Students for Justice in Palestine

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Students for Justice in Palestine

Postby SevenUp » 1 decade 10 months ago (Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:16 am)

When I was in Berkeley (not a student at UCB) I discovered that all it took to form an official Cal ASUC sponsored student group was 4 students and no faculty members. And I figured that if such a group could be formed with the purpose of investigating the truth/falseness of the holocaust, then this group would immediately have more apparent legitimacy and impact than any other revisionist group. Instant credibility, at least a little.

How to find the four students? I figured that student members of the group Students for Justice in Palestine, many of them Palestinians, would be likely candidates. The Palestinians have suffered most from the hoax, and these students were bright and politically active. Ideal candidates for revisionist arguments. Also, they have public meetings, and they maintain a infomation table on the plaza every day at noon, so they were available.

So, I approached them, that is I walked up to the info table and tried to engage the person at the table in a discussion about the holocaust and its consequences for Palestine. The students, mostly but not all from the middle east, invariably reacted as if I were a complete idiot. It quickly became apparent that their only interest in the discussion was ending it as quickly as possible. I was not immediately deterred, and I tried this for a few weeks running, maybe 5 times in all. Their response was absolutely uniform, no interest whatever. I tried the Ahmadinejad angle, absolutely nothing going there. I also managed to get a few email addresses, they have a email list, and engage a few in very brief email exchanges, again there was absolutely no interest in the subject. This was discouraging.

There was another group on campus, Women in Black, that protested the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. I also tried approaching members of this group. It was a little embarrassing to be treated as a virulent leper by kindly white haired ladies. These are women that are intelligent, politically active, very concerned about human rights, dedicated to peace and respect for all people, and they were levelling insults at me! Man, you can't win at this game. Their objective was always the same, for me to end the conversation immediately and go away, literally, they did not want to be in my presence! Again, discouraging.

I also made a few attempts to speak to a professor teaching a class on the holohoax, but, he was Jewish and this was not encouraging, and after a week of so of failing to catch him in his office I gave up on that too.

For me, now, this absolute imperviousness of the hoax to any discussion whatever is its most interesting aspect. The consequences of the holohoax are reverberating throughout the world right now, and shaking the hell out of it, from 9/11 to Iran. And yet, it remains absolutely exempt from discussion.

What to do? I still think that there are 4 students willing to challenge the hoax. The problem is finding them. Again, I have an idea, but I can't carry it out, as I am closeted, anonymous. The plan would be to distribute a leaflet on campus daily, one that is documented and directly confronts the grotesque lies of the holohoax, an example leaflet can be seen at the bottom of the page at . This would immediately generate some heat and bring attention to the subject. It would be interesting if nothing else.

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Re: Students for Justice in Palestine

Postby KostasL » 1 decade 9 months ago (Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:56 am)

Reality can be very dissapointing. :(

But i still believe that the holocaust problem is everyone's problem, even when talking about jewish people.

If someone does not want to deal with it, too bad for him. :wink:

SevenUp wrote:What to do? I still think that there are 4 students willing to challenge the hoax.

4 students willing to be thrown to the lions ? Perhaps you will find them.

The problem is finding them.

If you find them, make sure they know the dangers of being thrown to the lions !!!
When you realize that the Holocaust is a LIE, then all of a sudden, ALL your questions, ALL bizarre and strange things, disappear, and ALL things make sense, at last.

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