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Richard Perle
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Postby Richard Perle » 1 decade 4 years ago (Tue Nov 15, 2005 9:34 am)

Since this has become a place to tell all how you came to disbelieve in the holocaust, I should add my own story, although it's not an epiphany moment as such. I have always been a person who is pretty immune to dogma (which I feel is a quality which doesn't necessarily co-exist with intelligence). My route into revisionism was via the many online sites critical of Israel and Jewish influence, which I have been following post-9/11. Various times I would come across articles questioning the official holocaust line, but I always shied away from reading them. In the past I had been too hasty to endorse what in hindsight were crackpot ideas, and I figured that holocaust revisionism came under that category. Not to mention the fact that most of the circles I moved in tended to be left-leaning (although I have always had a fierce libertarian streak). It was easier to have Hitler and the Nazis kept alive as figures of evil and they were useful for comparing to the Bush regime. (I think this is the case for most of the anti-war left now. The popular idea of the Nazis is just to damn useful to give up).
Just after last Christmas (2004) I decided to bite the bullet and take a hard look at what revisionists were saying. It didn't take long for me to realise that they were right. For me it is like this: revisionists don't just create vaguely plausible alternative theories for what happened during world war 2 that at a stretch could be what happened. They document the most likely version of events with the most complete research. Revisionist holocaust study is simply superior to that of the mainstream.

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Postby vincentferrer » 1 decade 3 years ago (Mon Jun 12, 2006 4:24 pm)

The first crack in the holohoax scam for me came from a priest based outside the USA.

He flat out said the holocaust is a Jew lie.

Two years later another priest friend said the holocaust did not happen, and offered some resources to investigate. With a few days I realized
he was right.

I thereafter decided others needed to know and have spent plenty of time and money to educate others. The fact I have introduced so many others to the fraud of the century makes the money spent so well
worth it.

Soon, a institution will be honoring Germar Rudolf with a plaque for the public to see, because I feel that revisionism and its crusaders are that important they need to be recognized, even if others do not know them yet.

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Postby bridgebuilder » 1 decade 3 years ago (Mon Jun 12, 2006 10:12 pm)

A recent newspaper article here in Australia noted that in contrast to the Greenpeace figure of 200,000 dead from the Chernobyl nuclear accident, the actual confirmed death toll is 56. If such colossal differences can exist in an era of mass television and roving armies of investigative journalists, it is litttle wonder that the Holocaust death toll is exaggerated. Reporters report the facrts to fit their own ideologies and in 1945, very few Nuremberg reporters were National Socialists.

Depth Charge
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Postby Depth Charge » 1 decade 3 years ago (Thu Jun 15, 2006 8:18 pm)

I had to sit through the whole thing at school. We were studying the Third Reich, 1933 to 1939. Yet somehow over half the time was devoted to the Holocaust, (we watched Schindlers list twice) something that didn't allegedly occur for years afterwards.

I remember a while after i had left school i read and heard things about the Holocaust being a fraud, i naturally dismissed it as lunacy.

Anyway, i was watching something about the Tiger tank on Discovery a fair amount of time after that, and it kept repeating that had the Tigers had enough fuel, they could have been much more effective. Thats when i remembered reading a Revisionist claim of lack of fuel for cremation.

I then went back to the "60 reasons" and repeatedly tried to find evidence to dismiss them, i was desperate to find reason but could only find bull**** responses - which i also followed through.

I still wasn't sold, by the way. Anyone who says he came to truly believe it was a lie overnight is a liar. It took me a long time, but you eventually get to a certain apex where the rest is just mopping up.

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