Holocaust Demographics

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Holocaust Demographics

Postby gbrecht » 1 decade 7 months ago (Thu Oct 15, 2009 11:47 am)

I have seen arguments with different numbers concerning the demographics of the jews done by census', and it would seem some revisionists claim that the number of jews stayed relatively the same throughout and after the war, while many believers claim a change from 18-12 or 17-11 million. Now, for some reason I can't remember what book i read this in, but i specifically remember once reading about how the organization which conducts world census' changed their numbers on jews well after WW2 to support the holocaust claims. Supposedly, they revised the pre-ww2 number of jews higher than original, and the latter number lower than it actually was. Does anyone have any insight in this? I am mostly curious because the demographics claim seems to be one of the promoters main tools.

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