Muehlenkamp and Mermelstein

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Muehlenkamp and Mermelstein

Postby Pepper » 1 decade 11 months ago (Sun Oct 11, 2009 12:25 pm)

I’m sure most, if not all of you have seen mullencamp’s latest childish antic in his lame attempt to cravenly back out of his acceptance of nafcash’s The Final Solution Forensic Challenge.

He’s now “insisting” that nafcash put some kind of BS statement on their website so he can take them to court if nafcash doesn’t accept his “proof” published in skeptic magazine that he’s located / proven the existence of a grave at Treblinka that contains just 1% of the alleged mass murder there. (Like he even has a chance of ever getting anything he writes published outside of his own shit blog.)

But notice that Mermelstein never asked the IHR to post anything on their website before he was able to take them to court. Which proves mullencamp latest ploy is yet another fraudulent red herring he’s trying to construct to hide his cowardice. (Who in the world doesn’t already know that you’re a coward robert?)

Nor did Mermelstein need such a statement posted by the IHR on their website in order to obtain a judgment in his favor from “a U.S. court of justice” in his lawsuit against the IHR. Which proves mullencamp latest ploy is yet another fraudulent red herring he’s trying to construct to hide his cowardice. (I hear even his fellow HC “friends” are snickering behind his back about his being maneuvered into this situation by Gerdes and are distancing themselves from him as he makes an utter fool out of himself with his insane, juvenile chimp antics.)

So why doesn’t mullancamp just contact Mermelstein’s lawyer and get the ball rolling? Why is he so terrified of following through with his acceptance of The Final Solution Forensic Challenge? Isn’t 15 months a long enough amount of time to get his “proof” published?

Maybe he’s already submitted something to skeptic magazine, and it was rejected? That would explain why he’s admitting he’s gotten cold feet now that Mr. Gerdes has turned up the heat on him.

Every time nafcash gives mullencamp what he wishes for, he shifts the goal posts and starts crying again that things are just too tough for him to prove. Can you imagine? 15 months of work and he still can’t locate / prove the existence of just one grave that contains just 1/10 of 1% of the alleged mass murder.

I wonder if mullencamp could locate / prove the existence of just one single pound of bone fragments? How many months do you think we would have to wait to see that proof? What’s wrong robert, don’t you know how to use a shovel and a scale?

Let’s see one pound of bone fragments, on a scale, dug from a grave at Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor and Treblinka, irrefutably documented. You can locate and document the existence of just 4 pounds of bone fragments out of all the alleged millions and millions of pounds you claim exist in gigantic graves at these camps, can’t you robert?

Let’s see them then, coward. Just one pound from each camp, dug from a grave, on a scale, unimpeachably documented.

Come on coward, “show the world” what you’ve got. Help put an end to holocaust denial. Do it for the children. Do it for all those poor jewish children who were tore in half by the Germans, with their bare hands.

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