Sergey Romanov - problems with Filip Mueller and Rudolf Vrba

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Sergey Romanov - problems with Filip Mueller and Rudolf Vrba

Postby Kiwichap » 1 decade 4 years ago (Tue Jul 25, 2006 4:03 am)

Sergey Romanov has real problems with Filip Mueller and Rudolf Vrba:

How refreshing. Perhaps he should post his queries here, at CODOH. I am sure Hannover and others could set him right.

It seems Dr Mathis, his 'anti-denier colleague' can't assist him either.

From: Sergey Romanov

Filip Mueller is regarded as an important Sonderkommando witness. But recently
I and my anti-denier colleagues have found serious problems with his book
"Sonderbehandlung" ("Eyewitness Auschwitz"), published in 1979.

The problem is that his book stands in stark contradiction to his Frankfurt
trial testimony on several very important details.

1) The number of cremation pits in Birkenau in 1944.

During the trial he repeatedly testified that there were only 3 pits, one of
which was later filled with earth, so only 2 pits were used:

"Ein Mensch, der, wortwoertlich, wenn Kinder kamen, das Kind von der Mutter
wegnahm. Er hat es weggetragen, nach Rueckwaerts, was ich konkret gesehen habe,
zum Krematorium Nummer IV, wo es im Jahr 1944 zwei grosse Gruben gegeben hat."

"Es wurde auf die Art gemacht: Ich war in den Verbrennungsgruben in Birkenau,
und auch im Krematorium IV, wo im rueckwaertigen Teil des Hofes zwei dieser
Gruben waren. In Birkenau waren drei Gruben. Die eine wurde dann spaeter
eingeebnet beziehungsweise zugeschuettet. Diese Gruben waren 40 Meter lang,
ungefaehr. Sechs bis sieben oder acht Meter breit. Die Tiefe etwa zweieinhalb

But in his book he had 5 pits:

"After a few days even Moll's henchmen had to admit that work on the pits could
not be finished in the time allotted. For in the meantime it had started to
rain and we were now standing ankle-deep in sticky, slippery clay. It was
decided that we should concentrate all our efforts on two pits only. A few days
later we made it: the two pits were 40 to 50 metres long, about 8 metres wide
and 2 metres deep.


Three more pits were dug in the back yard of crematorium 5, making up the five
Moll had ordered."

"Eyewitness Auschwitz", pp. 136-137.

2) During the trial Mueller claimed to have been transferred in summer of 1942
from Sonderkommando of crematorium I to Monowitz, where he spent his time until
spring of 1943.

"Zeuge Filip Mueller:
In dem Auschwitzer Krematorium war ich so bis gegen Ende Juni oder Anfang
August, das kann ich nicht, das kann ich nicht
Vorsitzender Richter [unterbricht]:
Nun, wieviel Wochen waren es denn ungefaehr?
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Sechs Wochen.
Vorsitzender Richter:
Sechs Wochen.
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Ungefaehr sechs Wochen.
Vorsitzender Richter:
Und Sie sagten, Sie sind hingekommen wann ungefaehr?
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Den 13. April.
Vorsitzender Richter:
Am 13. April sind Sie nach Auschwitz
Zeuge Filip Mueller [unterbricht]:
Ich kam nach Auschwitz am 14., am 15. April gehe ich nach Birkenau. Dort bleibe
ich [ungefaehr] drei, vier Tage, [dann] wieder nach Block 11, dann ruecke ich
fuer ein paar Tage, acht oder zehn, in Buna ein, und an dem Samstag komme ich
in das "Sonderkommando", Fischl-Kommando, wenn ich es so sage, wie Stark es
Vorsitzender Richter:
Das war also Ende April, ja?
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Mai, glaube ich.
Vorsitzender Richter:
Im Mai zum Fischl-Kommando und blieben dort bis?
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Dort bis Ende Juni.
Vorsitzender Richter:
Bis Ende Juni?
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Juni 1942.
Vorsitzender Richter:
Und dann kamen Sie wohin?
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Ja, das war so: Also ich muss auch schildern, wie ich aus dem Krematorium
herauskam. Das war so: Entweder Stark oder der Unterscharfuehrer fuehrten uns
immer zu der Blockfuehrerstube, von dort nachher ins Lager. Aber beim letzten
Mal schon, ich weiss nicht warum ci snad z pohodlnosti
Dolmetscher Stegmann:
Aus Bequemlichkeit.
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
An den Toren stehen Haeftlinge, ein Arbeitsdienst, und sie sagen: "Nehmt die
Haeftlinge ins Lager!"
Ja, das war schon am Ende, wie ich dort war. Und er nimmt uns ins Lager. Da
kommt zu mir der Arbeitsdienst und sagt zu mir: "Du, wenn du mir viele Dollars
bringst"- viel, ja, er sagt nicht, wieviel - "[hol ich dich raus] von dort."
Und ich habe es gemacht.
Vorsitzender Richter:
Was haben Sie ihm gebracht?
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Ich habe ihm ein grosses, so ein Paket amerikanische Dollar gebracht, dem
Vorsitzender Richter:
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Das war in der Frueh. Wie wir zurueckkamen, gebe ich es ihm, und er sagt zu
mir: "Bleib hier." Und wo die Kueche war, war auf der anderen Seite ein Block,
und er sagt zu mir: "Hier, bleib in dem Waschraum." Ich bleibe dort, er kommt,
und er gibt mich auf den Block 14. Und auf dem Block 14 habe ich gearbeitet.
Nachher wurde ich, abtransportiert nach Buna, Monowitz.
Vorsitzender Richter:
Also Sie sind mit den Leuten, die auf Block 14 gewohnt haben, nach Buna
transportiert worden?
Zeuge Filip Mueller:
Nach Buna, ja. Und dann war ich bis zum Fruehling 1943 in Monowitz."

In the book, however, he spends in the main camp 14 months (i.e., all the
time), until he is transferred to Birkenau.

He describes how he and other SKs removed the bodies of 200 gassed Birkenau SKs
from the gas chamber of crematorium I in December of 1942:

"In mid-December 1942 all who belonged to this Sonderkommando were gassed and
cremated. On removing their bodies from the gas chamber we found on some of
them scraps of paper with notes scribbled on them to the effect that their plan
to escape had been betrayed by certain barrack orderlies."

"EA", p. 49 ... muller.007

"Mitte Dezember 1942 wurden die Haftlinge dieses Sonderkommando ebenfalls
vergast und verbrannt. Als wir ihre Leichen aus der Gaskammer herausschafften,
fanden wir bei einigen bekritzelte Zettel, denen zu entnehmen war, da?
Stubendienste einen Fluchtplan, den sie unternehmen wollten, verraten hatten."

"SB", pp. 79, 80.

He says:

"Das Zusammenleben mit diesen Kameraden nach fast 14 Monaten der Isolierung im
Block 11 in Auschwitz gab mir ein Gefuehl der Verbundenheit durch unser
gemeinsames Schicksal."

"Living together with those comrades after 14 months of isolation in Block 11
in Auschwitz gave me a feeling of solidarity by our common fate."

"SB", p. 85.

But, of course, it wasn't nearly 14 months, but rather, more like six weeks or
so, according to his Frankfurt testimony.

So Mueller falsified the record in his book. Andreas Kilian, SK researcher (and
author of ), who calls Mueller his teacher, knows about this problem. He writes:

"Die chronologische Darstellung der Ereignisse in entsprechend
aufeinanderfolgenden Kapiteln ist ein traditionell romaneskes Element, wie auch
die Tatsache, dass nicht selbst erlebte Elemente die "Leerstellen" der erlebten
Wirklichkeit ausfuellen. In "Sonderbehandlung" wird dies dem Leser bewusst
verschwiegen. Der Untertitel des Erinnerungsberichts "Drei Jahre in den
Krematorien und Gaskammern von Auschwitz" suggeriert dem Leser, dass der Autor
in diesem Zeitraum im Sonderkommando gewesen sei und alles Beschriebene selbst
erlebt haette. Tatsaechlich geben erst die Vernehmungsprotokolle verschiedener
Ermittlungs- und Strafsachen Aufschluss ueber Muellers eidesstattlich
versicherte etwa 20-monatige Zwangsarbeitsdauer im Sonderkommando."

"The chronologic description of the events in chapters, which follow after the
other accordingly, is a traditional romanesque element, as the fact that
elements, which were not experienced, fill out the gaps in the experienced
reality. In Sonderbehandlung this is deliberately kept secret to the reader.
The subtitle of the recollection "Three years in the crematories and
gas-chambers of Auschwitz" suggests to the reader that the author was in this
period in the Sonderkommando and has experienced everything himself. In reality
only the interrogation protocolls of the various investigation and criminal
cases declared on oath give information on Mueller's forced labour in the
Sonderkommando for about 20 months." ... eller_buch

So it was a mere poetic license? The problem is, Mueller never wrote an
introduction in his book, in which he said that he had used poetic license.
Even more problematic are Mueller's earlier testimonies.

One of them is quoted by Kraus and Kulka in "Die Todesfabrik":

"When we had finally covered the corpses with chlorine and dirt we went back
into the camp, into our dark cell, in which we lived until August 1943. From
morning till night we worked in the crematorium."

But, as we have seen, he did not live in the main camp until August of 1943.

During the trial of Auschwitz camp garrison in 1947 he said:

"In this way, I was present at the gassings in the crematorium from May 1942
until January 18, 1945.


Then we spread chlorine over the corpses and were again locked up in block 11,
cell 13. We stayed in that cell for a year and a half, i.e., until the
liquidation of the Auschwitz crematorium. I have known the accused Aumeier and
Grabner. I saw them at least once a day, practically until the liquidation of
the Auschwitz crematorium, but I want to mention a couple of things on their

"Poetic license" defence, of course, cannot be used for the trial testimony.

Now to Vrba. During the Zuendel trial he testified as follows:

"A. When I was working in Kanada, in November 1942, I have been taken to the
dumping truck to Krematoria I in Auschwitz. The Krematoria I in Auschwitz was
on yard -- that yard on the lefthand side had, to my recollection Krematorium
I, and to the righthand side there was a hospital for S.S. [...]

Q. I asked you if you had been in Krema I in Auschwitz when people were being
gassed, and I think the answer is no. Correct?

A. The answer is no. I went there for collecting their clothes from the gas
chamber in Krematorium I.

Q. From the gas chamber?

A. Yes.

Q. Were you inside?

A. Yes.

Q. What did the gas chamber look like?

A. It was originally a garage which connected the S.S. barracks with that small

Q. Mm-hmmm.

A. And there were garage doors.

Q. Mm-hmmm.

A. And the roof was reinforced with earth. The inside was dark. The door was
opened ---

Q. How wide were the doors?

A. Like a good garage door, and two side opening to two sides.

Q. Mm-hmmm.

A. We went in under the pretext that we are collecting -- not under the
pretext, under the order to collect the clothes which were there.

Consequently, as I understood, the people had to undress before they went into
that gas chamber.

Q. You are telling us ---

A. Then they were gassed, and then, because there were clothes in the yard in
front of the hospital, they were shoved in the gas chamber before they were
taken out. So I understand that was my job at that time, so I collected the

Q. The clothes were in the gas chamber.

A. Right.

Q. Yes.

A. So we collected the clothes from there, and at that moment I saw through the
window of the crematorium a friend of mine from Slovakia, Phillip Mueller.

Q. Who was he?

A. Phillip Mueller.

Q. Phillip Mueller in Auschwitz I?

A. In Auschwitz I crematoria.

Q. Yes.

A. And I was also very well acquainted with his father.

Q. Yes.

A. Consequently, there was sort of an affinity between us because I took a
little bit care of his father before he died in Auschwitz. We came together
from Maidanek. I spoke with Phillip Mueller through the window. Phillip Mueller
explained to me ---"

Aside from the problem that in November 1942 Vrba could not have entered the
gas chamber directly from the outside (the entrance that is there now has been
constructed in 1944, when the Krema was converted into an air-raid shelter, cf. ... _kom1.html ), he could not have met Mueller either, because, as we have already seen, in November of 1942 Muller was in Monowitz.

And neither did Vrba describe this alleged meeting in his Frankfurt trial

I'd like your thoughts on all this, dear colleagues.

With best regards,
Sergey Romanov
There was no holocaust.

Tit 1:14 Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 4 years ago (Tue Jul 25, 2006 2:03 pm)

That's the same Sergey Romanov who has posted here and was severely spanked. He then lost his composure and spammed the Forum in a desire to be ousted, which he was. His posts are here to see and read; and that's bad news for him.

To his credit, in an attempt at damage control, Sergey realizes that Mueller is a liar. What Sergey is doing though is pointing out the lying nature of all the so called 'eyewitnesses' of the alleged gas chambers' and laughable alleged cremation rates. Mueller is a biggie in the 'holocaust' propagada material, which is damning. There is no reason to believe Mueller has told the truth in any instance, book or Frankfurt, Mueller is a absurd liar. Maybe Sergey has finally found his glasses.

I also suggest everyone reading search this Forum search it for Vrba. He too has been sliced & diced.

- Hannover

Filip Mueller is a highly touted "eyewitness" to alleged events at Auschwitz. As with others, Mueller, once investigated, is shown to be an outright liar.
It really comes down to what he said, and can what he said be supported. Here is acclaimed "eyewitness", Filip Mueller:

- "...the 2 pits were 40 to 50 meters long, about 8 meters wide and meters digging a channel which sloped slightly to either side from the center point it would possible to catch the fat exuding from the corpses as they were burning in the pit, in 2 collecting pans at either end of the channel.."
*** a lie, the fat would burn immediately, no evidence for pits as alleged

- "...the sizzling fat was scooped out with buckets on a long curved rod and poured over the pit causing flames to leap up amid much crackling and hissing"
*** a lie, see above

- "the powers that be had allocated twenty minutes for the cremation of 3 corpses...."
*** a lie, impossible to cremate 3 bodies in 20 minutes

- "The doctors proceeded to cut pieces of still warm flesh from thighs & calves and threw them into waiting receptacles. The muscles of those who had been shot were still working and contracting, making the bucket jump about"
*** a laughable lie, no explanation necessary

- Mueller claimed 10,000 were cremated daily in the ovens of Birkenau
*** a lie, utterly impossible given the number of operating crematorium and the time lengths alleged

- "I noticed there were some small greenish-blue crystals lying on the concrete floor at the back of the room. They were scattered beneath an opening in the ceiling. A large fan was installed up there, its blades humming as they revolved."
*** a lie, there is no evidence for "greenish-blue crystals", and the cyanide (Zyklon-B) story, while completely debunked by Revisionists, claims that the gassing agent was dropped into 4 cage like wire mesh fans, they can't even keep their lies straight

'Sonderbehandling', 'Eyewitness Auschwitz - Three Years in the Gas Chambers', also see: 'The Giant with Feet of Clay, Raul Hilberg....', by Juergen Graf.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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