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friedrich braun
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Postby friedrich braun » 1 decade 1 year ago (Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:47 pm)

Germans balk at new Holo claim$

Germany Refuses to Negotiate with Israel over New Claims
Der Spiegel Tuesday, 3 June 2008

BERLIN — The German government is refusing to negotiate with
Israel over new compensation claims for Holocaust® survivors.
The dispute is causing tension between Israel and the Jewish
Claims Conference — which Germany says is its correct
negotiating partner.

PUBLIC PRIVY?—Disclosures that the Holo site is being used
as a rest facility, rather its intended purpose as a prop for
moral extortion, has caused scandal in the German capital.

The ongoing argument between Israel and Germany over new
Holocaust® compensation claims has taken another turn after
Germany officially refused to negotiate with the Israeli
government over payments for survivors.

For more than half a century, the Jewish Claims Conference
has been responsible for dealing with the German government
over compensation claims made by [alleged] victims of the

In 1965, Germany signed a treaty agreeing to pay individual
victims; survivors had to file their claims before 1969. Since
then, Germany has paid out over €63.2 billion ($99 billion) —
including €1.5 billion ($2.4 billion) in direct payments to the
Israeli government.

More ’survivors’ cash in

But recently Israel, where the majority of the world’s
Holocaust® survivors now live, has found itself with a growing
bill for the care of elderly survivors.

Many of them emigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union
long after the deadline for making claims was past. Israel says
the costs for their care far outstrip Germany’s past payments.

Israeli Minister of Pensioners’ Affairs Rafi Eitan met with the
German ambassador to Israel, Harald Kindermann, in December
to demand that Germany take a series of steps to address
the shortfall. ... 46,00.html
"The dead came back from Jerusalem, where they did not find what they were seeking."

"The Seven Sermons to the Dead"

C.G. Jung

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Postby Goethe » 1 decade 1 year ago (Tue Jun 10, 2008 11:50 pm)

Does Israel produce anything of value to the extent that they can support the thieves/citizens/murderers they call 'Israelis'? No.
They exist only because of extortion, lies, their genocidal actions, and taxation without representation of the indigenous Palestinian population. They have no shame.

Such is Jewish Supremacism.
"The coward threatens when he is safe".
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Postby PotPie » 1 decade 1 year ago (Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:00 am)

Considering the spinelessness and self-loathing culture of modern Germany, I'm surprised that they would resist any of this.

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Postby Inquisitive » 1 decade 1 year ago (Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:36 pm)

You spoke too soon:

Ho$ohoax industry extorts additional $320 Million from Grovel
Written by Die Jüdische
Friday, 13 June 2008
Claims Conference Obtains $320 Million for Holocaust Survivors in German Negotiations; Homecare Funds Doubled

The Claims Conference negotiating delegation, left, secured an additional $320 million for programs for Holocaust survivors at meetings last week with German government officials.

In its annual negotiations with the German government last week, the Claims Conference obtained an additional estimated $320 million for programs for Holocaust survivors over the next decade. The additional funds are a combination of increased payments to survivors, inclusion of additional survivors in the pension programs, and funding for homecare needs of Jewish victims of Nazism.

Increase in Payments

As of June 1, 2008, monthly payments from the Article 2 Fund and the Central and Eastern European Fund (CEEF) to 65,800 survivors worldwide will be raised 8 percent. Payment under the Article 2 Fund will increase to €291 per month (increased from €270 a month).Payments under the CEEF will be raised to €216 per month from €200 to survivors residing in European Union countries.

Monthly CEEF payments to survivors residing in non-EU countries will be €178 per month, up from €165. These increases will result in an extra estimated $166 million being paid over the next decade. Currently, more than 52,000 survivors are receiving Article 2 Fund payments and more than 13,800 survivors are receiving CEEF payments.

Former Citizens of Western Europe

As well, the Claims Conference secured an agreement that certain Holocaust survivors who were citizens of Western European countries at the time of their persecution and were in concentration camps or ghettos OR who lost a family member and received payment(s) from a German government source, may now for the first time be eligible for a pension from the Claims Conference Article 2 Fund.

It is anticipated that these amendments will enable approximately 2,000 additional Holocaust survivors to receive a pension from the Article 2 Fund and will amount to the payment of approximately $83 million during the next 10 years.

This amendment concerns those Holocaust survivors from Western Europe who were incarcerated in a concentration camp or ghetto (as defined by the Article 2 Fund Agreement) and received a payment from one of many compensation agreements that Germany reached with respective European countries in order to provide payments to certain citizens of those countries who suffered persecution due to Nazi occupation.

Such survivors may receive a pension from the Article 2 Fund if they meet all the other eligibility criteria of the Article 2 Fund (which encompass persecution history and current income, and which are determined by the German government).

In addition, Holocaust survivors who received payments from a German government source for the death of a family member and were previously excluded from the Article 2 Fund due to the receipt of this payment, may also now be eligible to receive a pension from the Article 2 Fund if they meet all the other eligibility criteria of the Article 2 Fund.

The information here does not constitute a full and comprehensive description of the criteria of the Article 2 Fund or CEEF or of any amendments to those programs. For detailed information, see


During the negotiations, the Claims Conference obtained funding for vital social services for Jewish victims of Nazi persecution. The German government agreed to provide a total amount of approximately $70 million (€45 million) for these services for 2008 and 2009.

This amount is more than double the funds obtained in previous negotiations. For 2006 and 2007, the Claims Conference had obtained €21 million for in-home services for Jewish victims of Nazism.

With the health needs of aging Holocaust survivors becoming increasingly urgent, the Claims Conference has been pressing Germany to provide funds so survivors may receive the assistance they need to remain in their own homes, a matter of great importance to many.

The funds will be allocated by the Claims Conference to agencies assisting needy Jewish victims of Nazism around the world. Information on these agencies is at

Other Issues

Negotiations are continuing on a range of other issues.

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) represents world Jewry in negotiating for compensation and restitution for victims of Nazi persecution and their heirs. The Claims Conference administers compensation funds, recovers unclaimed Jewish property, and allocates funds to institutions that provide social welfare services to Holocaust survivors and preserve the memory and lessons of the Shoah. ... f_germany/

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Postby MrNobody » 1 decade 1 year ago (Fri Jun 13, 2008 11:02 am)

Now this is not an insignificant Freudian slip.

Claims Conference :

lets see that URL again claims-Con
Wir brauchen eine Bewegung, die Deutschland endlich aus der Kontrolle der Kräfte von Versailles und Jalta befreit, die uns schon ein ganzes Jahrhundert lang von einer Kastastrophe in die andere stürzt.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

Arrow Of Truth
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Postby Arrow Of Truth » 1 decade 1 year ago (Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:09 pm)

The regime in Germany is utterly fused at the hip - or at the heel! - with the paranoid Israeli regime. The world has seen comprehensive military conquests and occupations but never such a conquest of the spirit or soul of a nation.

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