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latest on imprisonment of Revisionist historian, E. Zündel

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 7 years ago (Sat May 31, 2003 12:43 pm)

There are yet more demonstrations in the works for pacifist Revisionist Ernst Zundel, a victim of the judeo-supremacist Thought Police.

Zundel has been held in solitary confinement for months because he rejects the unsustainable 'gas chambers' & '6,000,000 Jews' scam.

Zundel's American wife, Dr. Ingrid Rimland, has sought letters of support and has announced the location of the next demonstration.
- H.

For Immediate Release

May 30, 2003

Demonstrators Will Urge Freedom for Ernst Zundel

Rexdale -- Supporters of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, joined by members of other free speech groups from Kitchener, London and Niagara, will picket the Metro West Detention Centre (111 Disco Road, Rexdale) on Sunday, June 1 at 2:00 p.m., CAFE Director Paul Fromm announced today.

"Ernst Zundel is a political prisoner," says Fromm, a former Metro Separate School trustee. "His sole crime is that his political views are unpopular with the Canadian establishment."

Under a seldom used CSIS Certificate alleging that Zundel is
a threat to national security, he has been kept in solitary confinement since being returned to Canada, February 19.

"We're demonstrating to denounce the use of secret hearings in Zundel's case," says Fromm. In three previous detention hearings, the adjudicator or judge has heard in camera evidence. "The defence has no idea of what was said and cannot refute it. Zundel is being denied the right to a fair hearing," says Fromm. "Secret hearings are an affront to due process and the basic rights of Anglo-Saxon justice," he adds.

Fromm represented Mr. Zundel at one of his detention review hearings.

"Zundel may be controversial, but he's no threat to national security," Fromm insists. "He's a lifelong pacifist. He's been the victim of several bombings and other forms of violence, himself, but has always urged peaceful behaviour on his supporters."

"Zundel is an ideas man, a publicist. CSIS is cheapening the concept of 'national security' by saying that Zundel is a threat. He's no terrorist," says Fromm.

A letter of support from reknowned Revisionist, Dr. Fredrick Toben of the Adelaide Institute:

25 May 2003

Re: Imprisonment of Pacifist and Revisionist Historian, Ernst Zündel

Dear Sir/Madam

The Canadian governmentís unjust treatment of Ernst Zündel gives rise
to great concern because for decades this man, prior to leaving for
the US three years ago, lived in Canada without breaking any laws.

That the Canadian Zionist lobby has succeeded in perverting the
course of justice in Canada does not surprise me, certainly not since
I have learned that internal security agencies were actually
condoning illegal acts against Ernst Zündel during the 1990s, for
example permitting a pipe-bomb parcel to be sent to Zündel's Toronto

However, I did not expect the Canadian government agencies to
jettison basic common law principles merely to fulfill the
hate-driven Zionist campaign to extradite Ernst Zündel to Germany
where he faces certain imprisonment, if not certain assassination.

Ernst Zündel's thoughts are dangerous to those who uphold the
"Holocaust lie", namely that Germans during World War Two,
systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers,
in particular at Auschwitz, Krema II.

In 1999 I personally spent seven months at Mannheim Prison for having
a website that, among other things, deals with this taboo topic. As
part of my research I canvassed a number of judges and public
prosecutors in order to gain a better understanding of what motivates
these legal persons to uphold the "Holocaust lie". My arrest
occurred in a public prosecutor's office, a person I had visited two
years earlier.

It is not possible to defend oneself against any allegation involving
the "Holocaust lie" because truth is not a defence in such
proceedings. In fact, if one vigorously defends the allegations and
offers physical proof to prove that one's views are founded on
physical/scientific/historical facts, then that will give rise to
another charge: the charge of having the mindset of a Revisionist
whose "criminal energy" is self-evident in any mounted defence.

My legal counsel and I remained silent, and so immediately after the
court hearing, and after bail was posted, I was allowed to leave

It would be a travesty of justice to send Ernst Zündel to Germany
where certain persecution awaits him. For the Germans who uphold the
"Holocaust lie", Zündel is a dangerous enemy because his thoughts
would liberate millions of Germans from a sick dogma called the
"Holocaust lie", or "Holocaustianity".

If you care for free speech, the foundation of any civilized society,
then you will not entertain the idea of sending Ernst Zündel to
Germany. In any case, if a person is to be deported from Canada, has
that person not a right to decide on a country of choice?

As I have pleasant memories of spending time in Canada during the
1970s, I am simply now appalled at the way Canadian government
agencies have treated one of its own long-term residents: Ernst
Zündel has never harmed anyone; Ernst Zündel has no criminal record;
Ernst Zündel has never been a burden on the Canadian taxpayer. Ernst
Zündel is a creative artist, a free thinker and a devoted husband and
family man.

I request that Ernst Zündel immediately be released from unwarranted detention.

Submitted for your consideration.


Dr Fredrick Töben

Adelaide Institute
PO Box 3300
Norwood - 5067
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 7 years ago (Sun Jun 01, 2003 7:08 pm)

Here's another letter on behalf of Zundel that is particularily informed.
- H.

Lisbon, 31 May 2003

Imprisonment of Ernst Zündel, a peaceful man and a free spirit

Dear Sir/Madam

The persecution of Ernst Zündel by the Canadian government is truly
astonishing and its political implications will not go away. What is
being done today to a peaceful, honest man whose views include a
passionate belief in freedom and justice, and who is guilty of
absolutely no crime or misdemeanour whatsoever, but the expression of
his own thoughts, is already taking the shape of an international

If Zündel is not left free to choose his own lawful movements and the
place of his residence, believe me, it will be known and remembered. If
he is sent to Germany against his will for no reason at all but the
whims of the rulers of a once great nation where people used to live
under the law, it may happen that the new status of Canada as a Northern
Guantabananamo, a sinister backwater whose duties include the
persecution and abuse of innocent men that not even the government
presently in power in the United States would dare to label a security
menace, will, step by step, overgrow the Northern Absurdistan image.

What is coming your way is not an Absurdistan but a totalitarian
dictatorship. The unprincipled and stupid little men in office, who
cannot measure the consequences of their abuse of the law, will one day
be astonished to see -- like Messieurs Fabius and Gayssot, in France
already do -- that their main claim to fame will be precisely the
actions they most would like to forget and make others forget.

The struggle for freedom is all-encompassing and indivisible and
directly connected to the quest for truth, and in this sense it is the
mirror image of the 20th century political totalitarianisms, with their
empires of flickering lies, their wars of global terror and their
terrorist rulers.

This is why the little people in office should start thinking hard about
what they are doing to their country and to themselves, even if they do
not care about Ernst Zündel's civil rights. And this is why they should
be restituting Ernst Zündel's precious freedom to him with no more

Antonio S. Marques
Lisbon, Portugal
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 7 years ago (Mon Jun 02, 2003 9:32 am)

Here is an account of what happened at yesterday's rally for Zundel, more demonstrations are planned.
- H.


REXDALE -- Over 50 people from across Ontario rallied today
outside the Metro West Detention Centre here to protest the continued
detention of German-born publisher Ernst Zundel. Protesters demanded
an end to secret hearings that have marked part of all his previous
detention hearings. They called for freedom for the man whom Paul
Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression,
labelled "a political prisoner."

The demonstration, with more than a dozen large Red Ensigns,
the flag of the old pre-New World Order Canada, snapping in the
breeze, began with the launching of a small kite. The kite, made in
the form of a Canada Goose, soared in the crisp wind and displayed
its message: "Hi Ernst."

The demonstration, organized by the Canadian Association for
Free Expression, Canada's leading free speech advocacy group, drew
supporters from other groups around Southern Ontario. Representatives
were present from the Canadian Heritage Alliance, the Northern
Alliance, the Nationalist Party, HF Niagara and the Freedom Party.

Speaking to the protesters outside the prison, Paul Fromm
reminded thanked them for being there to bear witness. "We're not
going to let this peaceful writer and thinker rot in a Canadian jail
and be mistreated," he pledged. "The eyes of the world are upon you,"
he shouted in the direction of several wary guards who stayed a good
distance away.

Fromm explained the degrading conditions the jailers had kept
Mr. Zundel in when he first arrived on May 16. His toiletries
--toothbrush, soap, towel -- were kept in the grimy hall outside his
cell. He'd have to ask for them each time he wanted to use them. "In
a place that is now shut down to all visitors because of SARS (Severe
Acute Respiratory Syndrome), such filthy treatment is degrading and
dangerous." Mr. Zundel was denied the use of a razor for his first
five days there: "Maybe tomorrow," he'd be told by guards. He was
allowed one phone call in the first 48 hours. For the next three
days, requests to make a call drew the standard, "Maybe tomorrow,"
answer. Most of Mr. Zundel's legal papers were also kept in the
public hall outside his cell where they had gotten wet and damaged.
He was allowed to have one sent in at a time.

On May 21, Mr. Fromm protested to prison authorities and
Minister of Public Safety and Security Bob Runciman. Conditions
improved somewhat. Mr. Zundel is now allowed more regular phone calls
and all his legal papers are now inside his cell.

Still conditions are demeaning, Fromm explained. "Mr. Zundel
is not permitted to have a pen or highlighter, despite having to mark
up and co-ordinate piles of legal documents several feet thick. All
he's allowed is a stub of pencil, like the one you'd use to mark a
bowling score."

"They're trying to break him and get him to say, 'I give up.
Send me back to Germany.' We're here to say, 'No you won't' to
Canada's corrupt political establishment and the minorities they
serve," Fromm vowed.

Wolfgang Mueller, who has done invaluable translation work in
the detention hearings, spoke briefly in German for our overseas
Internet audience. Melissa Guille, head of the London Branch of the
Canadian Heritage Alliance, also declared support for the cause of
Mr. Zundel's freedom.

"We don't care whether the press covers this protest or not,"
Fromm told cheering supporters. "We have our own media and that's the
Internet. People will see photos, video and audio of this protest
around the world by tonight," he promised.

The protest ended in a spirited rendition of "Hope" a new
song and the protest's theme led Blago Simeonov, a talented musician
from Bulgaria, whose lively song ended the protest on an upbeat note.

Friends of free thought, Ernst Zundel really needs your help.

1. If you live abroad, write to the Canadian Embassy in your
country and demand Zundel's release and humane treatment.

2. If you live in southern Ontario and wish to visit, call
ahead to Security: 416-675-1806 Ext. 4220. You must be on Zundel's
approved list. He didn't know he was supposed to submit a list of
visitors he'd like to see. You can also get directions, when you
3. No matter where you live, why not send a card or letter to
encourage Ernst Zundel. Write Prisoner Ernst Zundel, c/o Metro West
Detention Centre, 111 Disco Road, Rexdale, ON., M9W 1M3.

4. We also need your financial support for Mr. Zundel's defence.
We have a number of delicate colour-pencil sketches by Ernst
Zundel done in prison. Each is dated and signed. Each is a nature
study. Mr. Zundel has long been a paint and sketch artist. He had
returned to his love of art before the U.S. I.N.S picked him up and
deported him.

If you send us a cheque for $100 or more, we'll send you one
of these collector's items, a thank you sketch by political prisoner
Ernst Zundel.

Mail your donation today to CAFE Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W
5L3, Canada or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date. On your
cheque or an accompanying piece of paper, note: "For Zundel Defence
With less than 36 hours warning, the protest had received
letters of support from around the world, from Australia, Germany,
England, Scotland, France, Portugal and from people in 8 U.S. States
and four provinces.

Here are brief excerpts from the support from around the world.
"Bravo, Paul. Please give my warm regards to Doug (and to Mr and Mrs Zundel whom I've not met). 'Yours in comradeship' (as say
Brit veterans - eyewitnesses in Palestine 1945-48" -- Michele Lady
Renouf, London, England

"The great Scottish poet, Robert Burns, once said, 'Here's
freedom to him who would speak, Here's freedom to him who would
write, For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
Save he who the truth would indict.' True then as it is today. Free
Ernst Zundel, and remember, the TRUTH WILL OUT. Jim Burns, Glasgow,

"The Canadian governments unjust treatment of Ernst Zündel
gives rise to great concern. It reminds me strongly at the real conditions we have in Germany now. A small minority of zionists, organized in "Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland", watches carefully every spoken and written word concerning the so called "Holocaust". According to the laws in force you will never get the chance for a fair trial. No judge would dare to counteract the orders of the zionist lobby. So Mr. Zundels fate would be definitely prison for a long time without a chance to be released on parole - thats only for criminals like murderers, drugdealers and so on.
You would be surprised to find out that there is no pardon to expect -
e.g. many eyewitness, old people of eighty and more years were sent to
prison only because they stated in written or even oral form I didn`t
hear, experience or see anything like that during the war as stated by
the many Jewish "testimonies" even if they contradict the known
principles of science. So please dear Canadians be on the watch and try
to do everything as to prevent something similiar to the real conditions
in Germany. Fight for the freedom of speech before it is too late.You
will do something real good for all those people suffering under the
present conditions. Who knows maybe the fate of Mr. Zundel will be ours
too if we dont fight agaist it in time.
All my best wishes for Mr. Zundel and his wife.
God will be with you."
-- Heinz-Otto Lehmann, Wilhelmshaven - Germany

" It seems that Canada has joined the unholy Germany where there are
by now uncounted political prisoners languishing in jail for not
agreeing with the history preached since the end of the Second War.
Ernst Zuendel is held hostage without a proper reason.He is a man of
peace and it is a travesty of justice [if there is any semblance of
justice left in this country] to hold him in the most inhuman
imprisonment." -- Helmut Becker, B.C., Canada.

"This is to register my dismay that someone would be
prosecuted/persecuted for his historical research. This
prosecution/persecution must not be considered as against one man
but human kind and liberty per se. But one man is now taking the
brunt. Irnst Zundel. Is it not ironic that those who charge Zundel
are the most guilty of that which they accuse him? " -- Robert P.
Kelso Professor (Ret.) U.S.A.

"Free Zundel, the freedom fighter!
Free Canada and the world from zionazis." -- Tomasz Iwanowski,
Mississauga, Ontario

"I believe that the man Ernst and the woman, Ingrid have a vision to
see their beloved land once again freed from more insidious chains
than communism. They work tirelessly to this end.

Ernst is a dangerous man because he has ideas that could bring the
holocaust shrine to the ground, that the world would see it for the
atrocity and hollow, rotten structure that it is. They fear this,
who love and live off the shrine. They are afraid that their hatreds
and deceptions might be revealed. And they will be!

Ernst is the tool now. He is being forged in the disreputable jail
that has become his home, being honed for perhaps a larger battle, a
greater purpose, and he is not alone. We are with him. We in the
states, in Texas. We are with you, Ernst Zundel, and I personally
appreciate you. Thank you for taking such a stand. Thank you for the
spirit of freedom we all believe and need for Germany. If Germany is
freed, then we will all be freed because the ugly shrine of the
holocaust will have shattered, come down like the Iron Curtain did.
Thank you for hanging tough. We salute you." -- Diane King, Cushing,

"What in the world is going on in Canada? The Canadian
government's mistreatment of Ernst Zundel is appalling to say the
least! Mr Zundel is a pacifist who has been a victim of terrorist
attacks, not a perpetrator! The Canadian governments actions
resemble those of Stalinist Russian, rather than that of a free
democratic judicial system. You Canadians should spend your time
and energy finding and exposing the real cause to Mr Zundel's
problems than terrorizing this innocent pacifist.

The whole world is watching and your actions will speak for
future generations to see. Perhaps George Orwell was correct when
he wrote his fictional account of Big Brother - perhaps his
visionary insight was into the Canadian (and US) government being
run by the paranoid few who were compelled to suppress free
speech and the truth it exposes.

The whole world is watching!" -- Heinz H. Bartesch, San Rafael, CA

" I request that Ernst Zündel immediately be released from
unwarranted detention, because he was persecuted for his ideas. WE
ARE NOT A COMMUNIST STATE, where we can't express our mind, are we?
SUPPRESSION!" -- Louis Horvath 56 Hungarian Freedom Fighter.
Toronto, Ontario

" I support this courageous and decent man wholeheartedly!" -- Linda
Ashenbach, Lorain, Ohio

"Zündel is a dangerous man only because his thoughts might liberate
millions of Germans, including myself, from the self serving
assertion made by Jews called the "Holocaust". From the millions
and millions of people who died before, during and after the second
World War, only a much inflated number of Jews matter, the rest of
the victims are forgotten. Is this how you want history to be

"If you value free speech, the foundation of any civilized
society, then you will not want to ship Ernst Zündel to a country
like Germany where the laws in force today are still those
established over half a century ago to suit the victors, including
Soviet Russia. These laws were not made for the German people. For
example, to this day there is no "free speech" permitted for
Germans, the main reason for the efforts to send Ernst Zündel back
to the country of his birth! I am also appalled at the way the
Canadian government and some of its agencies have treated one of its
own long-term residents. Ernst Zündel has never harmed anyone!
Ernst Zündel has no criminal record! Ernst Zündel has never been a
burden to the Canadian taxpayers! Ernst Zündel is a good man! He
was also a devoted husband and family man! Please make every
effort to free Ernst Zündel. He is already a 64 years old and may
not have many more years left. Please enable him to go home to his
loving wife in the foot hills of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee
and allow him to live out the rest his years in peace." --
Friedrich Adam Fayetteville, GA

Pictures of the rally are now online. ALSO, about 15 minutes of
video and 18 minutes of audio are on-line, which people can download
and see how the protest went. ... tures.html[/quote]
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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How much revisionism did Zundel practice in Germany?

Postby AngelofDeath » 1 decade 7 years ago (Wed Jun 04, 2003 3:23 pm)

How can Germany prosecute him for things he did in the USA?

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 7 years ago (Thu Jun 19, 2003 12:42 pm)

Amnesty International has revealed it's true character by ignoring the barbaric incarceration of Ernst Zundel...he's locked up, but charged with nothing.
You know that Revisionist truths have the Believers in a panic when people are locked up for Thought Crimes.

Here, from Zundel's wife, Dr. Rimland, are letters to the judeo-supremacist organization called 'Amnesty International'.

- H.

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

June 19, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Once more about Amnesty International - straight from the Horse's Mouth:

"Amnesty International has no political affiliation, endorses no
political party, accepts no funds from governments or any political
party. Amnesty International is impartial. It is independent of any
government, political persuasion or religious creed. It does not
support or oppose any government or political system, nor does it
support or oppose the views of the victims whose rights it seeks to
protect. It is concerned solely with the protection of the human
rights involved in each case, regardless of the ideology of the
government, opposition forces or the beliefs of the individual."

You realize you have just heard a sick joke!

Below is a cross-section of letters where irate readers take that
hypocritical organization to task, with copies of their letters sent
to the Zundelsite for our bulging archives. Several of these letters
made me laugh out loud because of some eminently practical
applications of how to teach these unctuous folks a lesson:


For some time now I have been responding to AI support requests by
refusing to contribute, citing their double standards regarding
revisionists. I use their post paid envelopes and forms in my
response. You should encourage your supporters to do the same and to
mention Ernst's case specifically. I have also written them directly
on Ernst's case alone. They wouldn't know a prisoner of conscience
from an elephant. One last suggestion: while I would call them
hypocrites of the first order I wouldn't call them marxists.


I am writing for information on Ernst Zundel . Ernst has been
deported from the US for missing an immigration hearing that was not
scheduled. He has been barred from reentering the US for 20 years,
although he is legally married to a US citizen. This alone should
raise hackles on any human rights organization. As I understand,
Amnesty International Canada has accepted the charges of a
politically motivated minority as fact without further study. I
believe it is your responsibility to look into this matter. Did
Ernst Zundel just start making accusations out of thin air or did he
in fact respond to numerous accusations made against his country and
his ethnicity - accusations which have, in fact, often been proven to
be exaggerated if not outright false?

Ernst Zundel is a lifelong pacifist. He came to Canada because he
did not want to carry arms, Canada had no draft.

If you will look at the record, it is not Ernst Zundel who is guilty
of hate, but his accusers. It is an old saying, the way you shout
into the forest is the way the echo comes out. Let Ernst's accusers
explain and prove their charges.

The reputation of Amnesty International is on the line.


I find it difficult to believe that an association like Amnesty
International, which is so devoted, I believe, to fighting torture, whether
physical or psychological torture, can, to such an extent, neglect or refuse
its support to the Canadian revisionist Ernst Zündel!

Here is a man who, OK, is disliked by the Jews because he challenges the
story of the Holocaust, but who is an actual peaceful man, a man who
constantly complied with all his duties as a Canadian resident, and who has
now been kept in jail for four months while waiting to be maybe deported to
Germany, a country where you know perfectly well that there is no freedom
for those who challenge the official version of World War II.

My impression is that, by doing nothing to help liberate Ernst Zündel, you
are practising social EXCLUSION, as if that man were a social outcast who
doesn't deserve being defended for not thinking the proper way.

Wouldn't it be that Amnesty International is afraid? Afraid of getting some
reproach from the Jewish community? Yet, is it not high time now for you to
show that you are a free association, that you do not depend on anybody and
need no advice from anyone? Are you not grown-ups?

One expects from Amnesty International that you defend the rights of a man
like Ernst Zündel whose elementary rights are scorned by the government of
Canada by keeping him inside a jail and practising against him an unbearable
psychological torture at least.

I know Ernst Zündel personally. Never in my life have I ever met such a
good, peaceful, decent and altruistic man. I'm relying on you and expecting you
to show some courage in that matter.


As a member of AI, I am outraged at Amnesty's position
on the brutal incarceration of Ernst Zundel in Canada.

I am forwarding a copy of Amnesty's position as reported to
me below. Amnesty's position appears to be nothing more
than a slick example of doublespeak.

Amnesty knows full well that "Hate Speech" is nothing
more than a catchall term used to persecute people for
being politically incorrect.

The term "Hate Speech" is a cleverly crafted term used
in place of the word "slander" which according to my
Funk'nWagnalls means "to injure by maliciously
uttering a false report". However, it is well settled law
that truth is an absolute defense against slander. Therefore,
in Canada, they had to invent the term "Hate Speech" so their
"Kangaroo Tribunal" court was able to rule that truth is not a
valid defense against it.

There is a HATE CRIME being committed in Canada and
it consists of the brutal incarceration of senior citizen Ernst
Zundel by political stooges in the Canadian Government.

In the interest of human rights and concern for the integrity
of Amnesty International, I strongly urge your reconsideration
of your position on the Ernst Zundel matter.


Amnesty International, What's with you people? I have been waiting
for months for you to at least speak out on Ernst Zundel's behalf and
have heard nothing about you speaking up for one of the most blatant
exercises of repression to come to the fore in recent memory.

Your reputation for defending the free exercise of human rights could
very well be disappearing. Surely you aren't just an extension of


Maybe you should publish this: 1-800-AMNESTY.

It is the 1-800 # for Amnesty International (In USA). Since they
don't spend their donations helping political prisoners such as Mr.
Zundel, perhaps we should help them spend money on their telephone

Just a thought.




World wide there is growing concern as regards human rights in
Canada. A certain Mr. Ernst Zuendel, a law abiding, innocent citizen,
married to an American woman, was arrested without a warrant,
kidnapped and shipped to Canada. It is rumoured that he is to be
deported to Germany where further political persecution awaits him.


It is alleged that he holds political opinions which are unpopular
with the powers that be. In pre-apartheid South Africa this kind of
persecution was a common daily occurence. Strange to say, Canada was
one of the nations which helped to erradicate this scourge. Must we
now accept that in Canada you can expect the same treatment, once so
rigoroussly applied in South Afrca?

Surely all agencies, to whom this appeal is being addressed, should
seriously question the treatment to which an innocent, law abiding
man like Ernst Zuendel is subjected.

E-H. Schwacke in South Africa where freedom of speech and opinion is
no longer violated.


Dear Sirs,

I would like to know why you have done nothing on behalf of Ernst
Zundel. He is legally married to a U.S. citizen. He has been
convicted of no crime. He has been secretly spirited across an
International border. Held in poor conditions. All because of what he
thinks. The only injustice greater is your refusal to help.

I see on your site you are concerned with the disparity of race among
death-row inmates. This suggests a course of social engineering. What
is your mission statement?


For a non-profit outfit, taking membership money from members who
believe in your integrity, your organization is shamefully
politicized. Your information officer's verbose ready-made answer to
my letter from May 20 proved to me that this is the frightful reality.

To see such a well-known relief agency dive for their fig leaf the
moment they spot a "Holocaust Denier" who might need some protection
from self-serving pressure groups is a terrible sign. It is a sign
that you and your organization today are nothing more than another
big puppet petrified in the face of nefarious power.


Amnesty International is a joke upon the duped, deceived and deluded,
don't hold Your breath until they respond...they are jew controlled jerks
from the word go...


This organization is a communist front organization which has a
political agenda to make communists look good. Since you and Ernst
are the perfect red herrings to deflect the attention from the
atrocities of the communists, what ever would make you think they
would take up the cause for Ernst? They are being perfectly

Your only possible allies would be Americans like me who believe in
the right to believe what ever you want and to say what ever you
want. Ernst's deportation is an affront to the Constitution. I see
Canadian socialists as loving to have Ernst to trot out as an evil
man who will take the spot light off the atrocities of their own form
of government.......


If there ever was a political prisoner who deserves the kind of help
your organization was founded to give, it is Ernst Zundel. His
treatment by the American and Canadian authorities reeks of
vindictiveness driven by a politically powerful pressure group.

Zundel was arrested without a signed arrest warrant while residing
legally in the United States, married to a US citizen. His papers
were being legally processed. He never received any official notice
that his application for residence had been "abandoned". Yet he
was accused of an immigration violation and thrown into Maximum
Detention like a common criminal.

Zundel is now barred from coming back to the United States for
20 (!) years - and he is in imminent danger of being deported to
Germany where he will be jailed for at least five years if not for
life for opinions which he published legally in Canada and the US.

Please prove that Amnesty is not under political control of the
same pressure group that is persecuting Zundel by giving him
the kind of assistance that is your stated purpose.


Here in Costa Rica were are regularly informed about people condemned
in Cuba for expressing views not officially allowed. In the
'democracies of our western world', we are taught, the human rights
for free speech are respected.

My friends and I, just before going to our knees to thank for living
in one of these democracies, heard about thousands of people
imprisoned for politically incorrect views in Germany, France,
Austria, Switzerland and - most recently - Canada, where your husband
is held in maximum security custody under the most ludicrous of
accusations: destabilizing this poor shaky country.

I suppose Fidel Castro is proud to learn that his methods - secret
hearings, solitary confinement, 'threat to national security' claims
- are exported to the 'western democracies' , instead of
democracy being imported to Cuba.

Mrs. Rimland, we support you in your admirable struggle against
Zionist arrogance worldwide.


Let that be enough for now. One day we'll flush 'em out -
guaranteed! For now, below is that list, one more time - you have
proven that you have an effect. I told that to the National Post
reporter yesterday! Write - and give them another piece of your
mind. They can use all the help they can get!

Here is that Amnesty International list one more time:

[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
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Three weeks to save Ernst Zundel

Postby Alain » 1 decade 7 years ago (Sun Jun 22, 2003 3:04 am)

I live in Ottawa and I can tell you that we're getting down to the wire on saving Zundel from being thrown to the dogs. I forget exactly how Zundel managed to avoid getting deported immediately back in the spring, but his time is nearly up and unless Christie pulls a rabbit out of his hat Zundel is headed for Germany and a certain jail sentence.

I would urge all concerned citizens of all nations to contact only those Amnesty offices that have some stake in the Zundel case: Canada, Germany, the States and other western democracies. Sending email to Zimbabwe isn't going to help Mr Zundel. They have a big enough human rights emergency on their hands. Stick with countries that have the time and energy to extend support to Zundel's right to free speech, guaranteed by the UN.

I think it's probably obvious but complaining to Israel isn't going to do any good. I would add though that complaining to Arab countries probably isn't going to help Mr Zundel's case. It's a strongly Zionist government here and complaints from Arab states are likely to do Mr Zundel more harm than good.

It isn't over yet. Keep the faith!

Alain Schon

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