RED Nazi Gassing Corpses, anyone?

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Friedrich Paul Berg
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RED Nazi Gassing Corpses, anyone?

Postby Friedrich Paul Berg » 1 decade 3 years ago (Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:31 pm)

RED Nazi Gassing Corpses, Anyone?

I have been making a fuss lately on some websites and forums regarding "eyewitnesses'" claims that corpses of Nazi gassing victims were either "blue" or "bluish" or even "green." That blue-green pattern in testimony appears regardless of whether the victims had been supposedly killed with carbon monoxide or cyanide.

Everyone can see the discussion on CODOH linked as follows

My question to everyone is: are there any instances where "eyewitnesses" ever claimed the corpses were red, or reddish, or pink? If not, then that is enormously important. To the best of my knowledge, there were never any such claims for CO or cyanide gassings. If my guess is correct, we should contact the publishers of all medical forensic textbooks and atlases to change their texts to conform to the "overwhelming" evidence from the holocaust.

Everyone's help regarding this question is enormously important and will be greatly appreciated. It may even change many people's minds.

"Eyewitnesses" can make innocent mistakes or be confused about all sorts of things from the type of engine used, to the size of the gas chambers, or the numbers of victims, or the dates, or the Nazis present, etc.,--but how can anyone mistake red corpses for blue or green? There is no innocent way to make such "mistakes." If they saw any gassing corpses at all--they would have certainly remembered the color of the victims if they were not color blind. It seems all too obvious that the "eyewitnesses" simply lied and the prosecutors as well as defense attorneys failed to do their homework. The "eyewitness" accounts we are given have far more to do with horror stories in color-filled, children's comic books than with reality. Of course, comic books and hollywood are reality for the vast majority of Americans as Steven Spielberg proves again and again.

Friedrich Paul Berg
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