Holocaust in your face? No problem

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Holocaust in your face? No problem

Postby TMoran » 1 decade 7 years ago (Mon Jul 28, 2003 9:19 am)

Full Page Ad

By the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Honoring 10 Years

New York Times, July 27, 2003

Extended through December 12, 2003

[Photo of Anne Frank sitting at desk with pen in hand.

To right some rave reviews from the New York Times and Washington

Anne Frank the Writer An Unfinished Story

Original writings-In Her Own Words-Never Before Seen Outside The

[ Sponsors cited.]

Other 10th Anniversary Exhibitions

Fighting the Fires of Hate
America and the Nazi Book Burnings

Life in Shadows
Hidden Children and the Holocaust


Now there's a combo.

An exhibit on Nazi book burnings. Carrying on frequently for years after World War II one famous film of Nazis burning books on a night time bon fire were shown over and over again in movie news reels. Single frame photos of the film popped up every where. This film footage was second only to the films of the emaciated bodies shown being buried at the camps in Germany.

As usual we are met with major hypocrisies from the Holocaust community. Whereas they may try to portray themselves for freedoms of press and speech they themselves bellow for revisionist works to be banned and that revisionists themselves be locked up in prisons.

Then we have that concern for children. In fact a major theme at the museum located on The Mall in Washington DC is "Remember the Children" with the slogan on major banners hanging inside and it being cast in concrete on the exterior. Of course that would mean 'Remember the Jewish Children' and most definitely would not mean Palestinian children. Fact is we can find record of Jewish spokespersons associated with the museum(s) such as Rabbi(s) Heir and Cooper justifying the Jews war on the Palestinian children.

The Holocaust community against burning books and atrocities against children? It all depends on who does the burning and who does the killing.

We should thank those who run the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for yet another example of how you have the means and access to spew their stuff in major media.

The more they bellow the more revisionists have to point to and ask, 'What's your problem? If you have such tremendous means and access to bellow your cause why do you resort to intimidating anyone that challenges it?'

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