German court pledges 500 mil euros for Jewish ghetto work

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German court pledges 500 mil euros for Jewish ghetto work

Postby Inquisitive » 1 decade 4 months ago (Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:06 am)

They're at it again:
Over 30,000 Israeli Holocaust survivors forced to work by the Nazis set to benefit from backdated claims.
Former Jewish ghetto workers can expect old-age pension payments worth a total of 500 million euros, a German court announced on Wednesday.

The Essen court said that German welfare authorities are to run a backdated audit of pension claims, based on a 2009 court ruling in favor of three Holocaust survivors who had demanded a pension after being forced to work by the Nazis.

At the time, the federal court had decided that Nazi victims were entitled to pension payments for work they were forced to carry out in ghettos during World War II.
The ruling was also applied to people who had only been paid by receiving food and other gratuities for their work. Until then, such claims had failed in cases where people did not receive wages from their German occupiers.
The Nazis had forced Jewish residents of many German and eastern European cities to live in ghettos, which were cordoned-off and starvation-ravaged zones, before being sent to death camps.
The social welfare court in Essen is responsible for all pension claims from former ghetto residents who now live in Israel.

The court estimated that roughly two thirds of all claims would now be approved. Until now, 90 per cent of all claims were rejected.

In total, the pension authorities are faced with around 70,000 claims, of which 30,000 emanate from Israel.

During World War II, the Nazis extensively exploited forced labor because a large part of the German male workforce was doing military service.

How sad the government of Germany sticks to the lie so firmly and bilks the people.
The words cordoned off ( bold) .......That's the explanation given to hold the Jews. Don't think I've ever seen it written so simply. Desperate people could not be held in by "cordon".

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Re: German court pledges 500 million euros for Jewish ghetto wor

Postby Mojo » 1 decade 4 months ago (Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:03 pm)

They're trying similar rubbish in the US too. ... laims.html

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Re: German court pledges 500 mil euros for Jewish ghetto work

Postby JustTheTruth » 1 decade 3 months ago (Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:01 am)

This about sums it up...

"The suit was brought by Holocaust survivors and heirs, seeking almost a billion dollars of unpaid insurance claims.

"I read about this lawsuit in a magazine and a light bulb went on over my head," Senn recalls. "Insurance! Of course! So I sent a letter out to some of the survivors we have addresses for in Washington and I got 50 inquiries"

Any surprise that Senn happens to also be Jewish?

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Re: German court pledges 500 mil euros for Jewish ghetto work

Postby Thesaint » 1 decade 3 months ago (Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:39 am)

It`s alright,the Germans will be able to pay this latest claim with the compensation money they`ll soon be getting from the victor nations:
3. Summary and the Request for Equal Treatment of German Forced Laborers.

1. The excessive wave of demands for reparations for forced labor in Germany during the Second World War in the final phase of the 20th century is on one hand the consequence of the missing peace treaty with Germany and on the other hand a sign of insufficient sovereignty and legal defense capability.
2. The latter is a result of the re-education, but also becomes obvious by the one-sidedness of scientific research, which deals especially predominantly with the forced labor problems in Germany during the “Third Reich,” but barely with the rather difficult problem of forced labor of Germans in foreign countries. This should obviously be corrected.
3. The form, extent, and motivation of this one-sided and quickly spreading “wave of demands for compensation for forced labor” against Germany in several areas is provocative, especially because the nations making such demands often behaved against German forced laborers neither less illegally nor less ruthlessly.
4. The whole process becomes controversial when one considers how Germany was pillaged and robbed after the capitulation of the German Wehrmacht on May 8/9, 1945, during a continuation of the state of war in the West until 1951 and in the East until 1955. This was a rape and plunder of an entire nation unparalleled and unprecedented in every regard, which people who have the “merci of late birth” (former German chancellor Helmut Kohl) can hardly imagine.
5. All governmental politicians in Germany have to swear an oath following article 56 of the German Basic Law, which requires them to avert damages from the German people. It is time that they take this oath seriously, meaning for example, that they should file class action suits against employers and nations on behalf of the German forced laborers in the spirit of equality before the law of the nations.

Fair is fair,unless your country is a Jewish supremacist gulag.
"We didn't call survivors," says Lipstadt, "because first of all we didn't want to subject them to cross-examination by this guy. He (Irving) would have destroyed them."
- Jerusalem Post 6/16/00

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