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New Finnish revisionist blogs

Postby Mythos » 1 decade 2 years ago (Sat Feb 16, 2008 7:33 am)

My blog deals with the Jews' holocaust story, Jews' history, World War 2 and Israel. I have used vho, ihr and codoh as my sources. In addition I went to Auschwitz in 2007 so I will post an essay about that with dozens of photos. I've also written about Jews media control and the Very Jewish role in the bolshevik revolution in Russia. I've especially tried to make things easier to understand by posting as much photos as possible.

And a blog of a friend of mine it also deals with the similar issues; hundreds of pages of text.

We've been translating revisionist research for months (and of course we've been censored at about every forum).

So, if you have any tips and criticism, I [we] would gladly hear them. And even if most of you dont understand Finnish, the photos themselves are enlightening already.

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Postby Inquisitive » 1 decade 2 years ago (Sat Feb 16, 2008 10:35 am)

This reminded me to ask of a book that was written in 2005 called
"FINLAND IN THE EYE OF THE STORM" by ret. Major Erkki Hautamäki

It's about evidence from a file S-32. That Hitler saved Finland from certain destruction. Documents from Hitler's files?

- The last airplane that left Berlin included Hitler’s secret archives. The Americans shot down the plane and nothing was left, everything disappeared. It was said that Hitler turned pale when he heard of this and said: “There went all the possibilities to witness that the things are otherwise than the winners will insist”.

Under the negotiations of the Paris treaty the Finns were not allowed to present any details of File S-32. Churchill’s archives are closed at least until 2017. In Nürnberg the Germans were not permitted to render anything of the Churchill-Stalin materials, nor was that information given to the prosecution. ... &author=10

It was supposed to be translated into many languages but I've not seen it anywhere. I'd appreciate any info anyone might have about the book or it's author.

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