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Zündel news

Postby Webmaster » 1 decade 7 years ago (Tue Jul 22, 2003 8:29 pm)

E-mail received:

Subject: Free Ernst Zündel
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 02:53:56
From: "den-svenske.com" <[email protected]>
To: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;>

On Monday, July the 10th, the National Socialistic Front (NSF) carried out a protest manifestation outside the Canadian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. The protest was directed against the outrageous imprisonment and treatment of the Canadian citizen Ernst Zündel.

A speech was delivered by the chief of propaganda, Björn Björkqvist, who informed the public about the circumstances and underlying causes as to why Mr. Zündel now awaits an uncertain future, solely for having had the courage to speak frankly about the taboo topic above all: the so called Holocaust. Meanwhile several hundred leaflets briefing on Ernst current situation were distributed to passers-by. No incidents arose and many people stopped and listened.

Mr. Björkqvist declared that: "We will never accept that people are imprisoned or treated badly only owing to that they do not sympathise with plans of a Zionist world hegemony. Instead, we will make us heard and show there are alternatives. Ernst Zündel is a brave man and a good example for all fighting nationalists. All over the world there are people standing on his side. The oppression will not result in our silence, on the contrary".

Afterwards, activists from the NSF proceeded to the central parts of Stockholm to distribute even more leaflets.

The fate of Ernst Zündel nauseates each and every one committed to truth and decency. His case stresses the intellectual decadence of today's jurisprudence where honesty no longer is relevant, and it evinces a global trend, the besetting of freedom of speech. An increasing number of people are facing internment only for having delivered facts or statements iametrical to Jewish interests. This campaign is intended to not only silence undesired voices of today, but to quell the voices of tomorrow calling for freedom and the truth.

For this very reason we must raise our voices today. We must never abandon those who have sacrificed selflessly just as we must never abandon being a mouthpiece of truth to our people, at any cost. We must never abandon Ernst Zündel and we must sacrifice as willingly as he has. No matter our nationality or what political ideology we adhere to, this is all part of something concerning us all as future victims. This is a crucial strife against Jewish hegemony over the written word and the intellectual realm. Victory can be taken for granted. Only actions are decisive, so let us act.

Box 198, 371 24
Karlskrona, SWEDEN

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