Scientific experiments extinguish Holocaust cremation 'facts

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Scientific experiments extinguish Holocaust cremation 'facts

Postby TMoran » 1 decade 7 years ago (Sun Apr 13, 2003 8:28 pm)

Back yard scientific experiments anyone can do to actually witness Holocaust nonsense.

HOLOCAUST 'facts' have it that flames spewed out of the chimneys of Cremas II and III at Birkenau. According to plans of the crematoriums the fire boxes were anywhere from 15 feet to 40 feet away from the 50 foot chimney.

Build significant fire in your fire place, if you have one. We might assume we would be talking about a fire place that feeds directly into the chimney and the chimney wouldn't be much more than thirty feet high. Then run outside and see if there are any flames spewing out.

HOLOCAUST 'facts' can tell us that the chimneys of cremas belched huge amounts of smoke. Holocaust tales and the real facts have it coke was used to heat the ovens.

Go out and get about ten pounds of coke. Ignite the coke and after starter material is gone and a red hot bed of coals exist notice no smoke. Coke fires don't give off any more smoke than a bed of red hot barbecue charcoal, which is next to none.

HOLOCAUST 'facts' have it that bodies were cremated in pits in areas that have high water tables.

Dig two small holes about two feet by two feet and two feet deep. Fill one with water. Let water drain away through the walls and bottom. Now take two identical amounts of wood and place in each hole. Pour one quart of flammable liquid over each quantity of wood and see which ones has a chance of burning. In fact, just build two fires on the surface. At one place soak ground with water and allow to soak in so the ground is only damp. Now ignite two piles of wood and notice how one will burn and the other won't.

HOLOCAUST 'facts' will tell us that flammable liquid like gasoline or Diesel fuel was poured over the bodies and that's what assisted in the cremation.

Take five pound pork roast and lay on ground. Pour one half cup of gasoline over it and ignite. Let burn until fire goes out. Notice no significant reduction to the mass of the test subject. Pour another cup of gasoline over it and ignite that letting it burn to the finish. Notice still no significant reduction. Do it again and again. The liquid burns at the source but most of the heat goes up and away without effecting the test example.

HOLOCAUST 'facts' tell us the flames from under burning grates loaded with bodies could reach 10 meters (thirty feet). Any flames (heat) that existed after passing the bodies would not contribute to any cremation.

Install a piece of sheet metal so it is suspended at four corners flat above the ground. Light a wood fire on top surface of sheet metal.

Now hold hand palm up under the sheet metal below the fire and feel for heat at different distances. Now with palm down insert your hand into the flames arising from the fire on top of the sheet metal. (Recommended optional method for this step would be to just do a 'thought experiment' based on your knowledge that flames burn, ouch, and heat rises.)

HOLOCAUST dependents will argue to no end that Holocaust bodies could burn like wood. Get some bodies to burning and just add more. That would explain away any questions about the various Holocaust details.

Build a fire. Take one five pound pork roast and lay over raging fire in barbecue basin giving it sufficient time that it should catch on fire. Take away from flames and see if it will continue to burn, which it won't. Thus, if we can't even get the initial simulated Holocaust body burning then we can assume that Holocaust bodies couldn't have burned like wood by adding more.

Not only will you be face to face with the scientific denial of Holocaust 'facts' but Holocaust experiments can be fun too.

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Postby Sailor » 1 decade 7 years ago (Tue Apr 15, 2003 11:41 am)

TMoran wrote: HOLOCAUST 'facts' have it that flames spewed out of the chimneys of Cremas II and III at Birkenau. According to plans of the crematoriums the fire boxes were anywhere from 15 feet to 40 feet away from the 50 foot chimney.

According to the testimonies of the Topf engineers who designed and built cremas II and III there was a suction fan between the cremation ovens and the chimney. How would flames pass by these blowers?

But note:
Jeder jüdische Mensch
kann von unserer Parscha ableiten
und mit dieser Erkenntnis leben,
dass das jüdische Volk den Begrenzungen
der Naturgesetze nicht unterworfen ist.
(Jüdische Rundschau Maccabi, Basel, 11. November 1993.)

Every Jew can deduct from our Parscha and can live with this knowledge, that the Jewish people are not subject to the limitations of the natural laws.
(Jüdische Rundschau Maccabi, Basel, November 11, 1993.)


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