Russian gauge and the Holocaust

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Re: Russian gauge and the Holocaust

Postby bridgebuilder » 1 decade 6 months ago (Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:58 am)

Wahrheit wrote:

Also, we know that some German Jews were indeed deported into the occupied Soviet territories (Riga & Minsk), without the rail changeover deal that you are alleging took place at the AR camps.

Do you have source reference for this? (I'm quite certain it is true; - it is just that I would appreciate a reputable source reference.) And do we have any information as to when they were deported and what their ultimate fate was? I note here a possibly connected report in Robert Conquest's book "The Arctic Death Camps" of German Jews held in an isolated camp in Kolyma, on the Pacific side of the former Soviet Union.

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Re: Russian gauge and the Holocaust

Postby KostasL » 1 decade 6 months ago (Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:23 am)

ginger wrote:What I know about this topic comes from Wikipedia - which I looked up because a revisionist theorized that the gauge of the train tracks from Poland to the Soviet Union changed from a standard gauge to what is called Russian gauge. Thus to deport, or evacuate, the Jews from Poland to the newly conquered East, they all had to board a second train at the eastern border of Poland in order to continue East.

What is the point, here ?

If this is true, hundreds of thousands were not killed on the spot at the eastern border of Poland but rather were loaded onto a second set of trains and deported into former Soviet territory.

How do you conclude that somebody was killed ?

It seems irrelevant, to me.
When you realize that the Holocaust is a LIE, then all of a sudden, ALL your questions, ALL bizarre and strange things, disappear, and ALL things make sense, at last.

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Re: Russian gauge and the Holocaust

Postby ginger » 1 decade 6 months ago (Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:38 pm)

Kostast -

My comment was with reference to the Wanssee Conference and the plan to evacuate the Jews from the General Government and the coincidental appearance of the Reinhardt camps on the eastern Polish border. With the difference of the gauge of the railroad tracks it made sense to me that the Reinhardt camps were to be a station for changing trains. However, apparently the Nazis re-gauged the railroad tracks.

To Wahrheit -

I am aware of the official story that the Reinhardt camps were, or became, death camps, but without any direct evidence of the death camps, why bother with the stories. It makes better sense that the camps were part of a plan to evacuate the Jews from the General Government.

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Re: Russian gauge and the Holocaust

Postby Kiwichap » 1 decade 6 months ago (Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:28 pm)

Perhaps someone can help me out with a source.

I understand that Hitler was upset when he realized that railway was not the best way to deliver goods during a war. (There is no doubt that rail is the most economical and efficient way to deliver goods in peace time) Rail and rail bridges are the easiest places to bomb. When Hitler realized this he put more effort into truck manufacturing.

I have read this somewhere but where escapes me. I know it is probably true, because the argument is true. Perhaps banking on rail was a flaw in the usually clever commanders strategy.

KostasL: This is an important subject. I am trying to recall all the historical stuff I have read about Jews, saying they were forced off trains and put onto others, heading for a death camp somewhere. The fact is, when you reach the gauge change, everybody is forced off the train.
There was no holocaust.

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