Migration from Soviet Union and Holocaust survivors.

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Migration from Soviet Union and Holocaust survivors.

Postby jnovitz » 1 decade 3 years ago (Sat May 19, 2007 2:47 am)

I was reading the following in my local paper

Liesma Lieknis migrated from Latvia 40 years ago. She now lives in Bondi. Two weeks ago, after Kevin Rudd had strutted his stuff at Labor's travesty of an election year conference, Liesma sat down and wrote a letter. "Dear Alan," it said seductively. "You are giving me the shits!! (I'm 66 and do not usually use this sort of language). I know you don't like what JH has done to this country. Neither do I nor my friends and we are despairing. KR might not be the saviour we've been waiting for but he is better than what we have now. Please lay off until after the election and go for him if he turns out to be a dud.

Now there is nothing to suggest that Ms Lieknis is Jewish (although Bondi is well known as a suburb with a high proportion). The subject of the letter is not relevant to this board.

What caught my attention is the fact of migrating 40 years ago from Latvia as migration from the 1960s Soviet Union was not an easy proposition for most people.

Did Jewish people from the communist block find it easier to immigrate that others, given that many many people in the various worker's paradises would have given their eye teeth to migrate.

Does this have an impact it working out Holocaust survivial rates?

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Postby Henry » 1 decade 3 years ago (Mon May 21, 2007 5:23 am)

It was easier for Jews from the Soviet Union to emigrate to Israel certainly. Despite protestations to the contrary, the USSR began to let its Jews emigrate to Israel starting in the 1970s.

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