another claim without proof, 'Doctor Death' was like Mengele

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another claim without proof, 'Doctor Death' was like Mengele

Postby Breker » 1 decade 1 year ago (Tue May 12, 2009 4:28 pm)

This lot is interesting as it builds upon the pathetic lies about Dr. Mengele, as if repeating the lies in the 1st case then makes the lies in a 2nd case legitimate. As is usual there is not a shred of proof given. Because the average person is afraid to ask for proof, lies like this live on as "fact".


Last update - 08:47 04/05/2009

German detectives cast doubt on demise of Nazi 'Doctor Death'

By News Agencies

BERLIN - German investigators have doubts over a media report that Nazi war criminal Aribert Heim, known as "Doctor Death," died in Egypt in 1992, Der Spiegel magazine said.

German public television channel ZDF and the New York Times said in February that that Heim died of bowel cancer in 1992, citing his son and
acquaintances in Cairo.

But a report by Der Spiegel to be published Monday said investigators believed the ZDF and Times report did not provide "any proof of his death" and were continuing to examine "every lead" on the Austrian-born

In particular, they believe Heim's circle of support during his time on the run was wider than was previously thought, and that he received money via wire transfers from Switzerland and the U.S. and letters and cash from messengers.

German and Austrian police said in February they were seeking to confirm that Heim had died and that they would hunt for his remains if necessary.

But recovering his remains could be complicated, because Heim's body was disposed of in a paupers' grave where a large number of corpses were buried over 17 years, the original news reports said.

Heim became known as "Doctor Death" and the "Butcher of Mauthausen" after performing medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners.

He performed operations without anesthetics and injected gasoline directly into victims' hearts. His cruelty was such that he has frequently been compared to Josef Mengele, the so-called "Angel of Death" who was a doctor at Auschwitz.

In 1945, at the end of World War II, he was arrested by the U.S. military but they let him go two years later. He went on to work as a gynecologist
in the picturesque spa town of Baden-Baden.

He worked in the town for around 15 years, but he fled in 1962, right before the West German authorities would have arrested him.

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Postby MrNobody » 1 decade 1 year ago (Wed May 13, 2009 11:55 am)

Ahhhh, quality Journalism, don't you just love it?

Haaretz have done nothing more than reprint an Article appearing in Der Spiegel.

Der Speigel, a British Propaganda Operation?

Decide for yourself.
From Wikipedia
The first edition of the Spiegel magazine was published in Hanover on 4 January 1947, a Saturday. Its release was initiated and sponsored by the British Occupational Administration and preceded by a magazine titled, Diese Woche (This Week), which had been first published in November 1946. After disagreements with the British, the magazine was handed over to Rudolf Augstein as chief editor, and was renamed Der Spiegel.

Not only is it a staunch defender of the official version of the Holocaust, I'm sure it, like every other Western Publication is a hotbed of Fabian trained Socialists.
Wir brauchen eine Bewegung, die Deutschland endlich aus der Kontrolle der Kräfte von Versailles und Jalta befreit, die uns schon ein ganzes Jahrhundert lang von einer Kastastrophe in die andere stürzt.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

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