Zundel and Cole- Meet in Auschwitz

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Zundel and Cole- Meet in Auschwitz

Postby vincentferrer » 1 decade 10 months ago (Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:22 pm)


3 part clip on Zundel and Cole meetings in Auschwitz and discussing the camp. Some of this was covered on Cole's video clips but there are some items that add to Cole's story.

This was done in 1992, and it ends by Zundel hoping aloud this clip will put a end to the holohoax. With all due respect to these two fine men, I think these actions enraged the Jewish promoters and the repression against revisionists has only increased. I knew nothing about the revisionist movement prior to 2005, so I may be mistaken in my assumptions.

The very word holocaust is a pejorative to every German citizen. There was no holocaust,
just lies from the abandoned race.

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