Hunt posts Zisblatt video. Never before seen lies

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joachim neander
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Re: Hunt posts Zisblatt video. Never before seen lies

Postby joachim neander » 1 decade 1 year ago (Thu Nov 12, 2009 9:32 am)

It is useless to discuss whether soap was made from human fat at the camps or not. It is general consensus among Revisionists and professional (!) historians that no soap was made there. Period. All stories about "Jewish soap" are nothing but "contemporary legends," as scholars of folktale studies call this genre of literature. That millions, even educated people, believe in it, is a different matter. There is so much superstition in our world that obviously cannot be rooted out, and "Jewish soap" as well as "lampshades" are part of it.

Carto's Cutlass Supreme
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Re: Hunt posts Zisblatt video. Never before seen lies

Postby Carto's Cutlass Supreme » 1 decade 1 year ago (Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:02 am)

The videos were removed at the Shoah Foundation's request. The Shoah Foundation is in the awkward position of not wanting holocaust deniers to have access to all the footage they have. As if that foundation couldn't have all 50,000 testimonies as accessible as youtube videos.

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Re: Hunt posts Zisblatt video. Never before seen lies

Postby jnovitz » 1 decade 1 year ago (Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:14 am)

If NaCl was added before the end of the maceration process, the soap molecules would have been driven out of the aqueous phase and would have floated atop, together with the unsaponified fats, and formed this layer, of which Spanner spoke, and which, my educated guess says, is the same as Col. Smirnov's "half-finished soap."

If smif.
If you added salt in very large quantities you would probably end up with some very dirty, grimy precipitate containing salt, fat, tissue and dirt. I doubt it would float. Not soap. In general, soap doesnt magically appear by accident
Here are some soap making recipes
Note that the amount of lye, ie solid NaOH or KOH is used a ratio of 1:3 with water. ie its is highly concentrated, to the point of letting off fumes. This is not the same as some large vat of diluate alkaline solution. In short you need to prepare you fat or oil first and then add highly concentrated alkali.

b) Two different objects were analyzed on demand of the Polish IPN. One was a piece of Soviet prosecutor Col. Smirnov's "half-finished soap" from The Hague archives. It was secured at the Danzig institute in mid-May 1945 by the Soviets. The other one was a piece of "brown soap" given to the investigators around 2004 (+- 1 year) by a private party and allegedly found at Spanner's institute some time after the war. For neither object the chain of custody has been verified. The German scientists left Danzig at the end of January 1945. The laboratory personnel, including Zygmunt Mazur, a germanized Pole, the "Chief Soap-Maker," remained, together with all the equipment and chemicals. Only the 2nd piece analyzed contained kaolin, which, btw, is not used in soap-making for abrasive purposes (as the Polish Institute stated), but, on the contrary, e.g. in shaving soap, for making the blade glide smoothly. The "pathfinder" traces of fatty acids in the 2nd piece, btw, are not unambiguous - the fat used for making this piece of soap could have been also pig's fat, for example from kitchen waste, which was collected in wartime for making soap.

It sounds like someone is trying to baffle you with bullshit here. As far as I can tell "pathfinder" is just some software sold by a company for use with LC-MS, a trace is just the line or peaks that comes off a run.
So they use LC-MS, as you would expect, and they will get, I presume, a series of ratios of different fatty acids differing by carbon chain length, double bond number and position.

So far, so good. But what criteria do they use for saying this pattern is human and not pig or horse or cow or sheep?
The ratios of fatty acids an individual will produce will depend on a number of things, such as genetic variability, nutritional status (ie fat or thin) and diet. So humans will contain a wide range of each particular fatty acid. I am not saying a piece of soap could not be traced back to species but they do need to state the criteria for determining this instead of handwaving about the software their LC-MS system uses.

Look, don't get me wrong, its good that someone has gone and looked into the archives into this particular story, but you do seem to be wearing blinkers that make it impossible to even consider the possibility that the Soviets quite deliberately and maliciously invented the Soap lie, just as the English quite deliberately invented it during WW1.

In war people drop atomic bombs on cities so I think we should not be suprised if they are also inclined to lie about the enemy as well.

joachim neander
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Re: Hunt posts Zisblatt video. Never before seen lies

Postby joachim neander » 1 decade 1 year ago (Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:08 pm)

The "human soap" rumors circulated in the ghettos of occupied Poland already in 1940, as a sort of Jewish "gallows humor." From there they spread to the gentile population (Poles; after June 22, 1941, also Ukrainians) and to the Germans. Soldiers on leave brought the rumors home to Germany, where they began to spread about spring 1942. As of the end of 1942, the rumor that "the Germans are boiling the Jews to soap" was so widespread in the Reich and the territories conquered by the Germans in the East that even Governor General Hans Frank believed in it and Himmler had to write a letter to Gestapo-Müller ordering to inform him about any case of such "misuse." Soviet propaganda did not need to invent the story, it was sufficient to disseminate it, e.g. in the summer of 1943 by the Mikhoels&Fefer tour across the U.S.

Danzig, "discovered" in the beginning of May 1945 (!), was used by Soviet propaganda as "proof" of the soap rumors. Here, too, it was not necessary to invent the thing. It was sufficient to misinterpret the findings and, in some instances (vide the "soap recipe"), to "help the truth" a little bit. The rest was done by the media and writers of docu-fiction.

P.S. What a pity that the video was removed so quickly! I even did not have the time to take down what the Diamond Lady said about the lampshades!

Eric Hunt
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Re: Hunt posts Zisblatt video. Never before seen lies

Postby Eric Hunt » 1 decade 1 year ago (Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:07 am)

The videos are back up on my site, until Spielberg's minions whine to have them removed again.

Please download them and mirror them.

Semitism = Jewish Supremacism

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Re: Hunt posts Zisblatt video. Never before seen lies

Postby JustTheTruth » 1 decade 1 year ago (Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:46 pm)

joachim neander wrote:To CCS:
(a) Re. the use of "until." Not being a native speaker of English, I have my problems with the correct use of prepositions. Please let me explain what I wanted to say, and correct my wording, if necessary: In the period of time from April 12 to April 30, 1945, on direct order of Gen. Eisenhower (!), Buchenwald was made the focus of "Atrocity Tourism," in the beginning only intended for Allied soldiers and journalists. Therefore the media of the Allied countries (newspapers and newsreels) nearly every day brought a notice about Buchenwald, most of them featuring the "lampshade" story. Part of the "Atrocity Tourism" became an obligatory visit of German civilians to the places of horror, first ordered by Gen. Patton for Ohrdruf, a few days later again by him for Weimar. The underlying concept was, to quote "The Stars and Stripes," the U.S. Armed Forces' official newspaper, "to use the same theory used in housebreaking a dog. You point to what he's done and then spank him." Media interest in Buchenwald faded at the end of April 1945 with the liberation of CC Dachau, which replaced Buchenwald as the favorite "horror camp" for U.S. media in May 1945.
(b) For the visit of about 1,500 German civilians from Weimar on Monday, April 16, 1945, liberated Buchenwald prisoners (!) prepared a table with objects taken from the pathology laboratory and with other artifacts made or allegedly made from human remains in the camp. In IMT XXX:469 the exhibition is called "the parchment display." In its center we see the ominous lamp with a shade clearly not showing tattoos. Buchenwald archivists found out, by comparing it with other photographs, that it was the lamp on commandant Pfister's writing desk in his office. With a probability near 100 per cent its shade was not made from human skin. Shortly after the presentation the lamp vanished and has, up to now, never reappeared.
(c) Now comes the PsyOps' turn. They filmed the German civilians defiling along and looking embarrassed at the "parchment display." Footage of this event was introduced into various "atrocity movies." Against a widely held view (I also once believed this), Billy Wilder was not involved in any of these "atrocity movies." They were, however, widely shown, even in southern Italy. From these films the well-known still comes that one can see on various Web sites with the shrunken heads and the lamp.
(d) You are right, there was much more transfer from Auschwitz to Buchenwald than in the other direction. But continuous transfer of prisoners was one of the principles of ruling the camps. In my dissertation I showed that, in the period of time from mid-1942 to the autumn of 1944, about 3.5 per cent of all CC prisoners were "auf Transport" from one camp to another. One of the purposes of this prisoner-shuffling was to prevent stable informal structures among the prisoner population. If you will look into Danuta Czech's Auschwitz Chronicle, you will find transports from Buchenwald or its sub-camps to Auschwitz until the end of the latter's existence. As far as Majdanek is concerned, there were e.g. two big transports of 1,000 prisoners each from Buchenwald's sub-camp Dora on January 6 and February 6, 1944. As the "human skin" rumors had been widely circulating in Buchenwald since the end of 1942, we should not exclude a priori that they also some time reached Auschwitz, Majdanek or other camps.
(e) With regard to Mrs. Zisblatt's lampshades memoirs, I agree in principle with your interpretation, though I would be cautious with using the word "liar." I cannot see into her brain, and according to my principle "not guilty, until otherwise proven," I would assume that she, indeed, believes what she tells.

Interesting post.

However, where are your sources for your claim that: "Against a widely held view (I also once believed this), Billy Wilder was not involved in any of these "atrocity movies."?

It is so irritating when people post statements (as fact) yet don't give us readers the courtesy of providing a source so we can vailidate their claims. Makes you wonder...

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