Does the 6,000,000 number come from Judaism?

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Re: Does the 6,000,000 number come from Judaism?

Postby Barncat » 9 years 9 months ago (Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:59 am)

This is my first post here and I find this forum to be fascinating and to feature real courage.
I have read many opinions on the meaning of the number 6,000,000 in Judaism. Perhaps, you
can ask yourselves: How many victims died in the Armenian Genocide? How many died in Cambodia?
How many in Darfur? How many victims of Serbian ethnic cleansing?

Only the so-called Holocaust, of all the alleged mass murders, is associated with a popularly promoted
numerical figure. Why is that?

It is interesting that some exterminationist propagandists have attempted to downplay the 6 million
figure. For example, Hilberg concludes that 5.1 million Jews were killed by the Nazis. Is it possible that
Hilberg realised that the number 6,000,000 would eventually arouse suspicion and, thus, he knew
that a belated revision was important to preserve credibility?

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