Sabina Spielrein, Harry Freud, etc

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Sabina Spielrein, Harry Freud, etc

Postby EtienneSC » 1 week 6 days ago (Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:56 pm)

I have been reading E. Michael Jones's book Degenerate Moderns (Fidelity, 2012). In one chapter, he discusses psychoanalysis and introduces the character of Sabina Spielrein, the patient and (alleged) lover of Carl Jung. I find the following holocaust-related passage:
"Spielrein eventually returned to Russia, where she practiced psychotherapy until Nazi troops entered Rostov and rounded up that city's Jews. She was shot in the fall of 1941 along with her two daughters." (page 155)
He doesn't say by whom or for what reason, but it doesn't look good. Jones later wrote a book on "The Williamson Affair" (currently banned from Amazon, along with his other books) and is not anti-German. In his earlier works in particular, he evokes the Third Reich as a symbol of evil, as in the above passage. He occasionally makes factual errors, probably through writing from memory, relying on secondary sources, or rounding matters out for the sake of a story. Generally he is accurate though. He does not give a reference for this passage.

Would anyone know about Sabina Spielrein or Rostov in 1941?

Incidentally, I came across an indication of possible falsification of documents relating to Nazism and psychoanalysis in another book, The Escape of Sigmund Freud, by David Cohen (JR Books, 2009). Cohen writes of Harry Freud, a relative who had raised a court case to recover Freud family documents after the war from a trustee, Sauerwald:
"At the end of October 1945, at Harry Freud's insistence, Sauerwald was arrested. [.....] This completely normal man was charged with war crimes.

When the proceedings started, the court had asked Sauerwald whether he pleaded guilty or not guilty. "Not guilty" Sauerwald had replied. Over the next 18 months, he protested his innocence in many statements provided for the court, insisting that it was incredible he should be so charged.

Harry Freud had excellent reasons to press for the arrest of Sauerwald. But Harry tended to be flamboyant. He managed to get hold of some of Adolf Hitler's personal notepaper, for example, and wrote a note on it to the Freud's housekeeper, Paula Fichl - not that he said anything of importance in it. Paula, who revered the Freuds, said that Harry was the only member of the family who was not really clever." (pages 2-4)
Harry Freud was an American officer and well- connected with the American authorities and psychological warfare theorists of the time, e.g. Edward Bernays.

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