Need information on cyanide poisoning

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Need information on cyanide poisoning

Postby vincentferrer » 1 decade 11 months ago (Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:16 pm)

I am preparing my notes for a call to one of the biggest holcaust whales in America.

One of the points I want to discuss is the issue of cyanide poisoning in Auschwitz. If those persons were killed with such a poison, their bodies would turn red.

It is because cyanide is a respiration poison that destroys an enzyme essential to transfer oxygen from blood, to cells and living tissue.

At death, the oxygen stays in the blood, in the form of bright red spots that cover a body. Like a bad sunburn.

Got it.

I understand in several holocaust books, it says the witnesses claim the bodies turned blue !

Can someone provide me with a page number and text as to who said that. If more than one so called eyewitness, all the better.

If history is any guide, the whale most likely does not know about cyanide poisoning. Won't that be funny........... to learn a expert is so dumb!

Many thanks to all !
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Re: Need information on cyanide poisoning

Postby Lamprecht » 1 decade 11 months ago (Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:02 pm)

From The Rudolf Report:
CH#5 --
"I saw then that they [the corpses] were greenish. The nurses told me that the corpses were cracked, and the skin came off."

As will be shown in chapter 7., victims of Zyklon B gassings aren't greenish (they are pinkish-reddish), and there is no reason for the corpses to crack and for their skin to come off. This is nothing but atrocity propaganda.

CH#7 --
Bluish/greenish coloration of the skin of the victims.
Hydrogen cyanide blocks the oxygen supply to the cells. The blood can no longer give off oxygen to the cells. Saturation of the blood with oxygen therefore occurs; the skin of the victim therefore has a reddish, not bluish, appearance, especially on the mucous membranes and during post-mortem lividity. On the other hand, if the victims had slowly suffocated, this could explain bluish coloration of skin.

In most cases, cyanide poisoning causes a deceptively healthy pink to red skin color. However, if a physical injury or lack of oxygen is involved, the skin color may be bluish. Reddening of the eyes and pupil dilation are symptoms of cyanide poisoning. Cyanosis (blue discoloration of the skin) tends to be associated with severe cyanide poisonings.
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Friedrich Paul Berg
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Re: Need information on cyanide poisoning

Postby Friedrich Paul Berg » 1 decade 11 months ago (Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:50 pm)

The mention of corpses appearing "blue" from cyanide poisoning is based on a bad secondary source of information. "Material Safety Data Sheets" are a secondary source--and in this instance, they are badly mistaken. One should look instead at medical references that forensic pathologists actually use. Unfortunately, such references are generally not available in most libraries and are extremely expensive if purchased.

Please take a look at my essay: "The Eyewitnesses Lied –
Corpses of CO Gassing Victims are Cherry-Pink or Red and NOT Blue or Colorless


A "greenish" appearance of a corpse is ONLY possible many hours a-f-t-e-r death, long after the body has begun to decompose. In the Lipstadt-Irving case the issue was raised briefly in connection with, I believe, the postwar testimony of Eric Tauber who had described some of the corpses he had seen in one of the Kremas shortly after a supposed gassing as appearing "green" or "greenish." His testimony meant that whatever corpses he saw had been dead for many hours, perhaps days, and therefore NOT shortly after any kind of gassing. No doubt, when corpses were brought into the mortuary (that is what mortuaries are for) from barracks, or wherever, where the persons had died, some of them could have already been dead for days--hence the greenish appearance. They did NOT turn greenish shortly after any kind of gassing. In effect, Tauber refuted his own suggestion that the corpses he saw had anything to do with any homicidal mass gassing.

A "bluish" appearance is pure fantasy except long after death also; a purplish appearance is most likely as shown in some of the images in connection with the above linked essay.

Cyanosis may occur shortly after death but that is merely a phenomenon affecting extremely small areas of the corpse--and NOT at all likely to cause anyone to describe the corpse as "appearing blue" any more than varicose veins on a woman at the beach are likely to cause people to describe the woman as blue. The two phenomena are closely related since they both arise when oxygen-deficient blood (grey by comparison to ordinary skin) is isolated in parts of the skin due to poor circulation. Cyanosis is a special phenomenon which is so subtle that it requires some experience to be recognized as my linked picture essay above shows.

The most notable misuse of the true meaning of the word "cyanosis" has been by Charles Provan who insisted that Kurt Gerstein's descriptions of "blue" corpses after diesel exhaust gassings were valid; they are NOT valid at all. They merely showed that Gerstein was a liar and that postwar "eyewitnesses" who made similar claims about bluish appearances of the corpses were lying also, or simply copy-catting the testimony of Gerstein.

The good news for revisionists is that the descriptions of corpses by supposed "eyewitnesses" to mass gassings undermine those claims. The only description of an alleged mass gassing that is consistent with what one should expect as far as color is the testimony of a Dr. Theodor Friedrich Leidig--see page 83 of Kogon, Nationalsozialistische Massentoetungen durch Giftgas. In his description of a small group of 30 victims at Sachsenhausen in the fall of 1941 with engine exhaust, he did claim the corpses had the characteristic reddish (rosa-rot)appearance of CO victims. His testimony suggested that he already knew in advance what they should have looked like--and that he tailored his statement accordingly. It seems that Leidig was a member of the KTI for Kriminaltechnisches Institut and that he was a pathologist for the forensic institute. He would have known what kind of result to expect.

Friedrich Paul Berg
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