German Victims of Allied Terror Bombing

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Friedrich Paul Berg
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German Victims of Allied Terror Bombing

Postby Friedrich Paul Berg » 1 decade 2 years ago (Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:01 pm)


Hamburg Bombing Victims (1943)
Morale Division, U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, Medical Branch Report, "The Effect of Bombing on Health and Medical Care in Germany," War Department, Washington 1945, page 17. Similar pictures from the attack on Hamburg appear on pages 16, 19, 20, 21, and 23. Can anyone seriously believe that the victims in these pictures were anything but totally innocent victims of Allied barbarism? Even if they had cheered Hitler, they were still innocent--just as the victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also innocent. Just what does anyone, especially among all those "moral Christian" Americans, imagine these people were guilty of?

The true nature of America's war against Axis civilians is unimagined by the vast majority of Americans. To this day nearly sixty years after the war, Americans still think they were the "Good Guys." Tom Brokaw, an American TV anchorman, actually wrote a best-selling book entitled "The Greatest Generation. " The title referred to the perpetrators of the worst atrocities in all of human history. Shame on Brokaw and shame on America.

In 1978 I met a young Hungarian in New York City who told me about the American bombing of Budapest during the war. I had not even known that Budapest had been bombed by the Americans and I told him so. He assured me that Americans had, and that he had been there--but, then he also insisted that the bomber crews were extremely cowardly in their attacks. Rather than bomb the small but heavily defended military targets (defended with anti-aircraft guns), the American planes bombed the residential areas of Budapest instead. Some American planes were shot down and Hungarian gendarmes then protected the downed American crewmen from the wrath of the locals who wanted to simply kill the Americans on the spot with pitchforks and clubs if nothing else. He insisted that the gendarmes should not have protected the Americans at all; what they should have done instead was take the Americans to the scene of their crimes, where their bombs had actually fallen, tie them to stakes and burn them all alive!

I was shocked by his suggestion and I told him so. He looked straight into my eyes without blinking or hesitating and said that that was essentially what the Americans had done to them.

I have thought about that conversation many times over the years and that young Hungarian's horrible proposal. An eye for an eye--and a tooth for a tooth. Why not? I know that I could not have lit the fire to incinerate those Americans but then, I had not witnessed the bombing either. If I had actually seen the horrors that those happy-go-lucky Americans had wrought, I might have behaved differently.

In hindsight today after all I have learned about the war, my feelings have changed. The bomber crews were generally nothing more than ignorant slobs carrying out their orders--but, the high ranking generals and political leaders were something else. Those generals and leaders should have been burned at the stake. Eisenhower, LeMay, "Bomber" Harris, Truman, Churchill, and so many more deserved to be burned alive at a stake. That would have been an educational experience for them--and a valuable lesson for future generations of their ilk. That would have been a valuable lesson which might help prevent the far, far greater disaster which awaits us all if we as a species do not come to our senses about the glories and "greatness' of modern war.

Today Americans are surprised that so many Iraqis are so eager to kill them--even when it means that they, the Iraqis, will themselves die in the process. The Americans just don't get it--and probably never will. They should get on their knees and pray there is no God.

Friedrich Paul Berg
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