Why heat a morgue?

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Re: Why to heat a morgue?

Postby Dresden » 3 years 4 months ago (Wed May 06, 2015 7:50 pm)

Hans said:

"The fact the door was changed opening outwards, is also not really in support of a bomb shelter....."

Yes, it is; it is solid evidence that it was changed to a bomb shelter.
Doors opening inwards would be easily blown inwards by a bomb blast, but by the doors opening outward, the restop would resist the blast.

Plus, panicking people trying to escape from a compromised bomb shelter might not be able to open an inward opening door due to the crowd pressing on them.

Doors opening inwards would be like having shutters on the inside of your windows.
Without a doubt, all bomb shelters are designed with outward opening doors.

Find out why theaters and other public buildings are required by law to have outward opening doors. :(

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