Janus Korczak, the orphanage, and Adolf Berman

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Janus Korczak, the orphanage, and Adolf Berman

Postby Carto's Cutlass Supreme » 1 decade 4 years ago (Tue Jan 17, 2006 3:14 am)

Korczak was the famous orphanage director that refused to leave his kids and thus went to his death with them, to Treblinka. But doesn't that sound a little too psychologically perfect for a wartime story? A story likely orchestrated by Adolf Berman at CENTOS, perhaps? Just as Berman orchestrated a piece of theater for his Eichmann trial testimony?

Korczak is portrayed as such an incredible great guy that it just gets a little phoney when you look at it all.

Consider the following and see if this fits with an "orphanage director."

1) He was a radio personality.

Which on it's own is strange. (orphanage director/Radio Personality??) But on top of that was his message: Patriotism and German resistance masquerading as "advice to orphans." Example:

On the air, the Old Doctor encouraged young people to make themselves useful. "Don't stay inside cowering and crying about what might happen. Go out into the streets and help dig fire lanes. Go to the Tomb ofthe Unknown Soldier who died for Poland and put flowers on his grave." He told his orphans that it was all right to continue playing, as long as they did it quietly. "Every moment soldiers are dying as they defend Warsaw. it's hard for their mothers and fathers who live nearby to hear you laughing and singing when they've just lost their own children. Have respect for their suffering."


2) Changed his name from "Henryk Goldszmit."

3) Ran a so-called progessive orphanage with innovative methods.

I can understand trying new ideas in a school or university, but in an orphanage? Here's part of his philosophy in his orphanage called Dom Sierot:
In `Dom Sierot´ he realizes his idea of a democratic republic of children. The children have their own parliament, court and newspaper - the `Maly Przeglad / Little Magazine ´ and many other `institutions´ where children and adults deal with each other teaching both adults and children how to relate with another without suppression or domination.

We read on korczak.com
Maryna Falska goes her own way in Korczak-education. As a communist lady she does not respect childrens rights of religion. Communists systematic start to impose Korczak`s work and name.


So he's one of these people that formulates a whole system (for his own aggrandizement), not unlike how Kevin MacDonald described Franz Boas in "Culture of Critique."

4) His bio lists 1934 to 1936 as "travels to Palestine."

5) Associated with Adolf Avraham Berman who was working the same angle.

Berman was the master of using children to sway public opinion, using children to gain support for an agenda, using children as war propaganda, and using a children's organization as a ruse for underground armed resistance. During the war Berman was head of CENTOS in Warsaw. This stands for something really creepy: Jewish psychological and psychotechnical institutions in Poland. The connection of Berman using children, and his real agenda can be seen in these two Eichmann trial excerpts:
Attorney General: You observed children's festivals under the slogan: "Give the child a little joy." Is that correct?

Witness Berman Yes. I would like to say a few words about this. We saw what the situation was, and we wanted to make the melancholy and terrible life of tens of thousands of children easier. We then decided to organize a month of the Jewish Child in the ghetto and also a Jewish Children's Festival in the ghetto. The last festival before the awful "action" which commenced on 22 July 1942, we had already celebrated on 5 May. And on that day - I remember this well - in all our institutions, in all the orphanages, in all the dormitories, in all the kitchens, there were celebrations. There were performances of children, on that day the children were given slightly more food, some sweets. And our slogan was: "Give our children a little joy."

http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/people/e/eic ... 26-02.html

contrasted with this:
And I am proud of the fact that the first revolver we received from the Polish anti- fascists for the Jewish anti-fascist bloc, we received in my room, in the room of the director-general of "Centos," in the same way as I am proud of the fact that amongst the one thousand workers of "Centos" there were hundreds who were active in the undergound.

http://www.nizkor.org/ftp.cgi/people/e/ ... ion-026-03

Janus Korczak's coup of public opinion was this: his his fake being led off to his death with the children.

Adolf Berman's final coup, was holding up a pair of children's shoes at the 1961 Eichmann Trial claiming he got them from the fields at Treblinka.
A. When I came there it was some weeks after I had been liberated by the Soviet army, this was in January 1945. I saw a scene which I shall never forget: a tremendous expanse, extending over many kilometers and on this area there were scattered skulls, bones, in tens of thousands, and very, very many shoes, amongst them tens of thousands of shoes of little children.

Q. Did you pick up one such pair which you have retained to this day?

A. Yes, I have brought it here.

Q. You brought it here to show the Court?

A. Yes, I wanted to show it.

A. The pair of shoes of a child, you have retained to this day?

A. I brought it as something very precious, for I knew that over a million shoes like these were spread over all the extermination fields of Europe. These are the shoes. [The witness shows the Court a pair of children's shoes.]

A. Thank you very much, Dr. Berman.

http://www.nizkor.org/ftp.cgi/people/e/ ... ion-026-03

Except Berman's final story didn't fit with the standard Treblinka story which was that the Germans had got rid of everything and turned it the camp into a farm.

What these two "great people" really were, were masters of emotional and psychological manipulation, using children as their prop, which moved into their playing roles in the holocaust story.

Yes, Korczak ran an orphanage for years, and yes Berman ran CENTOS, but with Zionism, there became a hidden agenda where they used kids to tug at peoples' emotionality for an anti-German zionist agenda. After the war guess where Berman moved to? Israel. Surprise surprise. So probably did Korczak, changing his name yet a third time.

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Re: Janus Korczak, the orphanage, and Adolf Berman

Postby Carto's Cutlass Supreme » 1 year 10 months ago (Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:56 pm)

It's been 12 years (and no responders. Woo hoo!) but wanted to add this to this thread, to update what I understand to be the truth about Korczak:

The Korczak shtick, if I can use that yiddish word, was just a psychological manipulation seizing upon popular trends that had originated in America and were reverberating around the globe. Notably the Pollyanna story (a book about an orphan with a positive outlook that came out in 1913) that was so big that "Pollyanna" was a name I had heard of as a kid in the 1970's. This trend of positive outlook and the John Dewey ideal of "Learning by Doing" was happening in the 1930's as can be seen with How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie in 1936 and continuing after the war with Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale in 1952.

Orphans: they don't really exist in the USA or Europe anymore, but did at one time, but the best thing to do for them is to get them adopted into a home with two adults who can take the role of a mom and a dad. Often a relative. Not create some self-governing micro-model government comprised of orphans, which you can then talk about, like Korczak, how this model society of orphans works so well, and how that shows us, on a micro level, so many lessons about how well communism would then work. Or how well a utopian ideal in a future state of Israel might work.

Warsaw Jewish Psych Warfare wasn't perfect: ideally the Little Boy Photo with his Hands Up, should have been one of Korzcak's orphans. Yes, that's a Warsaw Jewish Psych Warfare photo, but it doesn't have a direct Korzcak connection. It's still the most powerful photo of the holocaust myth, but would have been even bigger if it could have been connected to Korczak. The Korczak orphan story is one of Warsaw Jewish Psych Warfare successes along with the Little Boy Photo, The Stroop Report, and Year in Treblinka by Jankiel Wiernik.

Korczak likely faked his own disappearance for the sake of this powerful propaganda story, and if I were to guess where he lived out his life, one place that comes to mind is the Ghetto Fighters' Kibbutz, in Galilee, Israel.

This idea that orphans would have been some of the first to be deported. To use the late Anthony Lawson's phrase "Were the Germans so stupid?" to not have a clue about what public opinion that would engender? And weren't those alleged deportations done in cooperation with the Judenrat? The governing Jewish body of the Warsaw ghetto? What would that procession of orphans do for their popularity?

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Re: Janus Korczak, the orphanage, and Adolf Berman

Postby Revisionist » 1 year 10 months ago (Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:34 pm)

This Korczak story appeared in a newspaper many months ago and I looked for the revisionist response. Found your research result and was satisfied.

Thanks for your work, I appreciated it. I think, if you could dedicated 100% to revisionism you could match up with Mattogno.

Carto's Cutlass Supreme
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Valuable asset
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Re: Janus Korczak, the orphanage, and Adolf Berman

Postby Carto's Cutlass Supreme » 1 year 10 months ago (Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:28 am)

Thanks Revisionist!

There is a book called "A Pedagogy of Humanist Moral Education: The Educational Thought of Janusz Korczak" by Marc Silverman (2017) of Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The book is likely a Kevin MacDonald extravaganza, but be that as it may, on page 3 we read
In some very significant ways, once one accesses his educational theory and practices, it would be fair to say that Korczak is the twentieth-century Polish version of John Dewey (1859-1952.)

Again to mention Kevin MacDonald, Korczak had an agenda, ulterior motives, a hodgepodge of popular notions and trends, to use as a hidden agenda vehicle, for supporting communism beliefs, Zionist beliefs and culminating with supporting the holocaust myth with his and his orphans supposed destruction.

When really the thing to do would have been to find these kids a good home. Not create a Boasian social discovery laboratory. It was the 1930's not the Oliver Twist 1830's.

I have a hunch Korczak's work with orphans is not unlike the fraud (pushed by Franz Boas) of Margaret Mead's pseudo discoveries in Samoa. It's the idea of "here's this human laboratory scenario, and here's what it teaches us about ourselves." And then within that dishonesty of findings, insert a hidden agenda.

And I think absurdities ensue. Like "he's an orphanage director/radio personality." Who makes trips to Israel. Haha. It's pretty funny.

Imagine him on the radio! "Well what the orphans teach us is {insert Zionist and communist tidbits here.}" LOL.

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