Jews Going After Demjanjuk AGAIN

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Jews Going After Demjanjuk AGAIN

Postby FREE ZUNDEL NOW » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sat Dec 18, 2004 6:39 am)

Jews Going After Demjanjuk Again
By Charles Coughlin

Image Believe it or not, John Demjanjuk is being persecuted again. A Reuters article (Ref. 1) reports "The U.S. government said on Friday it had asked an immigration judge to deport John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian immigrant and retired auto-worker... The United States accused Demjanjuk in 1977 of being the Nazi guard "Ivan the Terrible" at the Treblinka death camp. Extradited to Israel, he was tried and sentenced to death. But subsequent evidence from the former Soviet Union undermined eyewitness testimony from death camp survivors, and Israel's supreme court freed him in 1993."

Demjanjuk was stripped of his US citizenship, deported to Israel (a nation that did not exist at the time of his alleged offenses) and sentenced to death. Congressman James Traficant heroically fought for Demjanjuk and helped bring key evidence into the public eye. (Later Traficant would be framed up and sent to jail in retaliation for his role in obstructing Israeli "justice.") The ID card used to convict Demjanjuk was a forgery, and it was conclusively proven that he was not the so-called "Ivan the Terrible" which the Jewish media called him over and over with no thought of his possible innocence. The evidence clearing Demjanjuk was too overwhelming for even the Israelis to ignore. Murdering a clearly innocent man would be a little bit much especially with that "Jesus incident" still hanging over their heads.

A normal, sane nation would be grateful that a miscarriage of justice was avoided. But not Israel. The Jews have been making nonstop efforts to invent new charges against Demjanjuk to rationalize their earlier persecution. It seems like these Jews are suggesting "If he wasn't guilty of the original charges, then he must be guilty of something else." Ever since Demjanjuk was released back to the US, there have been suggestions that Demjanjuk would be deported again. This time however he would be deported to the Ukraine, where he would get a fair hearing. So why bother? By deporting Demjanjuk --again-- the Jews feel they can claim a partial victory and whitewash their earlier attempt to murder him.

The original case against Demjanjuk prepared by the mostly Jewish Office of Special Investigations (OSI) used your tax dollars and relied on forgery and perjury. The cases brought by the OSI have targeted so-called Nazi war criminals while not one Jewish commissar, who slaughtered White Christians during World War Two, has ever been charged. The Jews are claiming that they have more (cough) evidence against Demjanjuk and that our court system and immigration service should persecute this elderly American citizen one more time.

One web site (Ref. 2) reports about Demjanjuk's trial in Israel "At the most recent trial of John Demjanjuk in Cleveland, spread over seven days between 29-May-2001 and 07-Jun-2001, and for which we still await the court's decision, defense attorney Michael Tigar demonstrated that he was not lacking in courage — when prosecutor Jonathan Drimmer tried to introduce a statement made by John Demjanjuk in Israel, Michael Tigar asked that all John Demjanjuk statements made in Israel be excluded on the grounds that they had been extracted under torture..."

1). US Seeks to Deport Accused Nazi Demjanjuk

2). John Demjanjuk was tortured in Israel

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Postby TruthSeeker » 1 decade 6 years ago (Tue Dec 21, 2004 7:45 pm)

The guy was lucky evidence came in before he was put to death by the hateful, lying "Israelis". Eichmann wasn't that lucky.

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Postby kk » 1 decade 6 years ago (Tue Dec 21, 2004 7:59 pm)

Eichmann was also more important.
D. had his aquital then, because of different political circumstances.
(Israel was still searching for a way out of Lebanon at this time, I think.)
Now the death of him may be of some real value for the zionists.

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