Soviet Deportations

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Soviet Deportations

Postby Sailor » 1 decade 7 years ago (Fri Dec 06, 2002 10:16 pm)

I read in the "Der Spiegel" magazine of last week Nr.48 /25/11/02 (I always get it a week late here) a story that might be of interest. The "Der Spiegel" is a German left liberal anti-fascist weekly.
The article deals with an area in the former East Poland, which was overrun by the Soviets in 1939, then occupied by the Rumanians for a few years, and afterwards became Russian/Ukrainian for good, and the three men: the Russian Schatzkich, the Ukrainian Melnetschuk and Josef Burg, a Jew.

Those three don't get along very well.

Schatzkitch is a Russian veteran from Stalingrad and the tank battle in Kursk, the liberation of Budapest and of Prague He does not dare to go outside now with his medals attached to his coat for fear of being harrassed, physically attacked, stabbed or shot by the Ukrainians.

Melnetschuck the Ukrainian spent 20 years of forced labor in a Russian coal mine: "Everyone knows that the Russian revolutionary leadership were Jewish! Russians and Jews, that is the same."

And the Jew Joseph Burg, he is now 90 years old, was so happy when the Soviets came and he welcomed them when they invaded his country in 1939. But the Russians picked him up before the Germans came, together with some 3000 other Jews he says, and they were deported in cattle cars to Siberia.

He survived. He came finally home after an almost 20 year long odyssey to is home town Czernowitz. He says that his family perished, his mother was shot, and he blames the Ukranians for this. And that almost 70,000 Jews of Bukovina, the name of the country, allegedly disappeared in ghettos and then in death camps under the Rumanian/German occupation.

Sanning writes about this in "The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry", where he lists for Bulovina and Bessarabia 225,000 Rumanian Jews plus 91,000 Polish refugee Jews when the Soviets invaded in 1939.(American Jewish Yearbook). The town of Czernowitz had about 50,000 Jews while under Soviet occupation. Before the German troops arrived, massive deportations by the Soviets were enforced, Sanning estimates about 40% of the total population was evacuated by the Russians.

German Inspector Krüger of the Statistical Department wrote on February 1943, that the occupied eastern territories contained a population of 70 Million before the war but that only 50 Million were found (Military Archive Freiburg).

Of course all Jewish population losses are charged now to the accounts of the Einsatzgruppen.

Josef Burg is quite alone now. Says he that all his Jewish brethren left for Israel and America.


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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Thu Jul 01, 2004 9:12 am)

This is an excellent example of a specific reply to the question, 'Where did they go?' Just saying the Germans killed them doesn't mean the Germans killed them.

Debunking the absurd 'holocau$t' as alleged is not that difficult folks.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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