prisoners were held during the winter of 1945 in “atrocious” conditions.
Hello Judge, Germany in the winter of 1945 = atrocious.

But, as Berger himself volunteered, he guarded prisoners at Meppen labor camp between November 1944 and March 1945. The Meppen camp held about 1,750 prisoners who worked on building defense fortifications. In this period between 50 and 70 prisoners died, evidently some from Allied air attacks. It would be interesting to know fatalities among guards, as a comparison.

So, on the somewhat obscure facts, Berger was a teenage guard of a mixed bag of prisoners working on fortifications. He did not hit, punish or kill anyone. He committed no crime other than being on the loosing side of the War.

Rather than mention any of the specifics, the press release goes on "In 1946, British occupation authorities in Germany charged SS Obersturmführer Hans Griem, who had headed the Meppen sub-camps, and other Meppen personnel with war crimes for “ill-treatment and murder of Allied nationals.”

Hmmmm, while abuse of Allied nationals forced to build fortifications 75 years ago is bad, it is fundamentally different from "Assistance in Nazi-sponsored persecution."
There was no particular persecution evident in the mixed bag of " “Jews, Poles, Russians, Danes, Dutch, Latvians, French, Italians, and political opponents” of the Nazis" Berger guarded. Their confinement and labor was for an important military purpose.
The "value" of the prisoners is shown by the fact that sick inmates of Meppen camp were transported by train to Bremen. ... en-versen/

The legal basis of the deportation of Mr. Berger was that he "Assistance in Nazi-sponsored persecution." That pretty clearly did NOT happen.

So why is the Justice Department issuing press releases crowing about "a measure of justice, however late, for the victims of wartime Nazi persecution” when all it did was persecute feeble old Honest Citizen Berger and waste lots on money?

What is really happening is the real injustice.

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