Tehran Holocaust Conference Call For Papers

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Charles Krafft
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Tehran Holocaust Conference Call For Papers

Postby Charles Krafft » 1 decade 4 years ago (Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:58 am)

Tehran Holocaust Conference
- Call for Papers -

Please forward to your lists.
Institute for Political & International Studies (IPIS)
Address: Tehran, Shahid Bahonar (Niavaran) Street , Shahid Aghaei Street,(IPIS)
Tel No:(+98 - 21) 22802656-7 website: <www>

"Call for Papers"

International Conference - Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision Tehran, 11-12 December 2006

The word "Holocaust" which entered the political literature during the Second World War turned into one of the most important propaganda tools used to politically justify the support for the Jewish People in the 20th century.
In the contemporary era "the Holocaust" turned into a main factor to influence the history and even the destiny of certain nations. The Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) believes that a suitable scientific and research opportunity and space shall be provided for researchers and for those interested in order to clarify the hidden and open corners of this issue, which is considered as the very important preoccupation of our world today.
To this end the International Conference: "Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision" will be held on December 11-12th 2006, coninciding with the commemoration of the Human Rights Day.
Paying full respect for the Jewish religion, this conference will try to bring different aspects of this subject into its consideration away from any propaganda or political orientation. The main topics are as follows:

1-0) Historical Survey
1-1) The nature of anti-Semitism
1-2) Elements of anti-Semitism: Religious, Social, Political, Economic, etc.
1-3) Anti- Semitism in Europe
1-4) Jews in the Islamic World
1-5) Jews in Iran
1-6) Anti- Semitism and the emergence of Zionism
1-7) Opposition with Zionism or anti- Semitism
1-8) Nazism and Zionism; cooperation or hostility
1-9) World War II and Holocaust
2-0) Holocaust; concept and justification/evidence
2-1) Genocide; causes and agents
2-2) Roots and concept of Holocaust
2-3) Holocaust from the viewpoints of documents and evidence
2-4) Revisionists; viewpoints and their bases
2-5) Gas Chambers; denial or confirmation
3-0) Aftermath and exploitation
3-1) Freedom of speech and the stance of' holocaust deniers 'in the west
3-2) The current laws against the' holocaust deniers'
3-3) Holocaust: western media & propaganda
3-4) Holocausts in western literature, art and education
3-5) Holocaust and Israel
3-6) Holocaust and compensations
3-7) Holocaust and Jews imigration into Palestine
3-8) Holocaust and carnage of Palestinians
3-9) Holocaust and the Islamic World
3-10) Holocaust in international Relations

Here by all scholars and researches are invited to send a copy of the abstract of their papers (typed in Word 2000) in one of the Persian, English, or Arabic languages (one page maximum, A4 size) along with explanations on their scientific activities to the Secretariat of the Conference E.mail: [email protected] or send it by fax (+98 - 21)22802649 before October 7th 2006.
It is to be mentioned that all papers shall be available to the Secretariat maximum before November 11 th 2006.

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Flavian Greece
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Postby Flavian Greece » 1 decade 4 years ago (Thu Oct 05, 2006 11:21 pm)

I believe the deadline was updated to October 1st.

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