Katyn Massacre in today's news

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Friedrich Paul Berg
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Katyn Massacre in today's news

Postby Friedrich Paul Berg » 1 decade 2 months ago (Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:47 pm)

Before one gives any credence to the mendacious ravings of congenital quacks like Roberto Muehlenkamp and Joachim Neander about alleged massacres by the Germans, one should study a real massacre and how the truth has emerged slowly and painfully over many decades. The real massacre of more than 22,000 Polish officers by the Soviets was in the Katyn forest near Smolensk. The Germans in 1943 discovered the bodies and conducted a thorough investigation with several internationally recognized forensic experts. The findings were so compelling that even the Polish government-in-exile (extremely anti-German) was nonetheless persuaded by the evidence and broke diplomatic relations with the Soviets. The US and Britain did their best to discredit the evidence and even covered it up tp protect their ally Stalin, even long after the end of the war. Later in 1943, the Soviets responded with fraudulent "forensic examinations" of their own about alleged massacres by the Germans in Krasnodar and Kharkov in which "diesel gas vans" were supposedly used. Trials were conducted in which various German perpetrators "confessed," of course--but there was NO international access to the massacre sites. The trials were obvious shams but the methods were essentially the same as used later at Nuremberg: no real forensic evidence at all but confessions and "eyewitness" statements.


That massacre is in today's news again because of the plane crash in Smolensk in which the current Polish president and his Polish entourage were all killed--perhaps by accident, but perhaps not.

The Soviet proceedings at Krasnodar and Kharkov are described in The Verdict. http://www.nazigassings.com/PDFs/KrasnodarKharkovtrials1.pdf
From the indictment for the Krasnodar trial on page 49 we have the following:

Medico-legal experts who exhumed and examined bodies found in an anti-tank ditch near Krasnodar stated in their postmortem findings on 29th June, 1943: “The skin, skeletal muscles and mucous membranes of lips, stomach, intestines, pericardium and peritoneum were either a pale pink or bright cherry colour, also noted in some cases in sections of internal organs such as the kidneys, lungs and heart. Spectroscopic and chemical examinations of the blood and portions of organs removed for biopsy showed that in 523 cases out of 623 bodies, death was caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.” As established by the investigation similar “gas lorries,” which were nicknamed “murder vans,” were used by the Germans for murdering peaceful Soviet citizens not only in Krasnodar but also in Kharkov. These vans, as testified by the German defendants in the present case and also by witnesses who witnessed the crimes committed by the Germans, are large closed trucks of dark grey colour, driven by Diesel engines. The vans are lined inside with galvanized iron and have air-tight folding doors at the back. The floor is equipped with a wooden grating under which passes a pipe with apertures. This pipe is connected to the exhaust pipe of the engine. The exhaust gases of the Diesel engine, containing highly concentrated carbon monoxide, enter the body of the van, causing rapid poisoning and asphyxiation of the people locked up in the van.

Diesel exhaust contains hardly any carbon monoxide, even under heavy engine loads. If the engines had simply been idling (no load on the engine) with the vehicles parked as suggested by the infamous unsigned letter from Becker to Rauff in Nuremberg File PS-501, the carbon monoxide levels would have been practically nil and the exhaust gases would have been harmless except for the heat. Death, if it occurred, would NOT have been from carbon monoxide at all.

Friedrich Paul Berg
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The Holocaust story is a hoax because 1) no one was killed by the Nazis in gas chambers, 2) the total number of Jews who died in Nazi captivity is miniscule compared to what is alleged.

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Re: Katyn Massacre in today's news

Postby diehard » 1 decade 2 months ago (Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:53 pm)

Sikorsky's death in July 1943, another mystery...

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