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Carto's Cutlass Supreme
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Valuable asset
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Postby Carto's Cutlass Supreme » 1 decade 5 years ago (Sun May 22, 2005 1:03 pm)

Ratatosk wrote:
I think we have to adress the "hoax". And in order to do that we cannot restrict ourselves to endless discussions on isolated technical details of the non-existent gaschambers.

I think discussing isolated technical details is actually a good way to address the hoax.
Perhaps we could have two sections? One more technical oriented and one more context oriented?

I've seen that on other bulletin boards. It weakens the whole thing. Imagine someone stumbling on this via google, and they find one section and never actually discover that there is another section. You can see that right now with the "informative downloads" section. Imagine if half the forum was also like that.

I think this board should be left just as it is with no changes at all.

If someone else wants to create a broader scope board they should do it. But I think it should be a separate unaffiliated entity. Here's why: it could be that lawmakers in certain countries make new laws against free speech, against holocaust denial. The exterminationists want to portray "holocaust denial speech" as racist, hate filled, name calling, "flat earth society" unscholarly tripe, along the lines that "hate=holocaust denial" and this website is 11 thousand posts showing that it's not like that. In other words, this website may be held up as an example to the lawmakers.

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Postby Mark_Twain » 1 decade 5 years ago (Sun May 22, 2005 8:37 pm)

The point of this board is to educate ......... It would be nice to have good summaries on the subject and that leads to the discussion.

An example would be a chart on the ovens of Auschwitz showing their operationg timespan - plug in the possible cremations -

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Postby steve » 1 decade 5 years ago (Tue May 24, 2005 5:08 pm)

Can somebody please tell me what is wrong with this post?

If the forum was expanded to include such topics, then I for one would stay away, this isn't a conspiracy theory website or one that should include anti-Israel rhetoric. Revisionism should (and mostly has so far) be tightly disciplined and keep it's target solely as disproving, piece by ridiculous piece of the big lie.

Leave a good thing alone.
I agree 100%. This forum should only focus on one thing, namely the so-called 'Holocaust'.

I agree with Barrington.

I must disagree here.

You can talk about chemical tests and cremation rates all you want. But, I do not think that will be enough to overcome the fact that for the Big H to be a lie, many, many jews must simply be liars. I myself wondered how that can be. But, after being into these topics, not just revisionism, but all the related (for lack of better word) topics, and seeing how organized jewry behaves, it is quite simple now to accept that the Big H is a pack of sick, twisted, despicable lies by a sick, twisted, parasitical race of people. If all I read was what was on this forum, I may have eventually reached the same conclusions about the H, but it would have taken much longer. Anything that exposes the nature of organized jewry will help expose the Big H Lie.

Look, you can discuss the truth about organized jewry in a responsible manner. Look at Kevin MacDonald.

And consider this, even a gentleman like Carto will be called an evil anti-semite for expressing doubts about the Big H. You may as well go all out. It can be done in the same classy manner that is currently done on this forum.

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