Things changed for me... [MAYBE NOT] Muehlenkamp

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Re: Things changed for me... [MAYBE NOT] Muehlenkamp

Postby Drew J » 1 decade 3 months ago (Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:22 am)

Still at it again. Still pimping that March 27 1942 diary entry as if it is genuine and that it was actually TYPED by Goebbels.

Goebbels on liquidation
Monday, April 12, 2010
http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot. ... .html#more

No direct response to what Butz, Rudolf, Weckart and others have brought up that put Irving on the spot about the supposed authenticity of those key entries from the typewriter. Nothing. Just have to take it on faith simply because a revisionist like Irving says so. I guess we can't challenge Irving. Even a court of law believed him so that must make it true. :lol: As I said Roberto can claim victory on the German all he wants. That is only step one. Step two is proving it came from Goebbels himself by way of typewriter. I do like how Roberto shoots down Dalton's interpretation of the German. These revisionists don't know what they are doing. They should say, "Fine let's say you were right on the German. Now do what Weckart and Rudolf did. Demand actual proof Goebbles typed that out." Fools. Shame on you Thomas Dalton.

What I do find interesting is that Roberto digs up some older diary entries that are supposed to be from Goebbels and they are as follows.

Current "Revisionist" scion "Thomas Dalton", while not (yet) discussing this specific diary entry, tries to make believe that the term "liquidation", when used by Goebbels in other diary entries, does not refer to the killing of human beings. Dalton writes:

The word ‘liquidation’ means, primarily, ‘to make fluid.’ And this in fact is a fairly apt description of the deportation process: a large, entrenched Jewish community who had to be uprooted, made liquid, and then to flow out across the borders. Nothing in this entails killing.

Yet some of Goebbels’ diary entries quoted by "Dalton" contain the term in a so obviously homicidal sense (for what, other than killing, can "liquidation" or "liquidating" possibly mean when referring to something that has been, shall be or must be done to a person or a group of persons?) that one wonders how many loose screws poor "Dalton" has inside his head, besides possessing rather meager linguistic skills (making something fluid would be "liquefying" in English and "verflüssigen" in German, rather than "liqudating" or "liquidieren") and being a dishonest quote-miner (as pointed out at the end of my RODOH post 11943):

Mar 19, 1941 (I.9.195)
Early flight to Posen. … Here, all sorts have been liquidated (liquidiert), above all the Jewish trash. This has to be. I explain the situation to Greiser.

Aug 7, 1941 (II.1.189)
In the Warsaw ghetto there was some increase in typhus; although provisions have been made to ensure that it will not leave the ghetto. The Jews have always been carriers of infectious diseases. They must either be cooped up in a ghetto and left to themselves, or liquidated (liquidieren); otherwise they will always infect the healthy population of the civilized nations.

"Dalton" hypocritically acknowledges that "‘liquidate’ can mean killing, as can a huge variety of words under contrived circumstances". One of these "contrived circumstances" was the murder of Polish prisoners of war by the Soviets in the Katyn forest near Smolensk in the spring of 1940, which was the subject of a major propaganda campaign orchestrated by Goebbels in 1943, including the documentary film Im Wald von Katyn.

Once again as I said from above...
1941: July
Goebbels began dictating his diaries to secretary Dr Richard Otte.
Question: Is it not possible that there is a hoax, and that Goebbels never ceased writing his own diaries? Arthur Butz, Hoax of the Twentieth Century, has expressed doubt as to whether the story of how Otte transcribed the diary is true. See
1942 >
'While going through the Goebbels diaries [Irving] found that from about 1942 on Goebbels repeatedly said things like "We have crimes on our book. We can't go back. We can only go forward."' - Frank Miele.
Comment: No sooner does Goebbels stop handwriting his own diaries than they begin including passages in which G. betrays consciousness of being a 'criminal' - which is precisely the way the Allies were determined to depict him! How very obliging Herr Goebbels was!
1942: March 27
Goebbels diary entry (typewritten) ... 2a_600.jpg

I'd say Butz, Rudolf and Weckart have all made good points about the diaries these supposedly damning entries from Goebbels came from. Once again, Roberto takes it all for granted based on the flimsiest of assumptions.

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Re: Things changed for me... [MAYBE NOT] Muehlenkamp

Postby Moderator3 » 1 decade 3 months ago (Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:32 pm)

This thread has some interesting posts, so they will remain. However, our guidelines state that each thread should generally discuss one point/topic/issue. This makes the threasds easy to follow for others and avoids confusing subject changes. If someone wants to discuss these points further, one at a time, then please do so in specific threads, but this thread is locked.
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