Eichmann Tapes.

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Eichmann Tapes.

Postby Xmerlin » 1 decade 5 years ago (Thu Feb 17, 2005 4:00 pm)

Firstly hello to the forum members.
I have just finished reading the book 'Mengele' by Gerald L Posner and in it there is a piece about Eichmann which pushed me to join the forum to ask the question.Willem Antonius Maria Sassen was a wartime member of the Abwehr; in the book it mentions that he was well known to mossad after the war as prior to the kidnap of Eichmann he 'taped' interviews with him to try to get 'inside' information on the 'final solution'. As he believed that as a Neo-Nazi propagandist [think thats the right word] he could set the record straight by getting Adolf Eichmann to give a first hand account of his actions.Sassen did not believe that millions had perished in the holocaust.

But according to the book Eichmann did anything but dismiss the 'jewish lie' as he was proud of what he had done.It is said he recorded 67 tapes of conversation and Sassen flinched when Eichmann said [quote] "I must say i regret nothing;it would be too early to pretend that i had turned from Saul to Paul.No,i must say that if i had killed all 10million jews that Himmle's statistician [Dr Richard Korherr] had listed in 1933,I would say;Good-we have destroyed our enemy"

Are these tapes readily available? Are they proven to be Eichmann's words? And, if they do exist and are Eichmann's, do they not make it hard to discredit the death tolls. When I say death tolls I don't make any reference into the way they were alledged to have been killed. This part of the book [which is littered with absurdities] has rattled me. Any further information would be great.

Many thanks

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Postby Juan » 1 decade 5 years ago (Thu Feb 17, 2005 4:29 pm)

There's an important "if I had" in that "quote". Even if Eichmann had said that, it's not a confession of an actual murder. And we all know that the holo-tale didn't happen.

He surely wished he had killed all of those people who destroyed his country and murdered (directly and indirectly) millions of his people.

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Postby Carto's Cutlass Supreme » 1 decade 5 years ago (Fri Feb 18, 2005 4:08 am)

Hopefully someone will answer this who knows more than me. I did some research and found some mentions of Sassen on Irving's Focal Point website, but couldn't tell what Irving's position was. I looked in Hilberg's 1985 Destruction of the European Jews and he doesn't mention Sassen in the index. On the web I read that Life Magazine published some of Sassen's interviews in 1960, before Eichmann's capture. I wish I had a 1961 Hilberg edition of Destruction. Because one revisionist angle (Rassinier) was that Eichmann was not that high up in Nazi hierarchy, but alleges that the media made him look that way to promote holocaust publicity via the trial. This assertion wouldn't seem to fit with Hilberg who wrote a huge amount about him. But the tell-tale sign would be if there's a lot about him in the '61 edition.

One thing to consider though, is that if a remark in South America 15 years later is the clincher for whether the holocaust happened, then it sort of shows that it didn't happen. It's too huge to hinge on something like that. I think Butz mentioned that the paper trail would be so huge if the holocaust really happened, and it would be impossible to cover such a huge paper trail. Compare to the present day: If the government killed everybody in the state of Washington, including everyone in Seattle, could the validity of that hinge on a comment made 15 years later in South America? and wouldn't the email communications be huge regarding it?

This doesn't take away from your interesting question though. I hope someone answers it.

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