!!! Seven Dwarfs pulled from a gas chamber !!!

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!!! Seven Dwarfs pulled from a gas chamber !!!

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 7 years ago (Fri Mar 21, 2003 12:18 am)

This is not meant to be a joke. You see, the story is "factual". IOW, people actually believe this.
It's just one example of the nonsense that comprises the so called 'holocau$t'.
Comments invited. And do try to refrain from laughing. :roll:

Question this and you will go to jail in Canada and most countries in Europe.

- Hannover

London Daily Mail | January 28, 2003 | p. 18

The Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz
and their amazing story of survival

from Allan Hall
in Berlin

From the horror of Auschwitz, an astonishing story of survival has
emerged after almost six decades.

It concerns a troupe of Jewish travelling musicians named Ovitz,
comprising seven dwarfs and their two full-sized sisters.

They actually heard the gas chamber door clang shut on them, and
smell the poison gas seeping in.

But their lives were saved by Dr Josef Mengele, the Polish death
camp's evil doctor.

He acted not from compassion, but because he saw in them the chance to
further his research in creating an Aryan master race.

The nine became human guinea pigs for the Nazis, enduring a
succession of agonising and degrading experiments.

In the end, however, they lived - the only family to emerge intact
from the SS killing complex.

And today, 58 years and a day after the liberation of Auschwitz their
incredible history is revealed in a book named 'In Our Hearts We Were
Giants - the survival of a Lilliput family'.

Two Jewish authors, Yehuda Koren and Eilat Negev, learned of the
Ovitzes' story from interviews with the family, all of whom are now dead. The last to go, Perla, 81. told them:
'If I ever questioned why I was born a dwarf, my answer must be that
my handicap was God's way of keeping me alive.'

She described how, chillingly, Mengele used to chant a little rhyme he
made up for her family: 'Over the hills and seven mountains, there my
seven dwarfs do dwell.'

He even made a film of them which was sent to Hitler for his amusement
at his mountain retreat.

The story begins in Hungary early last century, with a dwarf who
earned his living as a strongman and called himself Samson. He had a
normal-sized bride called Bianca who bore him two dwarf daughters before dying at

Samson remarried. His second wife, Bertha, who was also full-sized,
gave birth to eight children, five of them dwarfs. He died of food
poisoning at 46, leaving his wife to raise ten young children. Bertha sent them all to a music school, established a family troupe and told them always to stick together. They travelled all over Europe performing.

After war broke out in 1939, they continued travelling using documents
which omitted the fact that they were Jews. They were on tour when in
March 1944, Hitler invaded Hungary and were soon aboard a cattle car
bound for Auschwitz.

One brother, Leon, who was not a dwarf, was apart from them at the
time; he was trying to hide, using false documents. But a neighbour
informed on him. He was executed and his wife and baby daughter were later gassed in Auschwitz.

An intrigued Mengele had intended to greet the dwarf family among the
milling crowds at the entrance ramp to Auschwitz.

But in the chaos, they were dragged straight to the gas chamber. 'We
were standing naked, men and women, when the heavy metal door slammed behind us and we started smelling the gas pouring in,' Perla recalled.

'Suddenly, through the fog, we heard shouts. "The dwarfs! Where
are the dwarfs?"' Vomiting from the gas, they were freed. But there was
more horror to come.

Mengele wanted to decipher the secrets of human growth and they were
kept isolated in a special barracks where he conducted his vile tests on

'Because we had sisters who were normal-sized, this fascinated
Mengele,' Perla said.

After liberation the family were taken to Russia, where they had to
spend another year in a refugee camp before being allowed to return home.

They then moved on to Haida in Israel and performed as a cabaret act

In 1955, sick through the experiments they endured, they performed for
the last time. With the money they had earned they moved to a large
flat and bought two cinemas and a café.

In 1980 they sold their businesses, and one by one they passed away.

In keeping with their late mother's wishes, they had bought a family
plot so they could be buried together.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Postby steve » 1 decade 7 years ago (Fri Mar 21, 2003 7:23 pm)


This has got to be one of the all time greats!!!!

Surpasing, even, the one about the Eagle and the Bear. And the light swithces made from Jews' knuckles. And the Tango of Death. And having Prisoners climb trees and cutting the trees down. And the atomic device instantaneously vaporizing 20,000 juden. And the peddle driven brain bashing machine. And hanging underneath a train for 18 hours all the while being defecated on. And Elie Weisel's looking into childrens' eyes while they roast in an open fire. And the Germans using dead jews as Xmas tree ornaments. And the ... And the, ... And the, ...


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Re: !!! Seven Dwarfs pulled from a gas chamber !!!

Postby Haldan » 8 years 1 week ago (Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:15 am)

Here is a rehash of this story:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... sters.html

"k0nsl" makes some comments on it here:
http://k0nsl.org/blog/rehash-of-seven-d ... auschwitz/

This lame rehash can't beat their original from 2003 with the fantastic story of Lilliput's pulled from a 'gas chamber' :lol:

What comment can one actually make on this topic? It's all stupid hearsay nonsense. Mengele was without a doubt a good man who merely worked there as a doctor and now they have an easy target to vilify, because he's dead and cannot defend himself against this flood of hate.

<?php if ($Holocaust == false ) {deny_repeatedly(); } else { investigate(); } ?>
Homage to Catalin Haldan

Fritz the Cat
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Re: !!! Seven Dwarfs pulled from a gas chamber !!!

Postby Fritz the Cat » 8 years 1 week ago (Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:43 am)

Haldan wrote:Here is a rehash of this story:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... sters.html

...and the Angel of Death even tortured these poor dwarfs with a Billiard Cue... :evil: good thing he couldn't lay his hands on bambi, who knows what he would have done to him!? :cry:

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek
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Re: !!! Seven Dwarfs pulled from a gas chamber !!!

Postby Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » 8 years 1 week ago (Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:42 am)

"But their lives were saved by Dr Josef Mengele, the Polish death
evil doctor."

Steve is right:the holo-crap is getting better and better:)


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Re: !!! Seven Dwarfs pulled from a gas chamber !!!

Postby Inquisitor » 8 years 1 week ago (Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:29 am)

And so many wonder why a few of us sane and rational people question the veracity of this grand "holocaust" tale!

Yes, only "haters" and "kooks" would even doubt something so plausible, so reasonable, so very believable as all this, right? :roll:

The addition of the obligatory Mengele boogeyman factor puts this one so very, very far over-the-top, though it is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny even without any of that!


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Re: !!! Seven Dwarfs pulled from a gas chamber !!!

Postby Breker » 7 years 2 months ago (Sat Dec 21, 2013 8:40 pm)

Another story we must all believe or face persecution. In fact, there is little difference between this mentally disturbed 'eyewitness / survivor testimony' and any other. Care to debate this issue, True Believers?
Revisionists are just the messengers, the impossibility of the "Holocaust" narrative is the message.

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Re: !!! Seven Dwarfs pulled from a gas chamber !!!

Postby JoFo » 7 years 2 months ago (Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:01 pm)

"The dwarfs! Where are the dwarfs?"
I may just have to make that my new signature tag-line for this forum...

How many time has a gas execution been interrupted at the last minute without consequence in this holocaust literature?

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