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no extermination talk

Postby code yellow » 1 decade 5 years ago (Tue May 31, 2005 10:37 pm)

:) I came across a book by Hitler press chief Otto Dietrich called Hitler, published in 1955. Apparently, it is more of a profile than a biography. The account was written in 1946 during his internment in the British camp at Fallingbostal. In 1948 he presented the manuscript to the person who was then caring for his youngest child. He requested that his bio not be published until after his death. Dietrich died in November 1952,which was one year after his release from prison.

On page 23, I ran across an interesting passage which goes:
"Hitler also presented the solution of the Jewish question on a humanitarian basis. THERE WAS NO TALK AT ALL OF THE EXTERMINATION OF THE JEWISH RACE. Although he demanded the curbing of their exessive influence upon the government and economy, the Jews were still to be allowed to lead their own lives. Indeed the only mention the Reich Chamber of Culture's Department for Jewish Cultural Affairs, which legally guaranteed them many cultural opportunities. I may also recall the directives to the Reich Minister of Economics which were issued in 1934 and made public by Goebbels. These directives forbade any interference with the economic activities of the Jews so long as they observed the laws of the state."

Now, it seems to me that the contents of Dietrich's memoirs are credible. First of,two thirds of the book displays an unfavorable view of Hitler and the Nazi regime. Also the fact that he wanted his manuscript published after his death. In comparison to Eichman's postwar memoirs, which are no longer credible because of passages obviously inserted to lighten his sentence upon capture, I see no reason for Dietrich to lie. Maybe he wasn't as involved in the workings of the Nazi heiarchy, being that he was only the press chief, I'm not sure, but he was very specific about his statements. The German publisher's forward states that, the manuscript remains exactly as it was written. After his death, he felt, his credibility and his determination to be objective could not be challenged on the grounds of self interest.

Any comments invited.

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