Romanian "Holocaust"

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Romanian "Holocaust"

Postby vladenko » 8 years 11 months ago (Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:43 am)

Hello every body
I am reading this forum for's the first time i write to you all
I want to discuss with you ....the "Romanian Holocaust" issue ...
I will start by numbering some of the aspects i am interested in ...and after new year's eve...maybe we will go deeper

1.When saying "Romanian Holocaust or Holocaust in Romania " the official policy is taliking about :
A.Iasi Pogrom
B.Dorohoi Pogrom
C.Bucuresti Pogrom during so called Legionare Rebellion
I would like to know and get into contact with some of you who had interest in this part of the "Holocaust"

2.As i am sure you well know ...the comunist regime ..and the ROMANIAN GULAG was one of the most horrific behind the iron courtain .....maybe some of you (at least) heard (for example) of "the Pitesti Experiment" .. well ..let me just tell you striking as it may be ..there where a lot of JEWS involved ..NOT ONLY as HIGH RANKING in the "SECURITATE" or the "PARTY" ..but even as "prisoners" ..but .......and i would very much want to see your comments on that .....KAPO's from german camps (and we all know whom they where) ......are equal to "BRIGADIER" in romanian (and of course soviet) Gulag ...I even ended up finding a lot of JEWS (from Transilvania ..deported to Auschwitz and then on hungarians in 1944 ) ..who came back to Romania ....and did same things in comunist prisons and labour camps in here ..

....for the moment i think this is enough .. i hope some of you are interested in the subject..and we will discuss .....

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Re: Romanian "Holocaust"

Postby teutonsuet » 8 years 11 months ago (Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:52 am)

Greetings Vladenko,

I am one document short of disproving the story of the Bucharest abator (abattoir). I have asked some Romanian contacts
to find this document for me in the C.N.S.A.S. files. Nobody has helped me. My search is now seven years old. You will find the identification numbers of the document (a morgue report I believe) in the letters below. If it exists it It is the only Romanian govt (non-Jewish) document available to prove anyone was killed at the municipal slaughter house in Bucharest during the Legionary "revolt" of January 19-23, 1941. Do you think this document even exists?

Catre: Comisia pentru Studiul Arhivelor Securitatii

August 23, 2004

Dr. Gheorghe Onisoru
Comisia pentru Studiul Arhivelor Securitatii
Str. Dragoslavele nr. 2-4
Cod Postal 781321, Bucuresti

Stimate Domnule Onisoru,

Am fost recent in Bucuresti pentru a cauta un dosar aflat in arhivele SRI si la care se face referire in doua carti despre Romania in timpul celui de-al doilea razboi mondial. Titlurile acestor carti sunt The Martyrdom of the Jews of Romania 1940-1941, Documents And Testimonies, compilatie realizata de Lya Benjamin si altii, Hasefer,Bucuresti 1991 si Romania in the Second World War (1939-1945), Dinu C. Giurescu, East European Monographs, Boulder, 2000.

Am contactat personal pe cei doi istorici pentru a le solicita o copie a unor documente mentionate de Dr. Giurescu, la pagina 81 a cartii sale, si care poarta indicatia Romanian State Archives, Romanian Intelligence Service Archives, Penal Fund, File 4010, Vol 60, pp.133-139. Intrucat Dr. Giurescu nu a putut regasi, printre notele dansului, acest document, m-a indrumat catre Dna. Lya Benjamin de la Arhivele Comunitatii Evreiesti din Romania de la care obtinuse el insusi anterior documentul in cauza. Din nefericire, nici Dna. Benjamin nu a putut gasi copia pe care si-o procurase de pe acest dosar.

In calitate de istoric cercetez perioada rebeliunii legionare din 21-22 ianuarie 1941. Acest dosar ar trebui sa contina o lista completa a victimelor transportate la Institutul Medico-Legal din Bucurest in urma tragicelor evenimente. Aceste documente sunt esentiale pentru a stabili numele, originea etnica si domiciliul celor ucisi.

Va adresez, prin urmare, rugamintea de a ma informa daca acest dosar exista si, in cazul unui raspuns afirmativ, unde se gaseste si in ce conditii ar fi posibil sa obtin o copie a documentelor amintite. Orice informatie sau indrumare din partea Dvs. ar fi extrem de utila in cercetarea pe care o intreprind.

Va multumesc anticipat pentru sprijinul Dvs.

Cu aleasa consideratie,

Dear Prof. Giurescu,

I recently read the English translation of your excellent book ROMANIA IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR. For the information in Chapter Three on the Legionary "revolt" of Jan. 21-23, 1941 you cite in footnotes nos. 63 and 64 a document provided by Lya Benjamin, (Romanian State Archives, Romanian Intelligence Service Archives, Penal Fund, File 4010, vol 60, pp.133-139) and a book by Gh. Buzatu (The Romanian Right Wing Radiography (l927-1941) to verify the fact that " 11 bodies of Jews were brought from the Slaughter House." Presumably these 11 corpses were brought to the Medico-Legal Institute Mina Minivici for autopsy.

I am confused about the location of the municipal abattoir. Matatias Carp says it was in the Spaiul Unrii. Dr. Radu Ioanid places it on Pantelimon and Fendeni avenues in Bucharestii Noi. I.C. Butnaru has it in Baneasa. In many other accounts that I have read of this atrocity the location of the abattoir is given as Straulesti. Are Straulesti, Baneasa, Bucharestii Noi and the Spaiul Unrii all in the same geographical area?

I am researching the various versions of this event as they have appeared over the years. I recently wrote Dr. Ioanid at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum about The Romanian Intelligence Service Archives. He informed me "...your reference in terms of the SRI file is not complete: the file number (four digits) is missing." Can you provide me with these missing digits so I can request copies of the relevant pages?

Recently Dr. Ion Coja published an eyewitness account that seems to contradict all of the received historical facts about the event at the abattoir. At a Legionary website on the Internet, an ex-Legionaire in Hollywood, Florida, Mr. Traian Golea, has stated that this story was fabricated by Eugen Cristescu. A declaration that no murders were committed there signed by the employees of the abattoir and purportedly published on February 12, 1941 in "Universul" is included. I would be very interested in your opinion of these contradictions.

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