Holocaust conference soon in Tehran ?

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Postby Hyman » 1 decade 4 years ago (Tue Jan 10, 2006 12:14 am)

Probably the most that will come of the Iranian Holocaust conference will be the introduction of the revisionist case to a wider Iranian and Muslim audience. Western mainstream media, with its Jewish domination, brings up revisionism only as a means by which to pillory and smear revisionists. Stating the case made by Holocaust revisionism is to be avoided at all costs, or put in a propagandistic and dishonest manner.
The Iranian conference, if it comes off, will at least allow for a true picture of what the revisionists are saying.

It’s interesting to note that the Iranian invitation is inclusive of conventional and revisionist points of view. On this particular matter, the religious fundamentalist president of Iran comes off appearing more liberal than the so-called liberal democracies. He says that he doesn’t accept the orthodox version of the Holocaust, but if the Europeans and Americans want to, they’re welcome to. In much of the west, you are forced to believe the government’s version under threat of imprisonment. I don’t suppose you have to go to jail in Iran for believing in the orthodox Holocaust. Hopefully, the conference will shed a greater light on the revisionist thought criminals languishing in European prisons, and embarrass the European functionaries into rethinking their policy.

I had thought that the conference might just be given the silent treatment by the cowed mainstream western media, but it seems that with U.S. and Israeli saber-rattling towards Iran, the actions of the Iranian government become newsworthy. When I logged on to the “Drudge Report” this morning, there was a headline announcing the Holocaust conference in Iran (although the link wouldn’t download). Also listed was an editorial by the normally somewhat sensible Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor at large of the Washington Times. The title of the editorial is “Target Iran” . Mr. de Borchgrave expresses concern that Iran will use the bomb if it gets it, and then ends up the editorial by calling an Iranian commentator a “moron” for saying that the Nazi concentration camps were "detention centers" where no more than 250,000 Jews died and where "for hygienic reasons, they used to burn the bodies of those who died of typhus or contagious diseases [in crematoria]" and that gas chambers were "for disinfecting the clothes and the possessions of the prisoners." In the west, the judeosupremacists will continue to push for debate about the Holocaust to remain at just this level.

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