The death of Edith Stein

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Postby Kobus » 1 decade 3 years ago (Thu Jan 18, 2007 8:27 pm)

Vincent Reynouard writes that "... until 1947, some people believed it possible that E. Stein might return; they based their hopes on "information from former inmates or deported persons". His source is an early biography of Edith Stein by Elisabeth de Miribel: Comme l'or purifie par le feu ('just as gold purified by fire'). Edith Stein, 1891-1942, editions Plon, 1984, (Seuil, 1954), p.218

So this is at least one indication that there might have been witnesses confirming that Stein remained alive after August 9th, 1942.

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Postby Hektor » 8 years 1 month ago (Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:02 am)

Radar wrote:We seem to be getting no where in seeking information about the actual facts about the death of Edith Stein. Just a lot of petty peripheral nonsense. The other thread based on Prof. Faurisson's letter to the Pope also produced nothing.

But I know that there has been research on the subject. I can't put my hands on it now. I recall evidence that she was not gassed as claimed but moved on to other camps where she likely died of typhus. But where did I see it? Surely someone remembers. I'll keep looking.

On the yad vashem database I found at least three entries for an Edith Stein that fits the description:
You can look up for more:

That's of course three additional Holocaust victims in the math of Holocaustians.

Note that the date of death and location are agreed upon, but non-mentions "gassing" as cause of death.

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