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Postby Moderator » 1 decade 2 years ago (Tue Sep 04, 2007 10:01 am)

You are being given ample opportunity to present specific information in support of your position. It is time you did so, or you will be asked to leave this thread. Please re-read our guidelines which you agreed to when you registered. Thanks.

Only lies need to be shielded from debate, truth welcomes it.

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Postby Thor » 1 decade 2 years ago (Tue Sep 04, 2007 4:54 pm)

The photo shows or proves nothing.
A number of people, women and men.

Typically for a war photo where at the time women and children dominated, the men were away fighting.
In the background barracks and barbed wire fences and yes, electrically charged.

Now what does that say?

It may be a concentration camp.
What a lot of people do not know, instead of high security prisions, the Germans put among others, convicted criminals, pedophiles, homosexuals (around that time the US also had a law prohibiting homos................see the later "no tell"rule in the US military) in jails) etc.

The people walking along some road in no way indicates they are on their way to the "gas chambers". There is not even a guard nearby.
Hell, it does make good copy.

And for the Jews, any photo is a welcome interpretation to "proof" the holohoax.

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Postby Speeder » 1 decade 2 years ago (Tue Sep 04, 2007 5:56 pm)


Bear in mind the photo you are trying to explain is from a website which also shows a picture of an infant with a camp number tattoo.

If you check the tattooed number shown on the infant with the Auschwitz museum (POM) website the number is shown as being issued to someone who was 52 years old in 1940 and therefore it could not possibly be found on an infant.

Make your own mind up about the whether or not those people shown on the picture from the same website that you claim shows people walking with their luggage (the holohoax fairytale says that luggage was supposedly removed at the ramp when they left the cattle cars and taken to the Canada storage area) are on their way to a fictitious gas chamber, or the ice cream parlour or whatever. If the hoaxters can lie about one photo, what's stopping them from lying about the others.

Even the most dedicated holohoaxer (many of whom have posted here and been trounced) would not try to claim the picture of the infant is unmanipulated, their silence with regards this picture (and many others) is significant. You should ask yourself what benefit do the hoaxters gain from leaving miscaptioned pictures all over the internet, is it the case they have no photographs that support their claims and they have to resort to fraud to prove their case?

This lying has been going on for over 60 years its time it was stopped.



joachim neander
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Postby joachim neander » 1 decade 2 years ago (Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:38 pm)

Re: Picture of a small child with tattoo
Quote: "The picture of the infant is a real hoot, the Holohoax fairytale says all babies were chosen for extermination, why then did someone bother to tattoo this one?

The fairytale also says that tattoos were only given at Auschwitz. well the Auschwitz museum records show that the number on the infants arm was issued to

Wilczyński, Jan
b.15.12.1888 (Tarnów), camp serial number:25141, profession:kupiec, remarks:zm. 19.2.1942 w Au.

The infant looks a bit young for someone who would have been 52 years old in 1940." ("Speeder," posted August 19, 2007).

Alas, "Speeder's" conclusion is premature. One must know, who and how was tattooed at Auschwitz. And who did the job.
First, children were indeed tattooed, even those who were born in the "Gypsy family camp" at Birkenau, a few days after birth. They were taken in and counted in the daily strength reports as inmates. [i]Ordnung muss sein[/i]. Don't let us forget that Auschwitz was a German institution.
Second, tattooing was made with a hand-held device, similar to a fountain pen. No stencils were used. The capo who did the tattooing quickly - everything in Auschwitz had to be done [i]schnell[/i] - wrote the number freehandedly. So numbers often are difficult to read, and not always unambiguous.
Third, the prisoner functionaries in the Gypsy camp were Poles. The style of handwriting taught in Poland differs slightly from that taught in Germany or the U.S. (One must know this, e.g. for decoding encrypted secret messages ("grypsy") of the Resistance Movement.) In this case, only the three last characters of the prisoner number are unambiguous: 1 4 1.
The first character can be read either as a digit -2- or a letter -Z- . Germans use to write the capital Z with a horizontal bar in its middle, but a Pole could not do so, because the Z with a bar in its middle, in handwriting, denotes another letter of the Polish alphabet, which is pronounced like the j in the French word "journal." The second character is undoubtedly a digtit. It can also be read in two ways, either as -5- or -3- .
We have now 4 possible ways of reading the prisoner number:
25141, 23141, Z5141, and Z3141.
The first number belonged to an elderly Pole, as "Speeder" correctly found out. A prisoner with the second number is not known by name, but according to the list of men's transports it must have belonged to a Polish political prisoner committed to Auschwitz with one of the many transports in the 2nd half of February 1942.
The third and fourth number were given to Gypsies. Z5141 could be a German Sinto (Otto Georgis, born Feb 12, 1930) or a Czech Roma woman (Vinzenzie Vlenovska, born Apr 5, 1901). Neither matches the photo of an infant.
Remains Z3141, both given to German Sinti: either to Annemarie Weiss, born Apr 19, 1938, or to Fritz Richter, born Jun 4, 1940. Weiss arrived at Auschwitz on Mar 13, 1943. It is not known, if she died or survived. She was nearly 5 years old on arrival (and when tattooed) and would have had long hair - the Gypsies in the Family Camp had not their hair cropped short. Richter arrived a day later and died on Mar 23, 1944. On arrival at Auschwitz he was 2y9m old. He matches perfectly the picture of a little Gypsy child.
To sum up: The photo of the infant with a tattoo on its left forearm, with a probability near 100 per cent, shows the German Sinto Fritz Richter.

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