If Jews Have Been Lying about the Holocaust, then....?

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If Jews Have Been Lying about the Holocaust, then....?

Postby simon1003 » 1 decade 3 years ago (Mon Aug 14, 2006 4:45 am)

By Anonymous

More than any other joo issue, the hoaxoco$t is the one that c. 99.44% of
joos are hypersensitive about and go super-berserk if they get a whiff of
any heretical doubts about their pet bullshit fable of a German Judeocide.
Of course, they get hysterical even if anyone mentions the remote
possibility that a tiny jooish fifth column of traitors runs the JewAssA.
Hilaire Belloc stated that joos will start screaming "auntie-Semenist," if
you even point out that a Jew is a Jew. Jooz do insistently demand that
their status as a stealth bomber not even be whispered about.

But what most clearly shows that hoaxoco$t heresy makes jooz more nervous
than a long-tailed tomcat in a room full of rocking chairs is that only
holyhoax denial has been made an international criminal and even
imprisonable offense. Only the Church of the Holyhoax has been given a UN
mandated official holyday, January 7 Hoaxoco$t Day. It is ludicrous that
the UN gave Isrealhell this new secular holyday because the JewState has
never obeyed any UN resolution. However, Israel Shamir has argued that
Izzie actually overfulled one old UN Resolution: "Zionism is a racism."
Hah! Hah! Hah! If Zionism is not a racism, there never was one.

However, at this point in time it can be safely assumed that anyone not
living in a cave and with some access to the Internet has heard about the
pioneering research and sad fate of the great German chemist, Germar
Rudolf. His easily readable compendium and vade mecum of holocaust studies
is the epistemological equivalent of the child`s surprised outburst, "But
the emperor has no clothes!"

During the final years of the old Soviet Onion, several well
ballyhooed "prisoners of Zion" got sent to Siberian camps and the "Jew
York Times" was puking its guts out on a daily basis about supposed human
rights dissidents like Anatoly Sharansky. Only later, when he got welcomed
into the terrorist JewState did we learn what a reptile racist he really
was all along. Well, you won`t read about Germar Rudolf in the "Jew York
Times" because he scientifically revealed the hoax in the holyhoax and
thereby threatened joory`s most productive cash cow and Israel`s prize

Khrushchev`s 1965 "Secret Speech" to the Twentieth Party Congress, in
which he openly criticized Stalin for the first time, had the same
traumatizing and liberating effect at that time that Germar
Rudolf`s "Lectures on the Holocaust" can have today. On the one hand,
Germar`s book shocked and saddened me because I had had no idea of the
breadth, depth, and intensity of the jooish lies that dominate
contemporary public discourse and pollute even private space. I had had no
idea that the schmaltzy maudlin Eli Wiesel was in fact a vicious hate
mongering Alley the Weasel. On the other hand, I rejoiced to learn that
all the smears, calumnies, and excrement that joos had been hurling at the
German people and at various historically important European institutions
were nothing but dirty filthy vile joo lies.

Given 1.) the power and persausiveness of Germar Rudolf`s arguments, 2.)
the over 60 years of joos` snake oil huckstering to peddle the hoaxoco$t
poison, and 3.) Jewry`s current campaign to internationally criminalize
holocaust discussions, the conclusion forces itself upon us that these
elite jooz are a plague and a menace. And the very big lie of the
hoaxoco$t is a 1,000 times worse than bird flu, mad cow disease, AIDS, and
international obesity combined.

The important but neglected German philosopher, Johann Gottlieb Fichte
[1762-1814], argued that jewry constituted a state within a state. Fichte
might have read "The Book of Esther" in which that idea is very clear. Or
perhaps he studied the Tallmud and learned that its hyper-racism makes the
racism in the Torah and "The Book of Joshua" look like bleeding heart
Voltairean humanism in comparison. At any rate, jooz are a menace and have
to be politically and militarily dealt with and no longer merely
philosophically discussed.

The indispensable first step is that simple ordinary humans [black, white,
brown, red, yellow, green, whatever] have to completely reprogram their
minds to see what they have been softwired not to see. Mr Elite Joo is not
a victim, but a victimizer. He is not a fellow citizen, but a dangerous
alien who has mastered the ability to imitate Gentile laws, languages,
gestures, and customs but rejects any and all human values. For Mr. Elite
Joo humans are simply cattle-goyim. Thorstein Veblen summed it up in
his "The Intellectual Superiority of Jews." His essay could be retitled
and reworked to "The Moral Inferiority of Jews."

This first step in self-liberation from jooish mind control involves
disconnecting one`s brain from the jewsnews. In this sense, self-
liberation has a negative and a positive aspect. The negative side means
to stop believing lies and start slowly climbing up out of Plato`s Cave of
mental enslavement. Plato`s great Myth of the Cave [Republic, Book VII,
514a] anticipated "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in depicting the
power of the modern mass joosmedia. Both Plato and the Elders envisage a
system of mass mental enslavement, but Plato wants us to free ourselves
for our own moral good and the Elders of Zion want joory to enslave us for
their own political evil.

The noble ideal of Platonic spiritual self-liberation was summed up by a
German "prisoner of Zion" [imprisoned by Zionists] who said, "If Jews will
stop telling lies about us, we will stop telling truths about them." This
noble German says nothing about revenge or a maudlin intrusive
forgiveness. He expresses only a sublime stoic indifference which says
that jooz have lied enough and we should stop their filthy lies right now.
Of course, behind his "If Jews will stop....," there probably lurks the
realistic assumption that elite joos can no more stop their lying,
thievery, and treachery than a rattlesnake can stop rattling.

The long-term political change that we have to work toward is imprisoning
and deporting holocaustomaniacs because they are dangerous speakers of
hate and bearers and spreaders of serious infectious mental and moral
diseases. Belief in the holyhoax is like belief in witches. Neither belief
has any place in a halfway decent society that has attained the high level
of enlightenment equivalent to a grade school education. If the Witch
Industry once again becomes as powerful and widespread as the Holocaust
Industry now is, we will probably have to imprison and deport Witch

Postscript: Some syllogisms

1. There is no freedom for anti-human hate speech.
Holocaustomania is anti-human hate speech.
Ergo, there is no freedom for holocaustomania.

2. Hate speech is a punishable offense in civil law.
Holocaustomania is hate speech.
Ergo, holocaustomania is a punishable offense in civil law.

3. Ridiculing hate speech is not hate speech.
Ridiculing holocaustomania is ridiculing hate speech.
Ergo, ridiculing holocaustomania is not hate speech.

4. Racist hatemongers should be deported.
Alley the Weasel is a racist hatemonger.
Ergo, Alley the Weasel should be deported.

What the moral masturbaters at the ADL [American Defamation League] hate
and fear is not hate speech. After all, they engage in nothing but hate
speech themselves. The ADL fears that the brainwashed cattle-goyim will
see the hate in ADL hate speech.

http://therebel.org/index.php?name=News ... e&sid=6621

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