Wiesel begs Hungary to jail skeptics

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Wiesel begs Hungary to jail skeptics

Postby friedrich braun » 1 decade 1 year ago (Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:55 pm)

In Hungary, Elie Wiesel is urging the government to outlaw Holocaust revisionism: “I ask you, why don’t you follow the example of France and Germany and declare Holocaust denial not only indecent but illegal? In those countries, Holocaust deniers go to jail.”

A popular philo-Semitic argument is that Jews and Gentiles alike are misguided carriers of liberalism. In this case, a Jew is attacking the foundations of a liberal society in the name of ethnic self interest, advocating authoritarian restrictions on free speech. The liberal principle of tolerance is derived from moral agnosticism; the state should take a neutral position on morality, allow individual citizens to determine their own conception of the good life, as this is consistent with individual liberty.

Wiesel is saying that the government should determine and enforce a moral code and outlaw the publication of wicked beliefs. He is insinuating that Holocaust denial is sacrilege. In his mind, crushing profane beliefs takes precedence over individual rights. This is closer to Islam or Medieval Catholicism than the modern liberal tradition.

The shoe doesn’t fit.

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