Are Holocaust Survivors A Proof Against The Concept?

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Are Holocaust Survivors A Proof Against The Concept?

Postby SimonBuzaglo » 1 decade 1 year ago (Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:26 am)

Needless to mention, hundreds of thousands of concentration camp survivors who somehow "miraculously" escaped the nazi extermination plan. However, again and again you run across testimonies of survivors who not only were not liquidated but recount how they were sent to the camp's clinic when they got sick. Millions of people read these stories and don't even raise an eyebrow: why would the Germans waste precious medical supplies and efforts on curing sick Jews in concentration camps - people who were doomed to be exterminated? This sort of logic makes sense only when you are dealing with a religious belief.

Here, even the US holocaust museum features some of these survivors testimonies. : ... diaId=2933

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Re: Are Holocaust Survivors A Proof Against The Concept?

Postby SevenUp » 1 decade 1 year ago (Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:52 am)

The three most famous holohoax survivors, Elie Weisel, Primo Levi, and Otto Frank, have something in common. Do you know what it is?

Ans: they were all in hospitals (there were several) in the Auschwitz complex when the Russian army approached the camp. Levi and Frank had typhus, and Wiesel had an infected foot. The Nazis gave patients able to travel the option of staying in the hospital and awaiting the Russians, or evacuating with the Nazis. Wiesel, and his father, chose to leave with the Nazis. Levi and Frank were liberated by the Russians.

Wiesel writes about it in 'Night'. 'Night' directly contradicts the holohoax in that Wiesel doesn't mention gas chambers at all, and does mentioning taking a shower six times, each without trauma. Nonetheless, this book is required reading in many schools. The Jews are so confident of the hoax that they don't worry that the actual text of the book contradicts the central lie of the holohoax, the Auschwitz gas chambers. Their confidence is beyond amazing, but, it is fully justified. Millions read the book and take it as proof of the holohoax.

For a photo of the main Auschwitz hospital see

Also, Yankel Wiernik, another famous hoax survivor, relates in 'A Year In Treblinka', one of the most cited hoax 'testimonies', pg 32
"About that time I caught a cold and fell ill with pneumonia... Accordingly they gave me what medical care and attention was feasible. A Jewish physician attended me, examined me every day, administered medications, and consoled me. My German superior, Lefler, brought me food: white bread, butter, cream."

Even better from Wiernik - pg 34 "However 'freedom or death' was our motto. In the meantime I completed the construction of the blockhouse. To celebrate the occasion, the 'Hauptsturmfuehrer' treated us to rum and sausage."

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