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Frederik Jensen
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Postby Frederik Jensen » 1 decade 3 years ago (Sun Jul 08, 2007 6:22 am)


Hannover loves you, but Goethe and Mads are bringing up some questions. Take the film to the market, create a bigger market afterwards. There has been a good preview at a major film festival. The market is there now.

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Postby BradleySmith » 1 decade 3 years ago (Sun Jul 08, 2007 2:44 pm)

We're still working on the MySpace page part of the project--promotion. One step at a time. We've had twenty-five years, longer, to make one revisionist film that we can take to a mainstream audience. We've failed. Not one of us has ever succeeded. I'd like to turn this around. I may fail too. But I'll go at it the way I think it necessary to go at it. I regret now guessing about when I will do this or that with regard to this film. No more guesses from this quarter.

With re to some of our people being in jail: we've had twwenty-five years, longer to create a cultural and political enviornment in which revisionists do not go to jail. We have failed. As a matter of fact, the situation has gotten worse the last ten years. The suggestion that an extra week here, a day there, or a month, to produce a film that may turn out to be significant, is important, does not appear to be realistic to me.

I have been in this business fulltime since 1984. Full time. No matter how much work I did, revisionists were being persecuted when I got in, and they are still being persecuted today. It is not always how quick you do something (sometimes it can be), but it is always about how effective your project is. With re to this one, El Gran Tabu, we'll see. From our persepective the quality of the film itself is only one part of the equation, promotion is the other, and maybe for us the more important.

If it is very good and is not seen, it doesn't matter much in the short run. If it is only pretty good but is viewed widely, then it can matter a good deal. If it is very good and is viewed widely, then it will indeed matter, and in the moment.

There are other ways of looking at taking revisionist arguments to a main stream audience, there are no guarantees that any particular way will work, but in the end it is the responsibility of the producer and those invested in the film to do it they way they think best and watch the chips fall were they fall.

Laurentz Dahl
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Valuable asset
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Postby Laurentz Dahl » 1 decade 3 years ago (Fri Aug 17, 2007 2:04 pm)

Here's the great introduction speech Bradley held at the first showing of The Great Taboo:

We call our documentary The Great Taboo. The great taboo is meant to suppress, censor, and punish those of us who express doubt that during World War II the Germans used weapons of mass destruction (gas chambers) to murder millions of innocent, unarmed civilians.

It is considered morally right to believe in the unique monstrosity of the National Socialist German Worker's Party (Nazis), and morally wrong to suggest that they were fully human in the same way that, in America, Democrats and Republicans are fully human, no matter how many people they kill, or how they kill them.

It is well known all over the world that during World War II the Americans used weapons of mass destruction-great fleets of heavy bombers and nuclear bombs-to intentionally murder masses of innocent, unarmed civilians in all the cities of Germany and Japan.

The great taboo is meant to suppress the fact that German Nazis are held to one standard of justice and morality, while American Democrats and Republicans are held to a different one. The great taboo argues that while German Nazis were monsters for intentionally killing innocent, unarmed civilians for a "greater good," American Democrats and Republicans who did the same are heroes-indeed, we speak of them as "the greatest generation."

And finally, the great taboo is exploited to suppress, censor, and imprison writers and film makers who argue that it cannot be demonstrated that the Germans actually had weapons of mass destruction, unlike the Americans who clearly did, and who no one claims did not.

At this moment it might be well to consider a more recent weapons of mass destruction fraud. Iraq? Weapons of mass destruction? Where are they? Maybe they are in hiding someplace in the center of the earth, holding hands as it were, with those old German weapons of mass destruction which have not yet been proven to have existed. ... e_road.php

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