BBC Bad Arolsen Report

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BBC Bad Arolsen Report

Postby simon1003 » 1 decade 2 years ago (Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:12 pm)

It's not very long, it's also ridiculously biased, not surprising considering that the BBC decided to send a journalist called Steve Rosenberg to file the report. ... id=7029066

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Postby ASMarques » 1 decade 2 years ago (Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:35 pm)

I love the way the isolated, out of context factoids and pieces of "Holocaust" data we get always reveal the patterns of deceit. Just note how the same Mauthausen executions on April 20, 1942 are mentioned in three different places:

The BBC News link (at 01:20): ... id=7029066

"Here is one exemple: this is the register of deaths from Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. Look what happened on April 20th 1942: to mark Adolf Hitler's birthday an order was issued to execute 48 prisonners. As you can see, every two minutes a prisonner was led out and shot."

The Boston Globe, May 7, 2006: ... _of_death/

"On April 20, 1942, the commandant of the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria approved the special killing of 300 prisoners to mark the Fuehrer's birthday. The execution list runs for pages, each individual receiving a single line -- name, birthdate, place of birth, inmate number, and an epitaph, 'By order of R.S.H.A. shot,' the acronym for the Central Office for Security of the Reich. The cause of death for each was a single bullet to the base of the skull: Genickschuss -- neck shot. The executions on that spring day occurred at two-minute intervals. Every snap of the firing pin was duly noted in fussy script in the Totenbuch, or death book, for 1942-43. The birthday celebration murders started at 11:20 a.m."

About Judaism, by Lisa Katz: ... rolson.htm

"The Mauthausen concentration camp’s 'Totenbuch', or Death Book, records in meticulous handwriting how on April 20, 1942, a prisoner was shot in the back of the head every two minutes for 90 hours. The Mauthausen camp commandant ordered these executions as a birthday present for Hitler."

So what is the correct figure for Hitler's "birthday present"?

Is it 48 as the BBC claims? Is it 300 as the Boston Globe alleges? Is it more like 2700, as dear Lisa implies?

But wait! How come Lisa's day has 90 hours? I can see she's anxious to suggest lots of bodies, but not even the Fuehrer's birthday could have been that long. She must mean 90 minutes. And that would give us about 45 executions, more in line with the BBC's 48 than the Globe's 300.

Still, something odd remains. How come no one even mentions the word "Jews"? After all, a birthday present of 48 gentile corpses would seem rather disrespectful, wouldn't it? If those 48 offered in holocaust were not Jews, they must have been really nasty characters under the German point of view...

So, I googled "Mauthausen April 20 1942" and here is the excerpt of the first entry I got:

[PDF]For those of us who attempt to care for persons suffering from the ...
Die vergessenen Frauen von Mauthausen: Die weiblichen Haftlinge des ... April 1942. On April 20, 1942 the first female prisoners—four Yugoslav partisans— ... - Similar pages

Partisans? Could it be that the "birthday present" was in fact a lawful execution of partisans?...

Alas, the linked page from "Holocaust and Genocide Studies" can only be viewed by subscribers. If any around, please take a look and let me know...

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