What made you first question the holocaust?

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby Wings » 9 years 9 months ago (Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:54 am)

There were several thing which led me to begin wondering about the Holocaust legends, which then led me to find and investigate how they were fabricated as lies for an ongoing process of political disingenue and power.

I had been raised and educated in school to believe the story and stories of the 'Holocaust', even as everyone else generally had been who was born after WWII.

The things which I recall leading up to and encouraging my slowly growing sense of curiousity and then doubt, were -

1) I had figured out a few things where I was confident the public had been deceived. This list has grown over time. Thus, I was not closed minded to possibilities of deception, or lies, becoming widely accepted for having been widely told.

2) As I grew into adulthood and got more experience generally, and, gained experience in Machinery and Technology and Culture I kept finding it hard to imagine that the Germans, so adept and excellent at everything, so overall self respecting and accomplished, would have been so clumsy and debased and disgusting, and insulting to themselves, as to have done the things they were accused of in WWII.

3 ) Regarding occasional images of the 'Death Camps' and related, I had a peripheral nagging uneasyness about how many of the most central images, could have been taken anywhere, and, had no provenance intrinsic to them to determine location or even era within decades, as well as that many of these images appeared to be heavily, and badly re-rouched.

Also, many decent enough images supposedly showing 'Death Camp' inmates, appeared to show well fed, healthy people, wearing earnest, well made and warm clothing, as if pausing from outdoor Work...images of people obviously in some sort of detention, but who if having sewn Symbols of any kind, also had no sewn 'Symbol' on their Clothing to indicate they were jews particularly, even though the presentation context of the image wished the naive reader to suppose they 'all' must BE jews.

4) Little things here and there...such as the entitlements emotionally financially and in other deferences, which the holocaust has been used to garner, where, it occurred to me over and over, how no self respecting people would be acting this way, even IF six million of their Nation had been killed - no matter how terribly - by an enemy. Nagging and entirely uninformed interest in Josef Stalin, FDR, and, Israel...and a sense somhow, that there was something more to it all.

Once I began intentionally looking to Holocaust information of the usual jewish kind, I sought to regard it critically, or cogently and without premis, instead of with emotion, shock and credulity.

This instantly led to observations and insights about the information, images and overall presentations, where I was seeing through patchwork of ill fitting parts and pieces and seeing the integrity and construction of the sham.

This led to researching various details, looking even more closely, looking into the Nurnberg Tribunals, seeing and thinking even more critically, which then was an avalanche of revelation and transcendance of the lies, and a gathering but not yet complete sense of how it was all done, and, who was party to it ( and why )...and, a much deeper and wider and unexpected appreciation of ( the dimensions of ) 'History'.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby Hektor » 9 years 9 months ago (Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:51 pm)

I recall wondering about the figures given in history textbooks. And I also recall a Hungarian Jew telling me things about WW2 that didn't fit the usual narrative on the Holocaust. But I think in the end I think the persecution of Revisionists nailed the final doubts on it. So I investigated the thing a bit and then later drew my conclusion.
The propagandistic character of the Holocaust narrative may have been what stroke very early however.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby stefanob » 9 years 9 months ago (Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:38 pm)

I started doubting when I learnt Ernst Zundel was in jail. Having a law degree I was shocked to discover that the freedom of speech principle, such a fundamental cornerstone of western democracies, was betraied like that.

So I downloaded "Did six millions really die?" and I realized how many issues were all but plain. In the last years I have read hundreds of pages and I never stop being amazed at how this huge hoax can be sold effectively to so many people after 70 years.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby fountainhead » 9 years 7 months ago (Sun May 22, 2011 12:17 pm)

Greetings everyone! My story of becoming a revisionist began quite recently, actually. I'm 27 and until only a few months ago, accepted the traditional Holocaust story (growing up in a largely Jewish suburb of New York really hammers it into your head, I tell you). I had heard about Holocaust deniers and wrote them all off as Neo-Nazi skinheads. How could they deny it happened??? Look at all the pictures, the eyewitness testimony, the confessions by the Germans!!!

This highlights one of the reasons I think there aren't more revisionists. When people who don't know any better hear the term 'Holocaust denier', they immediately think it means the revisionist believes NOTHING happened to the Jews in World War 2 which is, of course, preposterous. It's a misunderstanding I see everywhere on the Internet and in conversations among friends. That's why calling Ahmadinejad a Holocaust denier is such an effective tool to make him look like a complete nutjob.

So a few months ago, out of curiosity, I checked out some videos on Youtube on David Irving and David Cole, expecting to see some crazy skinhead stuff. What I found shocked me. The comments on the videos were also enlightening. Much to my surprise, revisionist historians presented arguments supported by documentary and forensic evidence. All I saw from the other side was name-calling and emotional responses.

I've always been the skeptic in my group of friends. I always point to documented evidence or lack thereof to debunk what I believe are crazy conspiracy theories. But, after seemingly abandoning my skeptical principles on the holocaust issue, I realized THE HOLOCAUST is the conspiracy theory here, not the questioning of it. It is belief in the holocaust that requires more assumptions than not believing in it.

Lastly, even if it should turn out that revisionists are all wrong in the end, no one should be locked up for wanting to do research and debate history. It pisses me off to no end that we go to all these lengths to protect free speech...except on this one issue. So I'm glad a forum like this exists where we can debate and learn from each other.
Who controls the past controls the future.
Who controls the present controls the past.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby IncisiveOne » 9 years 7 months ago (Tue May 31, 2011 5:11 pm)

Greetings, all !

Of course, I started off as a totally propagandised person.

I do not think there was one thing that made me question the hollow cost. As a teenager-to-late-twenties in North America, I had my fill of victims telling stories, and I thought there was something very sick, in the victims making money from their victimhood. And over the years, the victims stories grew, and the number of victims grew. Then there was the Viet Nam war, in which America killed 3 million civilians (separate to the 1 million combatants), but they did not propagandise the victimhood of the Vietnamese people. I thought something was very wrong: hey, if civilian victims have a right to compensation then all victims should have a right to compensation; why just a select group of what America identifies as victims.

Then I travelled to Germany a few times. I was really impressed, they were not the dirty Germans that the propaganda fixed them to be. I was shocked at how they had buried their past. Here I was expecting them to be proud of being German (but not Nazi or SS), and nowhere could I find any monument to anything. All they talked about was how the older generation did horrible things to the Jews and how the younger generation were doing marvellous things to the Jews. When I said "enough already with the propaganda, tell me the truth", they thought I was mad. Eventually I saw a photo of an officer with an Iron cross, and I thought hey, that family has something to be proud of (I thought all men and women who fought and died in wars should be venerated, not just the victors) but even they did not want to talk about it. The brainwashing in the schools was really evident. Point was, it proved to me, the brainwashing is there to hide something.

I thought it was very strange that the Germans, masters of record-keeping, had records for everything else but did not have records for the 6.5 million people killed; the "final solution"; the "genocide". How could they (a) kill all those people and get rid of the bodies, and (b) some large number of people (not just SS) not know that that was going on.

Nürnberg. I had debated it enough from a legal (not revisionist) position, to know that the trials made a mockery of justice. Just a victor's kangaroo court. But to have the German young people holding it up, like it was something "true" or "legal" ... ai ai ai ai ai. Then I visited some of the German cities and saw photos of the allied bombing. Oh my god. We were never told about that. These were civilians, with no military targets anywhere close. Viet Nam, Berlin and Dresden pretty much destroyed any faith I had in the Yanks.

Then I read an article that the Jews had "officially" stopped peddling the human soap and human skin lampshade stories. That caused two problems for me. First, no one bothered to actually correct the soap and lampshade stories that were already recorded, there were still thousands of articles repeating them. Now if they were honest, they would have gone about correcting all those photos and captions. After all, this was the defining history of the Jewish people; if I was Jewish or German, I would want my definitions to be correct.

Second, if the soap & lampshade job was false (after 60 years of it being "true"), then I wanted to know what else that was "true" that could be false.

So I started digging. David Cole's videos did it for me. But that just started an avalanche of truth. Refreshing, simple truth, in an ocean of lies.

How could I have been so gullible ? How could the whole world have been so gullible ? Hang on, this hollow cost story didn't just come together after the war, it had to have been planned and executed. In legal terms, the issues of intent and "who benefits from the crime" were clearly evidenced; unbelievable amounts of money was moving from the "perpetrators" to the "victims". The Americans were peddling it from Nürnberg onward. I remember newsreels that used to be shown before the main movies. There was an active propaganda at work, and it clearly had been working.

Then finding out that Ernst Zündel was actually rendered back to Germany, after winning the court case in Canada. These guys have long arms, and cross international boundaries with no problem, they do not need to go through tedious "extradition", etc. Ok, they have more to hide than I thought.

Now I view America as being simply the mercenaries of the Zionists, not a sovereign country at all.


I have been reading a book that was highly recommended to me by a friend, about another subject. The author is a Jew. Remember, it is about another subject. I could not finish it, because by the end of 50 pages (of about 350), everyone in her entire extended family had "perished at Auschwitz". First the parents in law, then the uncles and aunts, then the rest. But somehow, lo and behold, she was born, to Jewish parents who "perished at Auschwitz"", and there were hundreds of family members gathering together at major events. Amazing. The contradictions destroyed her credibility. The sheer gall of constantly telling us all about "Auschwitz", in a book that has nothing to do with history or the "Holocaust" or the Jews, drove me to distraction, and I eventually flung it out. This is merely one example of (a) how the hollow cost story is re-inforced everywhere it possibly can be and (b) even there, even on its own, within its two covers, the stories penned are completely beyond credibility ... but we have been propagandised not to question it.

Next time I hear a hollow cost "witness", I will ask to see the tattoo.
Germany, get off your knees! Ernst Zündel.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby Pappy Yokum » 9 years 5 months ago (Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:26 pm)

When I was a teen, Arthur Butz published his book THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. My father, an American WWII veteran, bought a copy and gave it to me to read in 1977. I don't know if I believed it before, but I remember I got the standard Holocaust presentation during HS history class. I read Butz's book and decided I didn't know enough about the topic to understand most of what Dr. Butz was arguing. It had lots of footnotes and I started checking those. Then I started reading survivor literature.
About a year or two later the CIA released air photos of Auschwitz and Birkenau that had been taken during the war to the National Archives. This took me aback because these long forgotten photos were written about by Butz in his book. He wrote the photos had to exist because Monowitz was a bombing target. The fact that nobody had used the pictures as evidence in any of the war crimes trials indicated there was evidence of an extermination in them. I ordered copies of a couple of the images from the National Archives and got a copy of the CIA retrospective photo analysis. The evidence the CIA photo experts pointed to to prove it was all true was a gate in the fence around one of the crematoria was open. So, Butz was correct there.
What really astounded me though was the survivor literature. I don't recall any of the former camp inmates except Filip Muller claiming to have seen a gassing. Oh some of the books said it happened, but the author never said they actually saw it. Maybe they saw smoke, but that was as close as they got.
I went to the IMT trial testimony volumes at the public library. The Auschwitz prisoner who testified said lice were a bigger threat than gas chambers. Her only knowledge of the gas chambers is someone told her about them.
It took years, and several re-reads of THE HOAX, but I finally got it.
I had an opportunity to ask Dr. Butz what made him question the Holocaust. He told me he read the Holocaust literature. That was enough to make him an unbeliever. The Holocaust testimony and memoirs and documentaries therefore contain the seeds of the Holocaust's destruction. Even if all Holocaust revisionist research was successfully banned and destroyed the myth will fail for anyone who approaches the topic with anything other than a reverence usually reserved for religions and monarchies. The story when examined more than superficially loses its believability.
To me it is now a joke. Arthur Butz said in a lecture once that all one had to do was look at the story from a new angle and more absurdities would come tumbling out. I agree. The Holocaust is like the AT&T telephone plan on the T-Mobile commercial: It makes sense if you don't think about it.
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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby KostasL » 9 years 5 months ago (Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:19 pm)

I was born in Germany...and lived there till i was 10...

At the age of 8 or 9 i visited Dachau with my family...there i was told that Hitler exterminated the Jews...

I was very impressed and of course i believed the fairy tale...

After a few months, i went to the mall with my father. There we visited a goldsmith who was jewish, as my father informed me !

I was shocked !!! But didn't Hitler exterminate the Jewish people ??? :shock:

So, you see you start having questions as soon as you are told the official story...Even a 9 year old boy has doubts...

I think by the time children stop believing in fairy tales, santa clauss, etc. they are ready to stop believing in the holocaust...
When you realize that the Holocaust is a LIE, then all of a sudden, ALL your questions, ALL bizarre and strange things, disappear, and ALL things make sense, at last.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby Bahuta » 9 years 4 months ago (Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:59 pm)

Strangely enough for me it was about ten years ago when I was in the Czech Rep., I was in the camp "Terazin" and was expecting some really really heavy and depressing stuff - as it was my first time to ever visit a concentration camp. What really freaked me out was that it seemed that the life that went on in that camp when it was operating was pretty decent - a sort of community life with sports, schools, day care, arts and crafts etc etc... and they said that this was NOT an extermination camp. When I asked why not, they said it was sort of a "holding" camp, or a "transit" camp - for people waiting to get shipped off to Poland to get gassed.

I can just say that this seemed really strange to me.... why give people schools and arts/crafts etc when they are soon to be exterminated???

But I didn't look into it further or question it further until recently when I was researching 911 - reading youtube comments and someone pointed me to the 1/3 of the Holocaust vids - and that pretty much did it for me. . .
. . . but this was only about a week ago and I am still trying to piece the thing together regard exactly WHAT in fact evil deeds did the Nazi's actually do - WITHOUT EXAGGERATION, I would like to know the extent of it. I don't want to pretend that the Nazi's were a benevolent gang - but at the same time I can't swallow that they systematically exterminated people... and the skin soap and shrunk heads stories are simply laughable.

But HOW DEEP THIS LIE GOES!!! It really must get straightened out soon --- thank you for this FORUM!

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby skeptical » 9 years 4 months ago (Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:26 pm)

When I was in high school, back in the seventies, we were taught, in social studies, that the Germans had killed six million Jews and six million others by gassing them in the "death camps". In our small town there were no Jews and in fact I was never told what the star of David represented (one day when I was 18 I bought a t-shirt with the star of David on it and after wearing it about for a day, being asked, "are you Jewish?" I finally figured that out... my point being that I don't believe that I was anti-semetic I was totally ignorant of the concept of Jewishness. Our little rural school carefully plowed a wide berth around religion and my family was pretty agnostic).... well. anyway, in my freshman social studies/history class we covered the subject for an hour or two.... upon hearing that "exactly" 12 million were killed I asked "how did they know it was exactly 12 million?" The teacher, without skipping a beat, said... "because the Germans were careful record keepers and noted each death....."
So I was silenced for ten years until I saw a Holocaust reference somewhere which noted exactly the opposite, it said that the Germans kept no records... The cognative dissonance which erupted has kept my eyes and ears open ever since.
Mix in a healthy dose of the realization that anybody who questions is set upon and destroyed by the industry and their creatures, that Europeans who question are sent to jail...... and hey! , I'm ready to listen.
The downside is that ignorance is bliss, the realization that we, as a nation, are being systematically deceived is heartbreaking.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby Kingfisher » 9 years 4 months ago (Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:39 am)

@ skeptical
"The best-documented event in history". Yes, I fell for that one for a long time, too.

It's five million others, though. A figure plucked out of the air by Simon Wiesenthal, as is now generally recognised, not just by Revisionists.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby borjastick » 9 years 4 months ago (Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:55 pm)

It was about ten years ago and I was planning a motorcycle trip through eastern europe. At the time I had a house in France as a holiday home and I thought it could be a good base from which to do this trip. I am British and was educated in the 60s and 70s so I was fully exposed to the Holocaust in school history and social studies classes. I had never doubted the standard position of the six million and gas chambers.

I thought it a good idea to ride through Germany to Poland and the Czech republic and then hit on the idea of visiting Auschwitz. Not knowing too much about the place except that it is near krakow, I started researching it on the internet. Of course at that moment I was first exposed to revisionist thoughts on the actual activities in Auschwitz. I was fascinated and hooked.

I never did the trip due to other personal reasons but do not feel that I have missed out at all not going to the place. I have visited Dachau, and stepped into and walked out the other side of the 'gas chamber'.

I am now a committed revisionist.
'Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.'

'We don't need evidence, we have survivors' - israeli politician

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby EdwardTheGray » 9 years 2 months ago (Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:27 am)

I first started to question the myth in the winter of 2008, in January. I was at home, snowed in and no way to get to work, and I was browsing some videos on Auschwitz when this guy came on there and said that it could not have been a death camp, that the ovens were not capable of cremating mass amount of people.

I first was very upset, I defended it til I got so tired of it, that I went to find some information about the subject to defend it. I put into google the term "holocaust was not a hoax" and codoh and holocaust denier videos popped up, and I watched them. I was first a little put off by the voice of denierbud, but I stayed and watched it.

I was so upset about it, that I left it alone for a couple of days. I came home from work and the same guy told some other people that it was a hoax as well.

Needless to say I was going back and forth believing and not believing. Until one day I read Germar Rudolphs work on the subject, and I have never once went back to believing.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby jeffersonian » 9 years 1 month ago (Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:42 am)

For me it was denierbud's work. I grew up believing all the usual stuff. I'm only in my 40s, so they had us reading Anne Frank and what's that book about St. Petersburg, a story about starving in there, all the snow, I don't recall. In "English" class, junior high, they read that out loud to us for the last ten minutes of every class session! Anyway by the late 90s I was starting to doubt the Republicans and the Democrats as being substantive alternatives, and I was therefore reading a lot online about other points of view. I ran across "Holocaust denial!" Oddly enough, in junior high they gave us a class in critical thinking! I'm sure I would have looked anyway, but it's just funny that they 'taught' both the Holocaust, and critical thinking. Anyway I dove right in to see what "Holocaust denial" was about, and those videos clearly and simply skewered popular Holocaust arguments, using physical science and healthy clean logic! For example, how are you going to have a pile of bodies burning day and right (which they wouldn't anyway) right next to a fence made of pine branches? Absurd. Just one example of hundreds.

So I watched all those but then sort of forgot for a while, until one day I noticed "The Nazis: A Warning from History" in the bookstore. I thought 'well, we need all the warnings we can get!' So I bought it and watched, and it makes the usual argument that it was a tacit meeting of minds that led to the exterminations, that little by little the Germans got used to killing, first the sick, then the deformed, or maybe the other way around, and so on. That they just got the idea that this was the way to solve the country's problems. The problem with that argument is that there is still no evidence about gas chambers and so forth, and the camps, and the deaths that did occur (from typhus), have much more reasonable explanations. After watching that 'documentary' I hopped right back to denierbud's work, and this time there was no looking back. I moved on to VHO, discovered TBR, and that's that. The Holocaust is bunkum.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby Hannover » 9 years 1 month ago (Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:19 pm)

Your major influence, Denierbud's work, is a great foundation. It's becoming more & more obvious that people are willing to look at Revisionist work.

The Thought Police's old trick is not to tell the public what to think, but to tell the public what the public thinks.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: What made you first question the holocaust?

Postby Mkk » 9 years 1 month ago (Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:30 am)

Jeffersonian, welcome to the revisionist forum.

Denierbud's videos certainly are great places to start off. You may already have read the books by Mattogno, Kues and Graf on these three allegted extermination camps, but if not, they are all availible here:


hat little by little the Germans got used to killing, first the sick, then the deformed, or maybe the other way around, and so on.

Once again the Holocaust is revealed as hateful anti-German propaganda.You might as well argue anyone okay with euthanasia will be okay with murder! It's laughable.
"Truth is hate for those who hate the truth"- Auchwitz lies, p.13

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