Special Guest GERMAR RUDOLF On SF Town Hall

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Special Guest GERMAR RUDOLF On SF Town Hall

Postby FREE ZUNDEL NOW » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sun Oct 17, 2004 4:48 pm)

A rockin internet discussion was held today on Revisionist History and current events at Stormfront's Town Hall Internet meeting, David Duke and Germar Rudolf were the featured posters. Over 700 cybernauts tuned in, see links below --

Though possibly controversial to some, I have posted on Stormfront several times and found them to be a reasonably gentlemanly bunch who specialize in White Advocacy/Preservation, they also have some 35,000 members with a fair number who are interested in Revisionist History and they also have a fairly active board devoted exclusively to Revisionism -- I enjoyed reading Germar's thread today and thought some of you might also --


Germar Rudolf Background:

This brilliant, German-trained chemist re-examined Auschwitz, Birkenau and other installations and buildings, testing rocks, soil and other physical samples for traces of Zyklon B. Following the pioneering work of Fred Leuchter, he put the final nail into the coffin of the Auschwitz story. Even though he did scientific work and was utterly apolitical, Rudolf's home and office were raided, computers seized etc. He was charged and tried in Germany for not believing in the standard Auschwitz story. As a scientist, he found the "gassing" claims to be scientifically untenable and, therefore, absurd. A modern day Galileo, Rudolf was found guilty and convicted because he refused to renounce scientific facts and his own scientific tests and findings. He was facing jail when he went into exile with his young wife and two babies. He now edits and publishes devastating refutations of the Allied Propaganda claims in a German-language journal. The Holocaust Enforcers are dogging his steps, and he faces endless hassles and trials, should the "German" vassal authorities ever get a hold of him. Zündel expert witness in chemistry in the Munich trial in 1991 -- disallowed by the judge at the request of the prosecution.

Repercussions: Accused, tried and convicted in Germany. Career and doctorate dissertation ruined. Driven into exile.

Special Guest GERMAR RUDOLF On Stormfront's Town Hall

David Duke: Welcome Germar and all Town Hall participants.

Germar is a true intellectual of the Movement who has been consistently vilified and persecuted by the establishment. His great crime? Simply having the intellectual and personal courage to challenge some of the gross misrepresentations of the Holocaust represented in the Zionist-dominated media.

Germar, please give our readers a short synopsis of the efforts against you.

Germar Rudolf: Synopsis of the efforts against me (also in response to E Haskins)

here is a summay in list form of what Germany did and does to me

- employment contract at Max-Planck-Institute terminated
- PhD title withheld
- three house raids by police
- two landlords kicked me out
- two employers had to terminate contract due to public pressure
- numerous criminal investigations started for my scientific publications (I cannot count anymore. By now maybe some 20 pending cases)
- books confiscated and burned
- sentenced to 14 months in jail
- after that, I went into exile to England, but then hunted there, too, by media and police as a "dangerous new breed of neo-Nazi" (mentioned even in the house of commons)
- application for political asylum in USA in 2000
- just a few weeks ago: complete seizure of all property in Germany Germany claims that I owe them 55% of all the turnover of my last seven years of publishing activity, because 55% of all my products are outlawed in Germany. See at www.vho.org/store/USA for my book program
- arrest of a friend in Germany who had co-signatory status to my German bank account (for aiding and abetting) and confiscation of his property (because they cannot get mine)

if you want to read more, please go to Hunting Germar Rudolf [........]

David Duke Live with GERMAR RUDOLF
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthr ... ge=1&pp=40

For a condensed record of just Germar Rudolf's posts see --

The Stormfront Interviews
"Either we have free speech.....


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